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Made it back in good shape from my visit to Alex and Steve, up in the bay area.

Headed out Wednesday afternoon, post SMC bookshop visit, and took a leisurely run up the Pacific Coast Highway. Darkness caught up with me around Big Sur, just in time for lost RV drivers to slow my progress a bit…

Made it to Alameda for a late night snack and bull session, then up and at it at the crack of noon Thurdsay to head out to San Francisco. Much walking and fabulous meandering made all of us happy and tired. Back to Alameda for some Indian nibbles, and again pleasant chatting by the fireplace. Er, no – strike that – by the big magenta fun ball!

Friday morn had us up and breakfasting at Jim’s, then a stroll around Crab Cove on the Alameda shoreline. We headed over to stroll the campus of UC Berkley (where the wonderful Alex will be going to school) and take in the local ‘college town’ sites – quite a nice place to go and get smarter.

Sadly, couldn’t stay the whole day, so I headed south through San Jose about 4 on Friday afternoon – made great time and took the 101 south – very nice drive, actually.

so, 875 miles of drivin’, 17 and half hours (or so) of seat time, so much beauty I just have to cry, and scott’s a happy boy. Can’t wait for Boo to make the trip with me soon…


crash… into memories…

August 16th, 2006
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or thoughts scattered to the winds of time. Reflections in the shadows obscuring the moon…
how odd that it’s nothing but a pleasant thought from the nothingness of my past…

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the old girl? She’s a royal pain lots of the time, and truly awesome in her “set in her way-ness”. She loves the simple pleasure of a piece of ham from Eddie. She likes to sleep – a lot. She gets into one of her bumper beds and curls up and is happy. She is Canela, Queen of the Pink Bench. She’s on the floor to my left, chin on her front paws, glancing towards the mirror in the den… I she all of her heart when she’s ‘running’ with her ears floppin and I swear a smile on her face – I wonder how cool she was as a pup, but I’m so happy and thankful that her force of personality is part of Boo and I’s life right this minute…

Linkage from hours of hard work…

JactOne Safety Signs

Eureka, CA daily paper wars

Wait aren’t you scared? Fucking amazing stand on terror

Terrorism and security Bruce needs to be in my blog list

Link to a Mclaren F1 delivery F1 Delivery sweet

Habshaer – huh?
Old building survey

National atlas – it’s gov run!!

Texas map site – TEXAS!

Adobe tips and tricks

for Peter

Poseidon Underwater Resorts VACATION!

a link to the Alameda newspaper

Spanish Dictionary

Movie cars
Bush refuses to follow the law – shocking

Gir sounds
Gir sounds

Powerpoint stuff
Powerpoint stuff

storage device for memory cards for vanessa
memory card info Here’s a little review – sadly they don’t have dates on things like this – a starting point, at least.

http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom/video/adobe lightroom stuff



http://www.millerwelds.com/education/basicelec/basic electricity class

half way thru August…

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Where to start?

Was out on my Radian, Ojai-way last thursday, on an look-see to contemplate running all the way to San Fran way… had a great run – really forget how much fun riding twisty roads through the countryside can be – challenging, but fun.
I certainly enjoy the commute to Century City – I roll along Santa Monica Blvd thru West Hollywood and Beverly Hills – decent lane-splitting opportunities there – been doing odd hours and some rush hour commutes – changes the feeling of the ride quite a bit.

I was out and rolling trying to see if it would be plausable idea to ride up to San Fran cause our friends Alex and Steve packed up and moved. Seem to have found a nice place, though.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the sad news that our friend Peter Vance had passed. We went to his memorial and it was quite moving to hear great things of a good man we knew and loved.

School’s gonna start in a few weeks, work’s going well, Blood has this idea that the 30th anniv of the Boilermaker is gonna stand in as the class reunion for the peeps we WANT to see – next Jul 8 and a short 15K run – ok. I think I can, I think I can…

otherwise the pups are happy, Boo is wonderful… and I’ve got to go run to work.