Great thing about the past…

you know where you left it.
In my case, I left a couple of weeks of my life in a party tent set up besides Grauman’s Theater in Hollywood back in ’02.
Tonight’s Oscar-fest of white males reminded me of the crazy times I’ve enjoyed.
Like this –

or the other side that’s not seen as much

In the past I’ve worked in restaurants, gas stations, churches, shuttling cars from Bremerhaven, in a tractor tailor, a furniture store, a reservations center, and finally – a circus tent?

All because we have this interest in a spectacle. And let’s just admit, with all it’s horrific sexism and racism, Hollywood knows  how to have a party! So a phone call that said ‘hey, are you free for a few weeks? Want to work the Oscars?’ led to an enjoyable stay with the AMPAS peeps… including these guys –

Now to understand the crazyness of life in the past, let’s recall that Boo was involved happily with the fabulous Open Fist Theater Company, who was having a fundraiser during my intense too many hours in the big tent –

Where much happiness and hopefully some money was raised – our friend alex was doing henna!

so, yeah, theater parties, Oscar preparations. All a week or so after moving into our new ‘group house’ …
Hill House…

where good times and bad were had…

Good times and bad. Describes a lot about the past, eh?
So, cheers Oscars – can’t believe it’s been ten years since I hung out with you for the first time.
Keep an eye on the elephants, ok?

And, amazingly, Blue was not yet in our lives then, so no blue pics. sorry.


ah, times in winter…

is it a lie for the sun to shine, beckoning us outside, to find the air crisp and the ground chilly? Or is it a promise, a promise that if we carry on, if we figure out how to deal with staying inside just for a little bit more we’ll be rewarded. rewarded with a great time in the warmth of the upcoming spring…

If you won’t believe the implications, then how about some proof?

Or just maybe it’s the illusion of a balancing act, that when it’s warm enough the blossoms bloom, because it’s what they do. Not because they know it’s the correct time for them to do this, but it’s the RIGHT time to do it. Woe are they that it’s the 3rd week of February, with overnight chills in store for their world.

Or a day of intense clouds and the portent of doom, followed by the sky opening up and drenching the ground … which then makes flowers bloom. Ah, cyclic – is that the answer? what is will be what will come again? Hmmm…

From chaos comes … beauty. That’s a nice over-simplification don’t you think?

We can always stick to the simple things – like love. and yarn.

sadly my out the passenger window photo style did not render my ‘just the bench’ in anything other than a soft woolly look. so… take note of the art, and the yarn, and the lack of leaf cover.

Hey – did I mention that Sinead has a new album coming out? woot – listening to it stream from NPR – some classic goodness … ‘4th & Vine’ has this groovy groove to it – like!

Ok – wanted to say hi, share the pics of the crocus(?), yarn bombing, and of course a pic of blue!

she got all tuckered out watching us rearrange the den/office on Saturday. hope she recovers and is able to nap later!


20 minutes … About right

Enough time to write about the right things. About the good things. Things like R&S having 1 each @ the end of their pregnancy, or the nice sunset I’m enjoying.
Or how though I haven’t met the minimum requested time practicing my new mindfulness skills, I’m not overwrought with self loathing because of my “failure” – it IS alright, and I will begin again.
Being on campus has just given me a nun making it across the intersection quicker than a student out for a run, while a soldier waited to bicycle across going the other way! Youth, activity, morals & stregnth – what have you seen today?
Guess I’ll head into class now, and partake of my life.

A snowy wonderland…

Ah, the simple joy of winter weather.
Of course, it being the south, we’ll have mid 60s come Wednesday, or so they predict.

Weekends are often when I catch up on some cinema watching… such as this weekends enjoyment which included –
The Adjustment Bureau – caught that over at the girls place.
Or finally watching the last 80% of Harry Brown after, oh I can’t recall – 6 months or so?
Watched the last 70% of The Fastest Indian after that.
Loved The Revenge of the Electric Car I guess on Friday night – focuses on some of the good stuff coming down the road…
Tonight I watched The Stone of Destiny, and currently have The Naked City rolling – the joys of black and white film.
Oh – Lillyhammer – breezed through the 8 episodes in a couple of days – kinda like the Sopranos meets Fargo, or something like that. Fun. Looking forward to the next season – go Netflix go!

Of course, I could instead be doing my ‘practices’, or my ‘homework’, but I think to call it my ‘shit I have to do to be able to get over the place I’m stuck at’ – my mindfulness work.

Over the past week I’ve read some cool things re: computers and computing and living life in the 21st century – such as this article on form factors… or this on Steve Jobs probable choices

February. Snow makes the world special…

Have I mentioned blue?

watch out for the zomby-icy apocolypsy!


sunday morning, winter found us…

grey. chilly. rainy…
perhaps it’s payback for yesterday? maybe – i DO know that boo and i had a very nice, very fun day.
We went to the zoo!

a wonderful wonderous day. Boo had been having a hankering, and though last weekend would have been the anniversary of a visit to the zoo we held off. and well we did!!

Instead of napping,

mr. gorilla was totally all happy and strutting …

you can see more pics over here!!

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable!


20 minutes early, because I wanted to be here…

Be here on time – i’m not cutting my other important things short (full day @ the office, boo has a gift that is a token of my love for her…)
Be here – right here, a bench where I can hear the rainhit the plants to my right, where I hear the bus come ideling by, the squeak of applied brakes, the light cooling breeze on a grey day heading to evening…
Be here, with my anxious self, realizing the contradiction of fearless terrification (goes well with my cautious rebel side)… Hope I learn to see where being here isn’t a monumental task, but, like Pooh, just is.


::quarterTurn:: 1990 1993 2007

So, February. Hmmm… let’s see if my memory pulls these times well.

1990 was me wrapping up my time with the gov’t, probably thinking about packing up my dorm room at Hahn AB, while at the exact same time not worrying / thinking / planning for what I was going to be doing with all my free time. Chilly weather to be sure … driving about in a Honda CRX with Pam I guess. It was a new decade, but I most surely was clueless…

February 1993 – hmmm … well, if Novem 1992 was the election of Bill Clinton (and Al Gore?), then I was milling about Knoxville with Melissa, possibly in a busted up VW Rabbit, thinking about heading up to DC to hand with Bill and Dan … once again, not really having any plans or any idea of what was going on or what I wanted to have going on. Ah, to be young.

February 2007 – well, that’s a bit easier, isn’t it?

Oddly enough, once again – all sorts of possibilities, all sorts of chaos, not a solid plan to speak of … but we’ve made it thru. Again.


Of moons full, cursing in a sanctuary, & tech joys …

though I posted on Tuesday of arriving for my Mindfulness class 20 minutes early, anxious about what to be prepared for, and generally a tad stressed (ironic?), things went well for the most part. There WILL be woo, that was a given though I didn’t want to realize that.
Mary Love is the instructor’s name – did we expect anything different? She sent the story stone around so we could introduce ourselves! There was a brief discussion of the concerns of yoga pillow storage issues. She offered dessert, but only rang a bowl – what a tease!
We did get a fleeting glimpse of a lovely sunset as well as a moment or three to enjoy the rise of the full moon…

When Blood caught up with me last night we had a great chat about how a certain amount of those who find this type of class/instruction/introduction to be, well … older ladies. Who are in search of things. Or maybe just one thing. Not really sure, kinda hard to say – but we both are understanding that this class will be an opportunity to challenge my prejudicial views. And oh what a challenge …
But isn’t that what taking a class is all about? Bettering ourselves? & if a challenge comes in the form of questioning – in a most contemplative and mindful way – if it is better to be the person uttering curses to the lout who answered their cell phone in a sanctuary, or if it’s better to be the lout – well, that’s a challenge now isn’t it?
As Blood’s teacher was fond of instructing – ‘Begin again’ …
I’m sure I’ll find that the concept of slowing and focusing will run headlong into my fast paced focus and attention I’m used to. ‘Attention with IN-tention’ Mary Love commented, that caused me to note … but as I tried on my commutes – if I’m mindful that I’m annoyed because I’m paying attention and the lady who I had to honk at, and then who’s child had to tell her I honked at her, to take the green arrow from club to roxborro – there’s got to be a better way. do I pay less attention to the outside, while noting how I’m breathing, and how the car seat feels against my back? do I really focus on the ire boiling up to express itself in frustrated hand gestures as I see the lady is still texting while she drives north on roxborro? where do I stop paying mindful attention? do I redirect the focus? eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!
Guess that’s why I’m studenting through this class, huh? Suspect I’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on it  from every angle!
One thing I’m pretty sure of, though, is that it’s a good thing to make people happy in the world, and I do so love making Boo smile, perchance feel a bit of joy from time to time.
Say, with saying ‘congrats!!’ with an insidious grass…

Or by saying ‘I Heart You!” during the most romantic of romantic holidays – Valentine’s Day …

Had I not been dealing with shipping issues, I probably would have made a heart shaped wallpaper to install on it … we’ll see how much she likes this tablet over her Nook (which she loves quite a bit…) – so far, so good. HP’s webOS (which they got from Palm, Inc.) really is a stunning operating system – a very quiet and not at all popular with the apps making community, but a great experience so far. We’ll see what it’ll take to put Android on it (since that’s what all the cool kids are doing…) and see if it helps her find a bit or three of joy…

and as my sis helped me understand lo those many months ago –
May my joy be your yoj!


oh – hey – blue!