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Listening to music… playing with photos… thinking of secrets…

Canela lays uncomfortably in her new doggy bed, for blue’s blue jack toy is under her head.
wow – she was actually sleeping – with her eyes open! damn.

Blue is under Boo’s desk, in her doggy bed – earlier they were in the bedroom all nappy – that was maybe 15 minutes ago.

Happy pups make life good, if you ask me.
Getting toys for Boo (who knows if she’ll use them!) –
Worked a bit at taking on/over the management at the Corsair – seems to be a frustrating cycle of making the same mistakes, not giving enough time to the work at hand, and a general weariness – guess that’s what happens when the work is stretched out from 5 to 11 and later on a Tuesday!

Rode home after the joys of print, and I must say it was a most lovely night – the temp was perfect for my long sleeve shirt with my mesh riding jacket, with just my regular gloves, no need for the insulated ones.

So I guess the ‘other season’ has arrived – tevas and shorts more often than jeans and long sleeves – that’s ok. I’m noticing the season change a lot more this year, for reasons I’m not clear on. The chirping birds in the morning… the flowering of the pretty shrub that Eddie placed at our fence line. Granted, the rains have made the season change a bit … challenging? But, of course, now that I have better rain pants and a new pair of wet weather gloves… we’ll be sunny until next December!

School, work, the pups – life is pretty full at the moment. Guess I’ll run off and do some online school work, but wanted to note the beautiful ride last night, and the very happy pups this morning.

Oh, thought I’d recall my week of times gone past:
Wed – visit Momentum to take presentation test
Thursday – school, continue presentation test
Fri – work & presentation test
Sat – work alone & presentation test
Sun – work & presentation test
Mon – turn in presentation test, visit P. at hospital, take a turn on an Ivory Capital presentation
Tues – get P from hospital to apt,; Ivory presentation clean up; a turn on SCACO presentation
Wed – work
thurs – SCACO presentation along with work afterwards
Fri – work
Sat – work
Sun – work alone
Mon – ???
Tues – school & paper
just for the record.


dona nobis pacem

How about some photo tips?

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No – not from me, silly. From the Photojounalism prof. attached to the Corsair…

From the Mar 30, 2006 photo critique for the Corsair Newspaper
a ‘building mug’ – shot of a building.
shoot the red – guy running in the stadium had red shorts on – or red rain boots on a rainy day.
good design works upside down
the shot of the guy in the stadium is the story of sisyphus

Draw from the bigger concepts to make a timeless picture – sisyphus in the stadium
part of your storytelling
individual as an anchor – putting someone in the bottome 3rd of the photo – again, shot of the stadium – in the shot put sand trap shoud be a person doing something
Ansel – not landscape photog, but weather photog – on the fact that the skies in SM are clear – nice, but not special
Organized mass
not enough people on track, so plan to be there when people are there.
phto mechanic for mac – think it’s the program Prof Burkhart was using
Overview picture
cutaway shot
go behind the speaker – wait for a grand gesture
know the rules – and break them very well
Using heads as design elements – to frame a speaker, shooting from the audience
go early – stay late – cardinal rule

elements with storytelling ability
shootig for editing – shot it all, choose best later
we all laughed – it’s an effective photo
shadowy people in foreground
you need some anchor
if you don’t see it – you have to look for it
sometimes just hail mary it – when in a crowd – just hold it up and shoot
mono pod with shutter release – or a video cam – or use your timer

lots of emotions
out of focus front with in focus back – with spectators – think it was the ping pong comp
journalistic portrait of atendee
resp. for every corner of the photo

look for dark background to shoot lite colored object – eyes go to the light
signs with people
peak emotion
expose highlight – 4 digitals – to get deails
underexposed for digital – can bring up details, can’t bring them down from a washed out pic
Sunny 16ths rules
to editor at Nat. Geo – are they working as hard? looking at images compared to sending off pics to be developed and working while they wait for the prints

Open palm – 1/3rd – 18% grey

More relationships between sign and people
Rodan’s Ballsac statue leans back, like Antonio on the podium with microphone
draw from classic art

What happened here today?”
Fast enough speeds to eliminate handshake

Stuck in one spot to shoot the orchestra – no, the 2LiveCrew show
15th second
Life is in motion
Shake camera and flash – 2nd curtain sych – flahes at end of shutter – as opposed to at start of open

From 28Mar06
Basics for a great photo – 1 – light 2 – Design – 3 – moment
storyteller – via multiple sequence or just a single
wide setablishing and action detail
closing photo
signature – decisive moment
rules of thirds
forground, midground, background
framing and moments
visual surprise
layered storytelling
centered – very powerful or very dull

short/narrow depth of field focuses attention

“national Geo light”
nice beam of light
contrast and colur are good
a detail shot that tells a story
sense of conflict
cropping is an art
layers work together
spot news – being there when action
aggressively pursing luck
journaisitc ethic
eyes and hands tell great stories
DJs = speak to community a la civil rights in 60s
dienfranchised community speaks up and IS heard

Could it be???

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I strolled about tonight on a bank/7-11 run in…
my tevas!

Oh, yes – it could actually be spring!
I wore short sleeve shirts to work last week!!!


dona nobis pacem

such a good burger…

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… as no man deserves!! Boy am I lucky.

Boo and I had a delicious meal at Houston’s yesterday, and though stuffed, we brought home tasty meats for the pups. They didn’t get the super treats last night; tonight I’m sure they’ll be happy happy happy.

But right now, I’m currently enjoying a re-heated burger of delightfulness! I’m not sure if it is the beef, the slices of Canadian bacon, the BBQ sauce or the shaved cheddar – it’s all wonderful!

When a burger can sit in the fridge overnight and still be this flavorful, tasty, delicious – wow. I highly recommend the joint…

dona nobis pacem

Good thoughts for a friendly Pinguino we know…

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per her pop, who called a bit ago –
She’s out of surgery and doing fine. In ICU for the overnight, then a regular room tomorrow – visitors can’t stay past 7 tonight.

Glad to hear it.
She’ll enjoy her cupcakes tomorrow, I do believe!


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the wonder of technology…

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continuing with my iTunes tutorial… I poked the visualizations button.


the joys, the happiness that kaliedescopic spirographs have on me is a tad surprising, but enjoyable none the less. But what I’m noting is the fact that as I learn Excel on my lappytop, I’ve taken what was a wondrous table of 15 days worth of music and given myself a dynamic display of crazy colors and movement!

The big question is – what took me so long? And is it the cosmic forces balancing out the too many columned displays in the office? I may never know…

Visualizations ROCK!!

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from the darkness of 2001…

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in a missed search for massive attack to give me a gentle homework audioscape, a listening to Ex-Mass proves that Alisa still has the power to rip my heart out; just so you know. Still thankful all these years later, btw.

I feel better, but truly was surprised at how powerful the emotions we tend to bury can be.

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