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All Memories Are Empty
so shall we live in the here and now? sound good?
So we start … anew? Well, newly centralized, how’s that? I’ve embraced a goal to find myself on the web at MT90.com, with it being a short URL, a reference to a point in my life that, though filled with memories, perhaps is a good place to say I started my adulting. Or maybe that’s where I should have started it, you never know.
Here I’ll get back to pushing words into the void, noting the moments that make me smile or grimace, the people who kindly suffered my foolish enthusiasms, or not so kindly – depends on the day and the people.
Hope it’s a pleasant place to return to to see if the memories truly are empty.
{a little past 4:30p, on a chilly Thursday afternoon, the 29th of January 2015 slides past in uneven bits of gray … || Janis sings about her heart}

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