“squinched up your face an did a dance …

shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants…” giggle giggle
Kimya Dawson’s kind of an awesome peep, don’t you think?

I have to say things are going pretty damn well this week.
started with a party for ME!! yay ME!!

had a fabulous time with my friends… 

then got to the point of having the gift my love wanted me to have – yay exchange policy at Costco!!

and this morning a sweet note from Flickr Contrl – 

livibetter added this as a favorite. 6 hours ago
Why how nice – I wonder if it’s the pic of Morgan’s lava lamps – fave’d over 29 times!! Or Boo getting her hair cut (think it’s her Canada shirt…) – nope, it’s a pic I pushed last night as a ‘hey, Flickr – could that be the answer to ‘oh dear Flying Spaghetti Monster what did Google to to Picasaweb/G+photos???!!!’ anxiety I’ve been suffering this week. So, well – yay for Flickr! Also thank you livibetter – I’m a star in Taipei, Taiwan!! Go me! I recommend that you take a look at livibetter’s faves – got to say, cats can be really photogenic! did not know that, really.
Ok, wanted to get my ‘yays’ out for the day, then get out into the world and see what I can see.
Hope your weekend gets off to a great start!
oh – blue – she’s a cutie!

sizzlin’ in the summer time…

“… a virtue sought by many, found by few; Salada tea” – so said Mr. Taverna, so long ago in W’boro High School

But did he have a steady blinking light that – when I glance down I swear I see it stay solid; then it blinks??!! No – no he did not!!! When my patience pays off  I will then be able to give my ‘damn- that’s a great gift! what a damn great gift – I love this camera!!’ face all over again.

Seems I got a slightly defective unit. Didn’t want to change shooting modes – but that’s OK. Exchange went smoothly, now we’ll see what shooting in “miniature’ effect looks like! and night vision….

but damn – patience…
guess I could just sing a song, eh?
did I mention that that I had a great party?
my friends are the best??
my love is awesome to me, too awesome?

well – yeah, all that.

also – pic o’ blue!!


}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Forced forward

24TuesdayJUL 2012

Out of luck sometimes comes a great challenge. Sometimes that challenge brings great enlightenment.
Without any effort on my part the earth spun and spun and spun for 52 weeks, then I got cake! Yay! Along with the cake I received the gift/challenge of a DSLR – my love really does make bad decisions sometimes.

side photo of Nikon DSLR

from my framily a lovely gift!Having pondered an upgrade ever since taking a C. Mike Dillerman’s digital photography class (‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying About DSLRs and Love My P&S!!) I am now forced to enlighten myself about how to properly use this new (and better in so many ways) tool.
Luck & challenge – what a way to start the week/year!
As so happens in today’s life – TO THE INTERNETS!! As happens sometimes when you do that – wow. Wow! I’ll give a most proper shout out to one Ken Rockwell – he has made my day most enlightening. Take this for instance:

Bad photographers make mistakes and have to tweak colors and levels afterwards. My decades of shooting film has taught me to nail my shots on the first try, not to waste time trying to rescue it later. It’s easier and better to get it right the first time.

Soooo … I don’t need to get a 64GB SD card?? I don’t need to cram RAW (or in Nikon’s worldspace ‘NEF”) files onto my storage vaults … just in case I need to … er… print a 4×6 to send upstate to my sister? Hmmm – you’ve totally challenged my process – any preparation I’ve thought about is rocked – ‘get it right the first time’ – now there’s a gem of advice, wouldn’t you agree?
So I start down a new path (I step out of the grass onto the sidewalk??) and have to slow down to be able to get up to speed quickly. Read the manual. Re-read the manual. Take an hour to get into why JPG NORMAL is going to be just fine. Re-adjust my worries of ‘where the hell am I going to store all my precious originals?’ and get to ‘hey, that means the cheapest EyeFi will allow me to shoot ‘tethered’ and how cool will that be this holidays??’
Frankly I’m mildly surprised by how calm I’m starting out – guess I know this path a bit – I’ll blame my love of motorbikes!! But the calmness might just carry over to the photographs I’ll take this week, and the joy will in turn encourage more and better (Museum of Life and Science, or Duke gardens!! Downtown at night from top levels of parking decks! Cool old buildings downtown Saturday morning while I pedal around looking – wow this is going to rock!!)
Forward I will head, forced or not…

…”and many more!”

Hello Monday! Hello Birthday! Hello you!
Started my 45th with a decent wake up time, love for my love, and love for my pup. also – coffee.
and leftover red-velvet birthday cake – yay Raymond!
Then the ‘tubes got me all kerfuffle cause Blood (happy our day!!) linked to total awesomeness a few days back and like I am now a days it took me a few days to finally get around to clicking through to it. Too awesome – don’t wait – go see now! As Blood posted – 

“check out this awesome new song from Seattle’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – it debuted this morning on KEXP (read more here) and you can listen to it here

Gives me a solid dose of hope for the future, which is always a great feeling.

Ok – here’s a pic of Blue –

as snapped by Boo with my nifty birthday/holiday/anniversary/veterans day/arbor day/x100 present –

nice, ain’t it??
Of course now I wonder how pics like this:

will turn out! oh the excitement!!

Hope your Monday is starting as wonderfully, feel free to grab some cake and an adult beverage to toast my successful completion of another 52 weeks. And to many many more!


}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

A birthday for our country …

Great time with friends and loved ones tonight. followed by the celebrations outside as the full moon crept over the trees outside the den. for some odd reason I pondered the whole ‘4th’ celebration (I’m pretty sure it’s David Blackstone’s fault!) – and I remembered this pic.

Been taking pics for a while now – a year or seven I think. get some great shots ’cause I know what I was doing. This one isn’t one of those – it’s from a time when I shot film, developed months later to reveal gems inside the envelope.

Freedom is not free.
I ponder the wisdom of the current age – I shake my head in disgust at what some of our ‘leaders’ are doing to this country. I hope they know the price that’s been paid by others for them to be able to sully our best intentions for their personal gain.
Saw some good notes today over at facebook. Comments on the tragic lives of most of the original signatories to our constitution – men who stood for principles and suffered righteously for it.
If only our leaders had such fortitude.



May I suggest … Scrivener?

03TuesdayJUL 2012

So my lovely Boo is a writer. Hell, she even makes some coin doing it, so Yay!for her. I on the other hand am a wannabe – I probably could make some coin if I were just to believe in ME enough!!
What I have done is tried to find a tool that will help me get to where I want to be – not get in my way. Scrivener came to my attention during NanoWrimo 2011 – they had a special template for download and an offer of Free for those who completed the challenge (50K words in one month, November) – and I think 50% off for those who gave it the old college try (what does that mean anyway?)
So over the last 6’sh months I’ve used it frequently, and am currently utilizing it to craft my first short story.

insert image of this:

Scrivener works great – now if only my brain could catch up!
Reasons Scrivener works well for me –

  • It has a one place for everything mentality, similar to OneNote which I happen to also love.
  • It has the tools to make me look better than I am – I put the ‘chapters’ in different text documents, Scrivener does the ‘combine into a book’ magic for me, adding chapter formatting and indexing
  • It has a full screen writing mode that allows me to push the distractions of a connected life into the back ground.
  • It does the things I can think of that I need to do, while still having the chops to accomplish the things Boo knows I’ll need to do. Be it the chapters into manuscript trick, allowing me to categorize my scribblings as locales, people, plots, research – all fairly easy to identify and utilize.

I’ll let you know if at the end of my story I find Scrivener to continue to weave it’s magic upon me – I suspect I’ll end up loving it even more.
Sources: NanoWrimo & Scrivener

the challenge of being right

03TuesdayJUL 2012

Or at least trying to show that you know what you’re talking about.
Say with a wordpress blog installation on DreamHost – if you go to sign in so that you can make a post, and you get an error saying ‘can’t connect to mysql database’ – hmmm, pretty sure that’s the host having issues. Thankfully you can check system status announcements, but … nothing really says ‘yup, there’s a problem’ – just a number of ‘upgrade’ announcements, including a Jun 29th note above a Jul 2nd note – as in ‘here’s the top of the chart – all is good, except when you look at the next entry – then you see there’s a bit of an issue’ – odd. Very odd.
sigh, of course immediately after you send in a support ticket you check in to make sure it’s still borked, and, well, then you type up a post.
It’s hard trying to be right. I’m pretty sure I saw what I saw.

Staying Cool for Cats in July

02MondayJUL 2012

Lucked upon some tunes by Chris Difford – specifically the album “South East Side Story“ – wow. Memories flooding back in take me timewarp to the beginnings of my ‘adult’ life. San Antonio, Texas, July – hot hot heat.
First smart move I ever made was to volunteer tentavly for ‘pad cleaner’ – turned out I got to spend a bit of each day outside in the shade, and hum the tune ‘cool for cats’ while I ‘maintained an environment suitable to ensure the effectiveness of the mission oriented training of our nation’s military forces’ – see how I turned that around? Doesn’t sound a bit like I swept the concrete pad where a bunch of bewildered youth did calestenics at 4:15 in the morning before it got to hot for humans to do anything in the swelter of a Texas summer.
There was quite a bit of learning done that summer. Such as math – 30 days does not mean one month, if you count only the M-F days then 30 of them takes 6 weeks to get through. Ah. Also, that because details do matter a set of underwear can be folded into a 6 inch squares. Week after week.
I also learned to pay attention, to listen and do my best to understand the situation before asking questions – didn’t necessarily save me from an occasionaly foot-meet-mouth situation; sorry General, we were being scolded re: security badges that must be shown at all times in our work area. Your badge was no where to be seen. I learned that Generals are allowed to have a custom uniform policy – I had not known that.
Summers in Texas – turned out to be a bit of theme for my military career. Survived them all, so no sweat- right?

Living with new technology – July 2012 update

01SundayJUL 2012

So I’ve been enjoying my Mac Book Air for the past 4 months – what have I learned?
Well, setting up the ‘right’ work at home environment hasn’t been cheap – but I have followed some good advice on what monitor to get, what stand to get, and with a near-inexhaustible willingness to change the way things are laid out in the den, I have come to this: dear flying spaghetti monster it has been daunting!

macbook air with external monitor

from a small screen to big

Also, this is a standard format post.