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26TuesdayNOV 2013

In prep for tonight’s class I read about Twitter’s implementation of “Perfect Forward Secrecy” – really liked how it was nicely readable, decent explanations of the technology behind what they were trying to do, included a note of concern about how to do it correctly, and was identified as part and parcel of Twitter’s operational mindset – making your data more secure.

Security is an ever-changing world

I’m also intrigued that they identified how they were making it work – sometimes I wonder if you say “the machine with the big red X on it is the most prized possession we have” are you not focusing all eyes on that prize?
Also love how it ties in nicely with ‘life’ as I call it. Vicky just asked about Twitter and why people use it last week; though I do enjoy John’s posts from @mountain_goats I’m sure lots of folks use it much more intimately. Just not me.

Crisp Saturday thoughts…

Mika (Jan/2013)

thoughts that include “damn it” … also “I’m so sorry…” … also “fuck”
Shock-wave took a bit to hit – was on the Book of Faces, pondering the homophobic cake wreck Holly had posted, amused that the kitt-ay had been spinning more recently than Karl… then … a post from an hour earlier.

It’s not amusing, but looking back I’m not sure my tact was sterling – I moved to Boo in the living room and blurted out ‘did you see the news? on Mika?’ …

nice hoodie, & LAZER eyes! (Jan/2011)

shall we say hysterical is an appropriate descriptor … damn.

some toys and a soft spot (Jan/2011)

Dear friends who are a few hours away are hit by a Mack truck…

Mika, not a bad dog (Jan/2011)

A morning starts, takes a horrible step sideways, and the day spins on…

Boo made the observation of how the day continues, no matter what. Orange leaves cling to the magnolia out back, the clouds speeding overhead, Hali was semi-nudgey in her wants and needs.

Scott & Mika, on the sofa (Jan/2011)

Mika got to visit us a number of times, always making us happier than we were. Making friends wherever she went…

Mika gives Morgan a hug (Jan/2011)

Holly & Karl made a trek to visit Boo & I last year when we were not well, and Mika brought the nuzzles that helped us soooo much. I’m so very sad for them.

Mika, Karl & Holly (snowy Jan/2011)

Is pain a wave or a particle?
I’ve swam thru, thus I’m voting for wave. It makes me angy that my friends must swim thru it too.

{Having this odd sensation that I should pound this article out toot sweet!!, instead of the taking an hour or more to look over the pics, make some nice words… odd. or not – urgent needs seem to be the yappy dog’s mesage… sigh}

Hold close the ones you love, whisper of how your heart feels when you think fondly of them, promise them the moon & stars…

remember the better times (Jan/2011)


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{6:21p + 23Nov 2013 = Saturday eve || Running to Stand Still from 1992}
cry without weeping, talk without speaking, and scream without raising your voice

Others watch what you watch

19TuesdayNOV 2013

From this article I’m taking two things away –
1. Marketing is the devil’s work
2. Smart people with good tools can make a difference
Upon noticing adverts on his smart TVs home page, a fine UK gent investigates and finds that LG’s television set (nee, computer) is phoning home with the viewing habits of the one behind the remote, in order to sell advertising.

Upon investigating this unwanted behavior, LG offers “it’s in our T&Cs that you agreed to, sorry” as its rationale.
Do agree with the man’s opinion “…one thing I am sure about is that I own my router and have absolute jurisdiction of any traffic that I allow to pass…” – taking back some ground in the never-ending fight against the invasion of our privacy.

where the Blue-shaped hole in my heart aches so much …

 hi. My name is Scott. I’m grieving over the loss of our wonderful girl Blue. She … went to the vet’s and didn’t come home last year. She was very sick….
poor blue-girl …
I write strings of words that I think express how I’m.. .am. How I’m thinking. How I’m plodding along the path – must go through I think was advice offered a few years back. Never any advice (or awesome Rx to go along with that advice…) on where to put your eyes, or your hands, or your head (typically into said hands) … up shot, never been critiqued on the technique so I guess there’s that.
‘just gonna nap here … oh, the food dish, no problem, you can still reach it…’
I want to put up a pic. or 10,000 …
I want to share how awesome Bluedog was for us, to us, because of us.
I have a hard time looking at the pics – when should I not look at the ones 53 weeks ago, when we didn’t know? or 52 weeks ago, when we did?
If only she had been a pain to us for all those years.
occasionally, at least
what a trooper she was
the tears flood over the walls I’ve erected to hold them back. I’d let them all come, but I fear being washed away.
soooooooooooo much. sooooooooo many …. I take another breath. I blink away the tears, wipe away the tears, look forward to the unconscious sleep too many hours away. when I show up to tomorrow… when it’s not today. Not a year ago. When it’ll be easier, just a bit.
How’d I get this far? Oh, ya know, friends & their limitless love …
 miss you with all my heart … 
Too look up and not scream, maybe that’s the essence of hope
//sea of love, by catpower sings – thanks John R.//

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{9:51a + 12Nov2013 = Tuesday morn || John on KEXP … playing songs that connect with my heart}}
soul laid bare || ache in my heart || missin’ our Bluedog…

“We Adore Chaos” says an email in my inbox…

Well, not sure if chaos falls into my ‘adore’ column, but let me share this:

comfort – given and accepted

I have been sitting on my sofa for far too long, but today for at least 3 hours Hali has been besides me. Leaning up against my leg, curling behind my bent legs, setting her head upon my leg – all the really really good things pups can do.

It’s been quite wonderful really. I’d have to say it’s been a medicinal-level of snuggles today.

Hali seems to really appreciate a blanketing

My Boo-licious is off enjoying a cruise with her girls, I’m holding down the fort, and though I find myself pondering soooo much as I wander the yard with the pup, watching the trees shed their colorful confetti, listening to the squirells get busy scouring the land for their hidden treasures, I’m more than a tad sad.

I’m trying to figure out if I’ll craft a missive to the valiant men and women who serve our country proudly in the armed forces – for they deserve so much more than a few words one day out of the year (say, food stamps in the great dismal state of North Carolina) a fortnight before Thanksgivukkah – but I’m not so much in tune with this sentiment this year.

I’m pretty much trying to not look into the abyss where I find myself standing, hovering above.

Hali’s not happy with all the snapshots

I focus on the warmth against my leg. The micro-tremors as Hali takes off after the bunnies, chasing them as fast as she can in her dreams. I stare at the flickering images, trying to find a shinier version of the ‘meh, whatever’ apathay that has claimed me this week. this month. this year.

I’m prideful of heating pasta while lending a hand to our friends, while hiding from these very same awesome people, becasue I’m sure I do not have what it takes to present to anyone a respectful version of ‘friend’ … very much hollowed out I am.

Blankets are a good defence

I’m doing fine. I’m broken into so many pieces – please be still and do not look at me, for even a glance may make the pieces fall into the abyss. I’ll be ok, just need a few moments to pull myself together, that’s all.

it’s not tomorrow, but I have very little hope of my ability to perform at all. I turn my mind’s eye away quickly, quietly towards something – anything – else. It’s a skill I’ve perfected, though to what cost I have no idea.

“we are not alone in this world we built for us”

I sit on the steps to our Hobbit House, allowing Hali to figure out if she’d like to venture into the yard to do her business, hassle the wildlife, count the leafs still on trees. I sit on the stoop and listen to the world go by – today it’s been very quite, kinda nice really.

Tomorrow I fear the noise. Tomorrow I fear my memories. Tomorrow I will be sad.

shaky but filled with portent

Chaos hits hard. Chaos has tripped me up for quite a long time. Chaos is the nature of the universe, so I’m not angry, just upset. Just unsettled. I expect to fall over, like a top running out of spin.

… and then get up and give it another twirl.

}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{10:12p +11Nov2013 = Monday eve || just a spat of silence in an otherwise yappy dog day}}

It’s just basic input/output, right?

05TuesdayNOV 2013

Just a bit scarier, though – From ArsTechnica

Like a super strain of bacteria, the rootkit plaguing Dragos Ruiu is omnipotent

I’m glad to see a decent review of the situation – some of the ‘news’ headlines truly were terrifying; however, it’s nice to have a new area of attack to walk about figuring out how to disarm – blue tape on microphones, perhaps? Looks lovely next to the piece over the camera!
Here’s another article from Infoworld with the TerrorAlertGoesTo11!!!!! turned down to a much more reasonable level; this is certainly a nasty bug, but we can keep it from destroying our efforts with a bit of mindfulness.

Goodbye October … Hello November

time takes it toll

Yo, November – I saw you sneaking up; welcome.
October, glad to have made it through once again, I’ll look for you when it’s time to see you once more.

Haven’t been as prolific as I always think I want to be. Upside – you don’t have to scratch your heads as you ponder the words strung and stuck together. I’m feeling pretty good about November though – been working through some things.

ah, a tasty beverage – refreshing

We’ve been pushing furniture around at the Hobbit House for, er, 7 years. Got some good tetris playing accomplished recently – trying to make it so we can accommodate visitors a tad easier than we’ve done in the past … had a quick run with a visit from Blood before we ran to the beach, will get another practice with Jen’s visit soon. Yay us!

With the puzzle palace arrangementing I did end up out back on the sun porch, making it my den … ha, guess I can  offer a post title of “Greetings from the p~en / p*en / p^en / p{}en / p=en / p|en / p.en ….” ala Timbuk3’s Greetings from Timbuk3!, circa ’86? hmmm… (speaking of oddly named blog posts, anyone recall High Contrast Palms? didn’t think so … sigh)
But that’s for tomorrow…

game 73 of Hobbit House Tetris – perhaps a winner!

We got through All Hallows Eve. We enjoyed celebrating Boo’s birthday!! (so far, a bit better this time around…) Yay us!!

a tasty morsel!

boo gets gifts!

You guys be good to each other, ok? November has lots to offer us as we trip down/over memory lane, so let’s not rush into this headstrong. We’ll stroll like we own this place!


 }S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{12:14a +01Nov13 = the beginning of a new month! || quietness as we sit on the sofa, window ajar for the last breaths of summer drift in under the darkness of night}}