Yay!!!! She’s Home!!!

June 29th, 2005
Current Mood: happy
Yay – Boo’s home. I’m happy, the doggies are happy, and she’s asleep!

Blue lost it… and now sleeps the sleep of a puppy who’s happy!

Power bailed on me earlier – couldn’t check her flight info, so I just headed out… had a nice drive to the LBC…

and now she’s back, and she took pics of the burrito, and the peeps back…



Damn it – I hate it when Microsquish does something good…

June 26th, 2005
Current Mood:impressed
Current Music:Seconds From Disaster – Chernobyl
Having the opportunity to chill and watch too much tv this past week…
let me say they’re latest bit of advertising on tv is for what you can do with WinXP… and it’s marvelous. Truly marvelous.
I’d say keep up the good work, but when did XP come out?


Is it a sign of getting better? Or getting worse?

June 26th, 2005
Current Mood:recumbent
Current Music:harrison ford in Clear and Present Danger
First, let me say what a lovely weekend this has turned out to be. It’s sunny, a bit breezy, almost perfect 70’s temp. Just wonderful. Why I get to spend it inside with the pups, I suspect I was a bad kid when I was younger…

the pups are amazing – truly amazing – blue had been soooo good with me this past week. She misses Boo mightily, just like me! But as I type this she has her oh so happy fetch art ball between her front paws – simulating the way I’m using a pillow to separate my right leg above my left leg! she’s so cute!

Canela got her immediate attention this morning, I wanted to make sure she got out if she needed to be out – but I had kinda just gotten up, so without my Teva’s I hooked her up, grabbed a bag and opened the door. Sable was right outside, and as I unconsciously locked the door and steeped through, upon it’s closing I was checking my pockets for keys.

Too much to juggle, I guess. Yin, Derrick and Paul greeted me across the parking spaces – way too much chipperness… Yin was proud of just waking up herself, announced that Nancy (the yipping dog) was away for the day, I hope I was pleasant, but inside I was pondering how I’d get into the house when Canela was done.

Well, the first round of strolling got me bupkis from the Canela, and that kind frustrated me – if I was going to have to climb my fence with my leg in it’s current state, well, damn it, I wanted some results!!! Back to the house, I pondered the few options. Hang out on the porch til declan showed. (yeah, the celly was inside too – stop it – I’m not at the peak of my game, obviously!!!!) Which was 10’sh last night. I was thinking of asking Derrick to the do the hop the fence thing… but it came down to my ego, quite frankly.

So, it turns out I can get over my fence using my muscles. Who knew. and I managed to do it with only the slightest hint of a scratch to my left elbow – my tender leg seemed almost happy to have be semi useful as a counter balance to my gymnastic routine.

And I make it inside, get the door unlocked and step out to retrieve the Canela – grabbing a set of keys this time, and she’s not interested in coming inside. So we stroll again – and at least this time she performs! Yay!!!

So, a sign of betterness – yes. A sign of worseness? I’m gonna go with perhaps just getting older. Yeah – no judgement in that.

And so goes my morning. How’s yours?


(((semi-conscious dream state – vivid series of pics flashing away – just random access to visual recall – always stunning)))

Tomorrow arrives…

June 23rd, 2005
Current Mood:mellow
Current Music:the hum of the fan, trying to cool
my girl is flying, on a jet plane, don’t know when she’ll be back again…
babe, I miss you so….

well. ok. she’ll be back next Tuesday, same bat channel, same bat airport! We’ll maybe even enjoy some efalent food too!

my leg’s not happy, and tomorrow I’ll try to make it better.

it’s kinda crazy – the feeling that she’s sleeping or watching DTV at 35,000 feet over Colorado… and I’m thinking of her, how she’s all twidderpated over separation. I see the sad, but I see the happy – stretching the independent wings – making sure I can cook and clean and juggle for me – yes I can!!! and then she’ll float back into my routine, and perhaps we’ll make it to the doggie park/beach more often – say once a month, nothing crazy.

but I’ll miss her when there’s no one to snuggle, and no one to pester, and no one to gaze at and love.



Hydrocodone, how do I love thee?

June 19th, 2005
Current Mood:toasty
Let me count the ways…
The truth of the matter is that it may or may not deal with the actual pain, but after a blissful 6 hour nap, I awoke to the fabulous truth that I just don’t care about any of my aches and pains! Wrapped in warm cotton candy, a stupid half grin on my face…

Other news from the front includes the truth that Marty & Kate bestowed upon me the title “Assistant Technical Director” for their great show – Waving Goodbye. Uh, I’m still in the denial phase, but I guess the truth is I helped a good deal. Just don’t know how to take the complement graciously, I guess.

With my Northern Exposure glass in hand as I type this, I ponder why I choose ‘WSAR’ radio as my call sign for my DJ audition tape for broadcasting3A. What about KBHR??? You’d think I’d give it half a chance… but no – went straight to “W-S-A-R – 121.5 FM” – an homage for sure, but so obscure – who in the modern world will notice? Certainly not the professor.

damn. just wrote some great stuff and it went away. Crap.





Note to myself…

June 15th, 2005
Current Mood:good
After the flamboyant spending that a lottery win will afford…
Get a list of the people who were on the Def Jam I was just watching, send them thank you notes with, oh, 10,000 dollars in them. Cause – wow…
so pure, so raw, so funny at times.

Shit like that deserves to be rewarded.


And now, a final song for the audience…

June 12th, 2005
Current Mood: contemplative
Current Music:Red Tape by Agent Provocateur
‘Tis the song of heartbreak, the sound of tears falling, the echo of memories….

From a Journalism paper I wrote:
“One of Boo’s first visits to live theater in the Los Angeles area was at the request of her friend, Mandy, who was attending the University of California, Irvine. A showcase (a collection of scenes, for audition-like review by people ‘in the business’) was being held in Hollywood, and Mandy asked her to attend. It was at a small theater in Hollywood. Glad to support a friend trying to break into theater, She enjoyed the evening.

Jess, another friend, wanted to see a Hollywood production of a show she had been cast in in San Diego, and asked Boo to go. They wandered over to an oddly familiar small theater in Hollywood. Another good night of live entertainment was enjoyed by all.

Out of the blue a few months later Boo received a phone call asking if she was interested in stepping into a show already in rehearsal to replace the stage manager who wasn’t working out. Mia knew that Boo had been a SM in college, and interested, she saw the closing night performance of Wooden Breeks, at a small theater in Hollywood – the Open Fist Theater, same as the two previous live theater shows she had enjoyed.

Thus was the introduction of Boo to the concept of 99-seat, Equity Waiver Contract theater in Los Angeles. It’s an arrangement that allows professional quality theater without the expense of union wages, as long as the ‘house’ of the theater seats less than 99 people. “

Tonight, with a modicum of fanfare, the Three Penny Opera had it’s final show at the Fist. We attended, cause we hadn’t seen the show yet, plus it was the final show for the space that is the Fist.

I’m not going to be able to do justice in describing how much the Fist affected our lives – or mine, even. Suffice it to say that theater is magic. And eveyone needs a little magic in their lives. I’m glad to have been able to enjoy the show, and I look forward to seeing more of the people where ever they may shine.
TK http://perfent.com/images/albums/oftcfinale/CIMG3139.jpg


June 5th, 2005
Current Mood:happy
Current Music:Mystic River dialouge
sometimes you do good things – like showing up for her first new car purchase…
or making it up to see her on her birthday

there’s the hours trying to help out as she tackles the whole computer thing – and bless her heart, she does great.

then because your sister is awesome, you go down a new path – digital camera for her birthday.

and you get this:

Way to go ma. Way to go…



June 3rd, 2005
Current Mood:sleepy
Current Music:Resevoir Dogs
The only natural enemy of the hole is the pile! – yay Simpsons

Perhaps, just perhaps – finally – a reason to go Mac – Salling Clicker – just need money

Blue + rodents = ewwwww…..

Lots of effort for a damn good effect – Waving Goodbye

Fast approaching 2 years with the Blue (Canela follows in a week!)