“Many of the Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail that Lifehacker included in their Better Gmail add-on enhance Google’s web client beyond my wildest productive dreams, and 2) Blogging add-ons from the likes of Clipmarks and ScribeFire do wonders for my workflow.” just installed both clipmarks and scribefire…we’ll see what it’s all about. Kinda plays into my emerging need for a centralized create-then-post-to-many-possible-blogs/sites. Oh the joy. Oh – ma – things are going well. Boo’s feeling better, which is good cause work’s been crazy for her. I’m chilling nicely, helping out the Girls since Melissa headed out to Boston for more training… Weather is here – wish you were fine! hee hee hee… Matt might swing through this weekend – hope he does, like visiting with him and Buddy – hear he swung through to say hi to you and Shari/et al… Ok. So much more to say about things – the house is becoming home-y with boo and our stuff and the pups. the joys… Radio show is really for those who have high speed – dial up will suffer for trying to pour 2 liters of water into a straw to fill a glass … but fret not – we’re working on making our show downloadable – for listening at your leisure. gotta run. :+s+: dona nobis pacem ( 1 comment — Leave a comment ) ma reply – (Anonymous) 2007-04-27 02:00 pm (local) Select: glad all is well – saw Matt and he brought back “the Prophet” — yay! We’re ok – to MWP this eve – Forgotten Boys of the Sudan – Love always (Reply) (Thread)