Issue 2 – put to bed…

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Current Music:Dido – Christmas Day
which is where I need to be! Doh!!!

On the drive in from campus I saw regular fuel at an Arco on Venice for 2.899, then the super cheap place on La Brea for 2.83, and then back to 2.89 at our local 76 station.

Convenient that last weekend was Labor Day, eh?

Gots to LOVE the oil companies.

My Patriot Day brownies made peeps happy in the newsroom. Sadly, my only dinner. Doh!

and now I’m home. Pups so happy to have awake company, Boo so wonderful and angelic as a sleeping princess… yay!

Did I mention the beautiful – and stinky – flowers the Sir Declan/nee Quincy got for Boo and I? quite pretty indeed!
Boo got some too, from her special someone! (90 days later, even with the receipt, she’s stuck with me!!!)

Wow – totally toast.



dona nobis pacem