does the week end? or start?

Wait – what’s a week? A demarcation of convenience I say … but to fit in I guess I’ll keep using the Gregorian  calendar – gots to work on the Scottian calendar I think – can’t be any more far fetched than the Tranquility calendar!
So I just spent about 10 minutes at wikipedia reading up on Gregorian calendar, which is a papal bull that modifies the Julian calendar. Two things – wow I’m easily distracted. 2 – no reason not to create my own calendar – the thinking behind our current calendar (adopted in the 1500s) was that Easter, and the equinox, was changing dates and was kind of messy… odd how a faith based institution had to deal with the hard facts of science, eh?

So, how are you?
Winter seems around the corner – you ready for that?
I’ve been on the road for a while… making friends and family worry a bit. Hate doing that, but I wanted to see my sisters, spend some time upstate, and my friend matt – well, he’s generous to his friends and family, and helped me acquire his motorcycle …

the run north was occasionally challenging, but with Beth as co-pilot, I at least had a witness to the oddness of a mid-day Friday stripe painting session in West Virginia … and at the end of her time in the chev’ Malibu I was in Vermont! at a gas station owned by Hemming’s motornews! woot!
Getting in to Upstate kinda late, seeing the 1 Trinity Ave posse – yay!
Time both expands and contracts on my trips – seems I did a millions things – eatings, visits, sights and happiness; but it was just a few days…
so, let’s montage!!!


the trip back south was an adventure – long day in the saddle, too many months since I’ve done that!

so to all who worried, I’m sorry – had a blast, but don’t like making people worry.
I hope you adventures are all worthwhile, and you have lots of loving people worrying about you.


quiet reflections, quiet tears…

The pic I snapped is non-specific.

3 years ago.

My sisters and I went out and had a regular lunch – seems to me it was a greek joint, and there were greek hot dogs involved – but hey, that’s just one guy’s memory.

My mom’s life was filled with adventures and oddness, loving family and trying times, just like everyone’s really. I’m somewhat focused, fixated probably  a better word, on how ordinary things were that day.

Playing her music I thought she’d like (dolly parton, really? cool…), taking our turns by her bedside, the fine staff at the hospital. Do I block out the hospital – the fact that it – they – are not buildings that bode well? Mom’s trials and tribulations over the years with them seemed to have dampened my mistrust of them, and the cool crisp fall day in upstate new york wasn’t any more or less special.

Just like our lunch.

hard to see, but a frost has covered these gorgeous flowers … harsh + beauty – some how very very fitting for that morning…

Huh – why do I share this pic – is it because the ones of mom in the hosptial bed hurt too much? I’d have to say it’s because I see beauty here. Beauty is what the world needs more of … so here’s a little to help the world out!

From my ‘historical records’ I also have a picture a butterfly on the lawn of the Becky’s House. Nature’s original phoenix, eh?

Wendy wasn’t there with us in person. She’s often off to the side – misfortunes of life and family – I worry about her a lot, and hope she knows we all hurt and we all love ….

I don’t miss mom as much as I did. I still smile when I look up and see her ‘ball’ sitting on a shelf in our living room – think I’ll carry her on my adventure this weekend – show her the joys of Interstate 81 in PA!!.

I think I understand, just a little bit, that …. she’s with me in my heart all the time. Well – I knew that before, but I think I’m able to breathe a little easier, knowing that I’m still standing, that blood is still standing (and is very zen!), that shari – wow – how the hell she does it is anyone’s guess – she’s still standing and fighting, as is wendy. We all stand, surprising at least myself from back then, who had bets on complete disintegration.

Love ya ma. Miss your calls, miss your smile, miss you like crazy. Thanks for all you did for me, and for all of us.


The very first computer I ever owned was an apple IIc.

For some ungodly reason, mom thought I was serious about crushing the SATs with the purchased SAT-prep software. I recall there being mac paint – so I could use the mouse. The IIc had a cool matching monitor. Again, no idea why mom thought it was a wise move, but she had a great heart.

Think it lasted two weeks at 1 Trinity before it was returned to the store. I recall it had some horrific static/interference going on – I think I blamed the overhead fluorescent in the kitchen for a bit.

Wonder where I went from there? My motorcycle? My stereo? Both – in hindsight – maddeningly poor choices for anyone in my family to have put money up for.

Our friends Nate and Carrie got me an iPod shuffle for my birthday a few years back – incredibly kind gesture, but also my only other Apple product. It totally rocks. Simply elegant – not sure if that’s the credo of the designers at Apple, but they nailed it.

I aspire to have and to hold a Mac Book Air one of these days. On the presumption that its nearly perfect – from it’s mag-safe power cord connection, to its pulsing glowy apple, to the way it sleeps when you close the lid – I have no idea if it’s even practical, but damn would I love one.

“Damn – would I love one” – probably not the only person who’s ever thought that.

I happened upon the precursor to the Apple Macintosh in the early 80s – on display in Rome, NY was a Lisa – all too techy, in lovely beige with ridges, it looked – right. Apprently it didn’t sell well, but the Mac took care of that.

Helping a co-worker of Tenessee Mel move from some part of DC to across the river, Mel’s 323 stuffed with garbage bags full of clothes – but in its own travel case was Moving Girl’s Mac – the keyboard, the mouse – it was like an over-sized soft-sided lunchbox – but what a fruit inside!!

Overseas I hung with Andy and Charlotte, and they had a Mac II GS – graphics AND sound!!

T-dog shooling me on the awesomeness that is The Matrix, spinning it on the new 17″ mac book pro he was setting up for a friend of his, as we sat in a booth at the Beverly Hills Hard Rock Cafe. Terry certainly loved his Macs.

I have an original attempt at a resume, post USAF, saved to a Mac formatted disc – got it done at Sears in Sangertown I belive – pretty sure I requested IBM format, oh well.

Steve Jobs was an icon, a visionary, a trendsetter. Bill G. wanted to be him (hell, returning empties for money for a McDs lunch once in Sarasota takes new meaning in that Steve did the same thing once…) – between Steve and Pepsi, Bil knew what he liked. He owned TRS-80 & IBM PCs – but loved what Steve was doing.

Once I gave props for an ad campaign that used an image of Rosa Parks – perhaps it was Apple’s homage to her when she passed. For the ones who are different. Think different.

Read the Rolling Stone article on Steve and his death. Think it paints Steve in a very human way – how he never got to see Dylan when he was building up Apple, because it was all his life was – building Apple. Think there’s a really strong lesson there – pursue greatness, don’t forget to live.

Steve will hopefully be remembered in a positive light – he helped the human race move forward. How far, how fast, where we will ultimately go – no clue. On the back page of the Rolling Stone issue is a blank off-white page. “Steve’s legacy 1955 ~  ” it reads. copyright Sprint 2011. 100 years from now Obama will be spoken of. Adele’s music will hopefully still be loved. Perhaps there will be a history course on the protests of Wall Street Greed and the over-throwing of the demons who terrorize us. And Steve Jobs will be likened to Thomas Edison.

Not too shabby, Steve. Not shabby at all. Thanks.

ps – how about a picture of blue, not using any apple products at all? ok…