and once again… leaving on a jet plane…

Current Mood: busy

heading back to Durham for an interview – but feeling a bit off due to the amount of stuff Boo and I have to still go through in our packing pursuit!

but, it’s all good, and I’ll be back in LA before we know it. Lots to do – both sides of the country!

ok – finish dishes, pack and get boo.

Gots to have a plan!

dona nobis pacem

unexpected travails…

Current Mood:happy
Current Music:Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra – Liza (All the Clouds’ll Roll Away)

when traveling –
you’re heading east…
East has ‘weather’
You end up south – cool, you’ve got Family in LA!
You have $2.35 and a check.
You get a cab to see your sis, and show her the Hare Krishna book you donated $2.00 for… it’s titled ‘A journey of Self-Discovery’….

Glad to see ya Jon… Relax – you flight’s delayed.

dona nobis pacem

You know *cough cough* what will *cough cough* take the wind out of your *cough cough* sails?

cough having a cough hacking cough cough.
What I like is the last two days getting up and not having a feverish headache (unlike over the weekend), but ending the day with a pounding headache from the coughing that starts when the sun sets… wtf!

Otherwise, the sails are full of cool, but fairly sunny, breezes of happyness.
The sellers are now movers/moved out – where once they had a PODS in their our driveway, and on Saturday night a large Budget rental truck in front of the house, a driveby yesterday revieled no big truck, no storage box!!! Oh I’m getting excited now.

So I had an interview last week, and have a 2nd interview sometime this week – checking travel schedules, I believe.

The girls are an amazing example of ‘never stop – never slow down!!!!’ dynamo – of course, with the ZachAttack and the RocketDog, who has the chance to be bored? No one!!!!

I’m flexing my HTML skills with the creation of a site for Wendy over at Continuum Consulting. It’s kinda cool how you meet people who know people who are good to meet and know!

How things are made on discovery channel is almost as compelling and addictive as This Old House/HGTV shows…

Um, now it’s Thurdsay, the first of February.
Got the keys to the house yesterday – Take A Look

gotta post it…
hey – it snowed today, went for a long walk with Michelle and Zach, Kim and Giavanni, Rocket!


dona nobis pacem