certainly not a nice lamb.
We survived our first serious tornado event – but North Carolina wasn’t spared. 20 plus killed, 130 plus injured. wow.
how was it for boo and I at hobbit house? well, it was windy. boo said the internet got knocked out. and I? I was in the midst of a NyQuil fueled, alka seltzer laced delirium fighting the good fight against ‘flu like symptoms’ – so, I’m kinda lucky I didn’t have to do any high level thinking, like ‘should I lift blue off the raccoon?’

So, wow. I’ve been here for the ice, been here during some good amounts of snow. Rains like the dickens from time to time, with wind and stormy thunder boomers. But ah honest to goodness ‘we ain’t in kansas anymore’ twister? wow.

so, for those who’ve poked me – I’m here. Boo’s here. Blue’s ok. It was stupidly nice Sunday, the day after.

for some amazing reporting, pop over to Carrie’s Blog – she’s done a great job of recapping the event.

Ok. Hope everyone is doing well.


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