June 10th, 2003
Current Mood: jubilant
9:32pm PDT + 10Jun03 = wednesday evening…

Here I am again. How the hell does that happen. A very nice thing happened today – got a note from my mom’s friend saying I was doing a nice job with the pictures on this site! Ha! What a joker. I do have a good number of them, but if you’re digging them, hey – I’ll take the credit…

Ok. Let’s see. It’s June of 2003. I haven’t sent out a proper ‘T.A.W.S.’ in, oh, years. Yet the adventures continue. What’s that say?

Furpeople. Alicia coined that word, and in conjunction with furperson, it’s so damn perfect.

As a couple, I have to say, we love ‘nimals. Alicia’s family’s pup, Shayna, is too cute and wonderful for words. Certainly a familiar with magical powers for the Loggie clan.

Then there’s Shaman, Melissa and Michelle’s beloved canine. Bella, guardian of Adam and Jess. I wish I could recall more cat names, but frankly I can’t. Trojan was amazing, bless his furry soul, and the Evil Troika of Ms. Christy (Max, Isabella, and Lucy Fur) were happy parts of Hell House.

Jeff’s Aneki visits the Open Fist and brings happiness too.

Now we have some… Blue Monkey Highlight, our puppy…
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