I was watching the clock this morning..

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saw 4:00 at, I’d assume, 4 this morning. why would I open my eyes at the top of the hour? Then 6:30 or so, where I was wide awake. completely, alphabet backwards, full sentance awake. awake enough to say ‘hey, you get til the top of the hour for a 7:30 arrival of Z.’, so back to slumber land for me.

when 6:57 came around, I opened my eyes again, pondered exactly when the alarm would ring, and looked out past the alarm clock to our side yard and Henry’s place, which was being beautifully back lit by the coming sun. sun rise. day break. blues, dark and moodly down low, blue sky above.

for about a year, I woke up really early and delivered the Utica Observer Dispatch, one of my first work experiences. I’d wake up as the alarm buzzed, smacking my blue LCD GE alarm clock radio (thanks dave, got it at the GE employee store, I believe) before I woke up anyone else at 1 Trinity. Up and out, the first week was post christmas into an ice storm of epic proportions.Thanks a lot, Craig. Thanks sooooo much ma – how much money did you spend?

for three years in germany I was on a flip-flop schedule wherein I’d be up and to the bus at 5:15 or so in the morning, off to the work site, and head back to base in the afternoon (3’sh I think). Then the next week I’d be able to sleep in until 2’sh where I’d hop up and catch the bus blah blah blah. Saw a number of sunrises during that time.

In 98, I’d run down to Costa Mesa to see sarah & company, staying awake through a day or two of wierd fun, then head back to Pasadena after saying my goodbye’s, rolling north’sh into the sun rising above the mountians, the sky turning beautiful shades of awake. I think the sensation of sleep depravation combined with the amazing colors made the sunrises for those 6 months or so even more stunning than the numerous sunsets over beverly hills I’d see at the academy building.

Well, hello sun. Good day to you.

hope peeps are doing well, I’ll try to break my wierd addiction to not sharing in the next batch of posts. I promise.

~ S ~
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oh the things I should write about…

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ever get into a place where the mind is in overdrive for the briefest periods of time? like 5 minutes – in the shower… weeeee!!!! and then you spend the next 18 hours doing the ‘life’ thing – work, fun with friends, etc. But in the quiet before you head to sleep you remember – wait – I had a great idea/thought train/revelation?…

so, went to see Gran Torino tonight – ‘what do you know about life and death?’ – great quesiton… thought clint was believable as a cranky old guy. white devil he is called.

saw burn after reading, liked it though as always it had its quirks … cost me 5 bucks via PPV; afterwards on Sundance I caught most of Day Night Day Night and I laughed – a few million on Clooney, Pitt, McDormand, Malkovich – to be upstaged by nobodies in an indie flick where I get left wondering – holy shit, how crazy is that?

And then Torino, pushing my thoughts in another direction.

Blue has been increadibly cute these past few weeks – don’t know why, but just super cute.

We had some snow – and then Obama was sworn in – Twice!!!

Raymond turned 30, as did Nate. Rock Band, or Guitar hero world tour ‘gigs’ over at Carrie & Nate’s!

A friend who’s surly sad, and we’re sad for her too…

Work continues to impress me – ask yourself, would you say you’re overly concientious?

an update of sorts, eh? Well, I have about 15 quarterTurns started – it’s just that my memory is for shit. Damn it.

A taste of what’s happening here about the Hobbit House. Hope we’re all feeling a bit better now. Just have to keep looking up, eh?

~ S ~

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Ah. 2001.
Rhode Island appears on the shiny coin, vended by the drink-o-matic as I pursue destroying my ongoing resolution against diet cola drinks. Damn it.
2001 – Boo and I were solidly at Plan B off of Wilshire. If I’m gonna be a stickler and stick to January of that year .. let’s see. Things were probably pretty good. let’s see what the pics show us …
Looks to be that we were on the East Coast for 2000-2001, which makes sense. I’ve got pics of Boo and I at Montgomery County’s First Night celeb – freezing. But the pics of Z as a newborn, and Michelle drinking a magarita bigger than her head show that we had a bit of fun, eh?

Boo’s hair colors included red and blue!

We drove Silvie past the St. Louis Arch with snow on the ground… we saw some unbelievably pretty sunsets along the way… and spent time with friends in Kansas. I think boo bought some boots from a cowboy in Cottonwood Falls.

Oh. The barbed wire museum of Kansas was closed when we stopped by.
As was Prarie Dog Town.
We drove past Vail through Colorado – I recall being stunned by the beauty of that road – as opposed to Texas, which I recall we spent two or three days crossing west to east on the way to Upstate for the holidays.

Ok. and in Jan of 01 we made it to Moab. the hotel was closed. as was the pizza joint! sigh…
Arches, on the otherhand, was open and gorges! (ha ha ha – sly Ithaca joke there!) ((hee hee hee))

and then I guess I drove through one of the other amazing parks in the middle of the night, and past bun boy where it was chilly and we saw beautiful flowers in mailbu. Yay picture recall …

I’ll try to push the pics I reference, but it’ll be a few for those..

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To chance!

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quite right, ed. To chance…

had a nice chat with Mickeymatt tonight – he’s excited as he builds a web prescence for himself and his business. yay matt!

chatted with blood a bit tonight – she sounds a bit subdued; and of course taht causes me to wonder – hey – what about me?
perhaps … perhaps I need more time. or more solitude. or … help.

in working thru my pics on disks, I caught a pic from sep 2000 in DC – bbq in the park across from MnM’s apt on the hill.
John was there.

I have a note on my monitor stand that says ‘words 4 john’ … words for john. cause he went away too. left us with ‘nibblies and drinkies’ … and a coat I cherish. and memories and confusion and sadness.

Pics. Memories stored. Stories captured. Moments in time past… like MickeyMatt and his truck and a curvy hilly road out Marysville way.
Moments in time.
words … sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever write what I need to. I self censor to beat the band, and I was trained well.
“I’m gonna lose my nerve” … lyrics from a song – moments in a song

“Love love love .. love love love … love is all you need” – from an old english folk song.

What matters to you? what makes you happy? Why are you living the life you have?

~ S ~

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(Anonymous)2009-01-14 08:00 pm (UTC)
What matters to you? what makes you happy? Why are you living the life you have?…

Happy moments matter to me most… whether that comes in once a day or once a week. Try to have those happy moments as frequently as possible with little to no effort and have them with more people. If certain folks don’t bring you any happy moments, you get rid of them 🙂 And if certain folks take snappy snaps of those particular moments then make sure they are there ALL the time 😉

What makes me happy? Silly giggling. Friends who don’t judge me. Family who don’t judge me. Balance. Feeling accomplished. Reaching a goal, no matter how tiny. And puppies. Trying not to let the small things bother me… because really and truly, everything is going to be all right.

Why? That’s the big question I suspect. I’m in the boat with John L… that Love is all you need. Have that and everything falls into place. Patience, courtesy, trust… then you can relax and giggle 😉

I’m sorry that people leave 🙁 Cherish the coat, cherish everything you can about those who are gone and giggle in their honor. Just sayin’. Again, like I said on our walk, I may not say the right things or know how you feel or how you hurt… but I can listen. And giggle. At nothing.

Stop censoring. Unless what you are censoring will hurt someone. Explore what is is you are cutting out. Unless I read that wrong. I misinterpret things poorly sometimes. You are offering the world quite a lot, please don’t question that 🙂

and so it’s a sunday evening…

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boo is recuperating from an enjoyable (or over-enjoyable) evening of drinks served in pyrex. Wonderful world-class guitar hero rocking out. Nate’s celebration of emerging adulthood. A bbq joint that made the vegetarian/vegan happy. and football on a sunday afternoon – sorry jets, not sure on the steelers yet – but it looked cold.

here’s a blast from the past:

so I take photos. pictures. snapshots. I know that. everyone knows that.

but there might just be a reason, cause with this I recall a few things. how both this trip and the next trip boo and I rolled through epic rain storms heading back into LA. How I t hink bun boy has changed it’s name, and frankly, that’s wrong. How it was years and lifetimes ago (or so it seems).

I’ll be probably finding a few gems along the way as I try my hand at archiving via photo discs my assorted collection of images. weeeeee…. hope for me. please.

here –

Part one of scott’s taking good photos lesson – step one – find something that can not actually be photographed badly. take picture. bask in the glow of success!

enjoy your sunday. stay warm. be happy that it’s all going well in ’09. wow. 8 years later.

~ S ~

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it’s not like it’s new … or challenging.

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it’s a tuesday. In January. Time to get things going – again. or for once.
so what do I do? too much of the same ol – same ol – and why? Habit? fear?

huh …
oddly enough, the few times I took a chance it worked. Wasn’t easy, wasn’t what I really needed, but it worked for a bit and changed me. So why do I not learn from that lesson – why do I sit and wait? is it that I have nothing to pusue?

huh …
Odd what floats through the mind from time to time. Grey days do that to me.

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

…” is this thing on?” I believe is how Boo wants to start the year…

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You see, since back around turkey day, I’ve been having a minor issue with my oh so nice cell phone – it hasn’t been ringing to tell me of an incoming phone call. Incoming text message- check. Voice mail from a missed phone call – check. That someone is calling me RIGHT NOW!!!! – not so much check.

So I tried to change every setting I could find. I made sure the people I new and loved had ringtones attached to their profiles. I tirelessly (ok, three times) picked up the manual to try and find the elusive setting that would make my Touch work… finally gave sprint tech support a call … first lady was all about the ‘have you powered off your phone?” – I was like, please get me to someone who’s more knowledgeable – so I ended up with Daniel, who wasn’t all that more knowledgeable but nicely enough offered to put a note in my file. Off we went to the Sprint store to get our phones fixed (Boo’s wasn’t happy typing the ‘e’ on her keyboard …)

Boo went first, and though the very nice lady wasn’t able to duplicate her typing stuck e issue, she got a ticket. Then it was my turn. “The phone doesn’t ring on incoming calls”. Really. Please check it … the nice lady’s eyes showed that it indeed wasn’t ringing … and then she said these fine words … “You know you have the ringer off?”

apparently this setting doesn’t make the phone quieter when you listen to people. This setting keeps the phone from making noise on incoming calls.

When it is set like this:

the phone rings on incoming calls. Imagine… the usefulness of that.

Oh, here’s the icon for changing the volume of the earpiece when the phone is in a call:

Scott still gets to get things wrong, and learn from them. For a few more years…

~ S ~

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