After the war...

~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Even in November I think I am in control

Nope – that was the image – ok. – Ok – out of the image – cool. So, you choose a new command-control system. because it’s … easy? one-click plug-in and tada!! – ‘cept now I’m sure I am not… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

on a Tuesday evening, oddly in June

Gutenberg, from which a lot of Truth, a lot of happiness, lies & pain. what if something different was discovered – mockingbirds that were recorders, butterflies that changed into images with a magic saying. what would our lives be like…. Continue Reading →

On an odd Tuesday in June, I draft…

quickly. from – not where I want, but it looks like I have it all so that’s a win, yesh? clean up on aisle ‘holy-shit-for-nearly-20-years-blather-blogging-batshit!’ – also hello world, you motherfuckers – what the hell. where’s our jetpacks? ::s::

from the phone

sharing a story can I image this way – why yes, it send very easy

We land on Mars, again

We torment the children of immigrants – once again. I wonder why this is our normal [see “The Dish” for a dramatic version of American aggression and horror versus a defining moment of human civilization]. Again – why this is… Continue Reading →

a significant occurance – oddly in november

hyper realistic skies over durhamtown – ~november ’18, durhamtown (duh) an important, crucial, serious occurrence. If there was a plan I’d go so far as to say “a change in plans” – alas,  without said plan sadly, that’s not to… Continue Reading →

I looked for a name…

Into the 10th, eyes open

I’ve been watching a YouTube channel by Lockpick Lawyer. Perhaps you can guess what the videos are about. What I like about the videos so far are that a) he’s calm and collected as he describes what he’s doing, and… Continue Reading →

Ever onward – sometimes forward

09.04.18 – 10:01a – tuesday I like the fall – it signifies the ‘beginning’ of the year to me. Presume that comes from my years of schooling. As such I get to ponder the cyclic ‘back to school’ push, the… Continue Reading →

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