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Even in November I think I am in control

Nope – that was the image – ok. – Ok – out of the image – cool. So, you choose a new command-control system. because it’s … easy? one-click plug-in and tada!! – ‘cept now I’m sure I am not… Continue Reading →

hello from the couch

tech & laziness combine – we living the best life!! well this is cool. go me!! ::s::

Cool what you can read about…

09SundayMAR 2014 Wouldn’t you agree? Say about the various incarnations of the U2 platform. ::scott::

“So, what do you want to protect?”

15SaturdayFEB 2014 a very good question, asked by the fine folks over at Spideroak. From their blog post – “VPN, privacy and anonymity” – you can see that many challenges exist on the path to a safe & secure digital… Continue Reading →

New Normal – good idea

26TuesdayNOV 2013 In prep for tonight’s class I read about Twitter’s implementation of “Perfect Forward Secrecy” – really liked how it was nicely readable, decent explanations of the technology behind what they were trying to do, included a note of… Continue Reading →

Others watch what you watch

19TuesdayNOV 2013 From this article I’m taking two things away – 1. Marketing is the devil’s work 2. Smart people with good tools can make a difference Upon noticing adverts on his smart TVs home page, a fine UK gent… Continue Reading →

It’s just basic input/output, right?

05TuesdayNOV 2013 Just a bit scarier, though – From ArsTechnica … Like a super strain of bacteria, the rootkit plaguing Dragos Ruiu is omnipotent I’m glad to see a decent review of the situation – some of the ‘news’ headlines… Continue Reading →

“Authorize your parking, please…”

11FridayOCT 2013 So, this seems legit – “Subject: Annual Form – Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business” Too bad it turned out to be a come-on that ended up with precious files encrypted and the key to… Continue Reading →

Security shortcuts – they do not exist

17SaturdayAUG 2013 There are security needs – please don’t go snooping in my bank account, or note the websites I’ve perused. Then there are security needs – please don’t kill the people who are trying to help the downtrodden masses…. Continue Reading →

Watching the Watchers, via their press releases

12MondayAUG 2013 traffic_analysis It’s nice to see a good application of concepts to an example that keeps your attention. Sherri Davidoff has a nice post over at LMG Security blog on her look into a press release from RSA. In… Continue Reading →

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