Drop off the girl, pick up some groceries, turn on the XBox…

November 17th, 2004
Current Mood:confused
and now it’s almost 2 in the afternoon – wtf!!!!

er… Halo 2 is officially bad for scott. arms and neck ache, the dogs are in heaven lying on either side of me, and I just want to shoot things and snipe things and occasionally, when I remember, lob a grenade and blow shit up.

Like Doom, in the day, but so much better. Weeeeee!!!!!!!


Still looking…

November 16th, 2004
Current Mood: tired
but what will I find? Heading off to Seattle to visit Blood come Saturday; Randy and Toni Ann were successful in their bicostal jet setting, meaning that come the end of the month we’ll not have them to boss around any more. Godspeed, mi amigos, godspeed. Or should that be Saabspeed?

A house on a lake near Sarasota. Huh, perhaps mr. will will meet them and make friends.

The amigo took a turn for the worse with a dead electrical system – jumps made it work, but if I turned it off, I was stuck. So, got to Autozone today, did an alternator replacement, and… nada. Damn. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll find out that the battery gave up the ghost. Who knows. Saddens me a bit, wish it wasn’t a problem.

Halo 2 has taken over Alicia and my life for the last few days. Yay. It is fun to play with the one you love. Nothin’ bad about hanging with T-Dog and getting the guns blazing within hours of it’s release; but snugglin with a pup on your legs while shooting up bad guys (and the occasional good guy – sorry) has extra goodness!!

Got a pretty sad picture of the sliverest of moon next to a palm tree at work tonight. ‘backlit palms’ is a word set the bounces off my head from time to time. sunsets. palm trees. California, baby. reminds me to relax and enjoy – it’s not as nice in some places.

And so a few lines, some news – nothing monumental. Nothing to remember that in 15XX days, we get a change. Nothing to recall the sacrifices made in our names. Nothing about Ashcroft heading away from a department that should change it’s name to ‘terror’ from ‘justice’; and Colin steps aside. I feel for the man – I believe he’s a genuine leader – but sadly was used to corrupt what america stands for. Truth. Justice. The American Way. 500 word essays on exactly what that’s supposed to mean are expected Monday morning.

Fallujah falls – we replace the pictures of charred torsos hanging from the bridge with triumphant Marines crossing the same bridge. Answer me this – why?

Just downloaded WinAmp 5.0 – read how AOL killed Nullsoft division, who made WinAmp; thought I’d get the latest and greatest to show support; WinAmp’s visualizations alway have rocked MMJB’s butt!

Spinning some Massive Attack to chill a bit; got to get past the broken truck and crushing weight of nothingness; of not being important enough; of life. Soon, breaking bread and spilling bear and warm spiked cider with Blood and Bob; their chickens clucking where I’m used to Blue singing her ‘let my puppies go’ wimperings at 2 in the morning (she stuck to her original schedule, even though we changed our clocks (thanks mom!) and thus she frees herself…)

And another fabulously odd scott entry.

1,538 days. One thousand, five hundred and thirty eight days.

November 5th, 2004
Current Mood:determined
Current Music:T-dogs mixed disc
Until King George is merely a drain on the taxpayers, collecting on an ill gotten pension.
Until King George no longer represents all that is horrible in this country – the hate, the bigotry, the hypocrisy. He may make the Morons of America feel better, knowing that there will be no lawfully wedded gays, but frankly I’m a bit more concerned about the terrorists we’re creating every day we drop bombs on the homes of the people we ‘liberated’.

1,123 people. One thousand, one hundred and twenty three people.
Who have died protecting my country. My freedoms. My way of life.
Who aren’t coming home from the war.
Since the 21st of April, 2003, America has lost 1,123 of the most precious resources we have. Brian Matthew Kennedy, a 25 year old from Evanston, Illinois gave his life that day. His life in exchange for his country. For his country’s constitution, for our values, for our morals, and hopefully for the future freedom of the Iraqi people.

btw, I used Jan 20, 2009 as my date of inauguration – not sure if in ’09 thats the day, so it’ll be close to that day…

wow… perhaps I’m getting feisty.


so many miles left to go…

November 5th, 2004
Current Mood:tired
looked down at my odo tonight, on my way up from Redondo and hanging with Terry. 145,000 miles on my Amigo. Whoa…

Good thoughts today – got out of the house, got T-dog’s laptop to connect wirelessly at his place (surprises will never cease), didn’t get a bike or camping gear like I wanted, but did pick up a few books – 2% solution, matthew miller, per Blood’s recommendation; Bob Dylan – Chronicles, just cause; Against all enemies – Richard Clarke, since his interviews with Jon Stewart was compelling. T-dog lent me his copy of Thunder Run, by David Zucchino – all of them I’m sure will be good reads.

Think I need to write more.

Think I’ll try to push a couple of car related posts… cause there’s a good deal of new and exciting releases hitting the roads near you… and it should be easy to put together some words.

Oh, NaNoWriMo is happening, if only I were contributing to my cause!

so. late in the evening, I type and have to go to bed now.

fight the good fight – it is still worth it, I believe. Just so damn hard to turn my personal sense of hopelessness into a viable action strategy. Happy I’m feeling better than I thought I would, and so glad alicia’s gonna fight too!

peace, mi amigos.