it’s strange that she should be offended …

the same orders were given by her” … “it’s the home of police that hit black boys on mopeds”

a voice from too many lifetimes ago, singing truths that I fear have sadly turned out to be fact. Sinead from the song ‘black boys on mopeds’ …

had the joyous ability to run youtube videos thru my PS3, so I was watching/listening to Sinead on ‘mother’ from Pink Floyd’s The Wall at The Wall concert, circa 1991 – 20 years has it been? wowsers…

could explain ed ludwig’s kickin afro I recently saw. or perhaps that was the drugs.

migraine drugs, which do a fabulous job of making the stabbing pain in the back of my left eye go away (yay!); not as good at leaving me anything other than a tired zombie after though (boo)

so i sit and listen to music in earphones that are really really good, while enjoying a cool drink that I made using this:

A cocktail? well, no … needed to chill the ginger ale I was making my shandy with – tada! using tools – it’s what makes me smarter than the average bear.

a respectably chilled shandy, a mp3 mix from ’06 or so (sounding excellent), and an update at the temple of the blogosphere – oh, and blue being soooooo good and protective when I’m a drooling bafoon laying about in bed – all pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been culling my photos (at least for size – woot – 40+gb recovered and going strong!!) and it’s been kinda cool to glance over the last year and a half. Being out to Seattle to see blood, the tacoma glass museum, matt and jo-anne’s wedding, blood’s visit to d’town and a run to DC for a RALLY; all so very very cool. Hope you all take time to reflect on good things that have gone past…

Ok – think I need to get to other ‘to dos’ tonight – but wanted to say ‘hey there’ …
have you seen my dog?

and so the weekend starts …

just finished a mid morning snack of milk and cookies … well, milk in my coffee – does that I count?

I’ve spent too much time this morning looking for widgets to tell me the time and weather on my phone – realized that we have in our hands the possibility of enormous amounts of information and design opportunities – I was intrigued by a widget that used scrap paper as the background for weather and time –

I think this one has a nifty crowd scene for the wallpaper, eh?

If you peruse the icons at the top of the screens – if there’s a connection to the cell tower or wifi, how much juice is in the battery or if it’s charging, time, if you’re connected via a usb cable, if you have any notifications – all in the palm of your hand.

I can recall hoping to get an LED watch for my christmas present when I was 9 or 10 – and I DID!! it would show the time when I pressed a button, it had a black plastic/rubber band, and I’d hold that button down to watch the minutes change from 58 to 59 and then both the hour and minutes change at the top of the hour!! oh, the enjoyment I had…

Speaking of enjoyment, not only is this one enjoyable, but the quote from sir Lennon I like – “time you enjoy wasting was not wasted” – as for the chances I would have wasted way too much time and not made it out of high school if I had a phone with this wallpaper – very high indeed!

smart phones for dumb people – could be the title of a chapter in my life!!

Hope march is treating you well – I’m having a good one so far. Just finished up having lunch that I heated up all by myself! Now I’m gonna go have cookies I ‘made’ by myself! Look at me – I’m awesome!!!

Look at my dog – she’s awesome too!!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

really really hot cookie sheet – 1, scott’s oh so tender left hand webbing – 0

In an attempt to capitalize on the enjoyment found in the typical colonial village kitchen, scott commenced with a 2nd round of oatmeal choco chip cookies (from a mix – don’t be too impressed) this evening, what with the few remaining examples from last nights successful cookie cooking having been enjoyed by boo and/or set aside for Beth.

When I attempted to remove the first batch from the oven, I was shocked – SHOCKED I tell you! – to have the piercing pain of a thousand suns concentrate on the tender underbelly of my left hand, right in the junction of my thumb and pointy finger – right where there was a tear in the oven mitt I had on to remove the GBD’d (golden brown and delicious) circles of choco/oatmeal goodness … hell, I even lost two cookies damn it!!!! I thought I only hurt myself when I worked with Declan on theater shit.

now back to your typical Wednesday night blog post…


So I often gather a number of web sites that I note that I should go and read – today I read this one on a study of “… how individuals use a relationship to accumulate knowledge and experiences, a process called “self-expansion.”

I like the idea – how instead of a marriage of socio-economic imperative, things are less concrete than they have been.

Have been pondering a review/report on the stuff I’m using in my life that helps – things like my laptop, or my Timbuk2 lappytoppy backpack, or my love of my android phone

(now with Android 2.2!!! woot!) – which takes me down the path of the apps I’ve grabbed that make things good/better. Can’t tell if I’m just mimicing what I read on the web, or if I’m trying to make sense of my oh so complicated life, or if I sense it’s a good thing to do – what people like, and the reasons they like the things they like are an easy way to get to a decision point quickly.

Perhaps I’ll ???

Well, I do hope you are enjoying your life with all your heart – there’s happiness to be found out there – or even to be made. Say, at a starbucks, while looking at the near by creek flow merrily along…


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

why hello march – how the hell are you?

rabbits of white
rabbits of night
rabbits in twos & threes
rabbits hiding up in the trees
why do I care so much about rabbits?
why do I care so much about them –
don’t I know where I’m going
I can get there without them?

The West Marginals play quietly in the corner of my office here at work (thanks blood for turning me onto them!). I’m sitting at the table I somehow inherited – it’s too often just another flat surface for me to stack too much shit on. today, however, I just enjoyed a microwave-cooked meal while finishing one of the endless websites I whole heartedly intend to ‘finsih’ – this one how ever has some awesome quotes about our digital life that I’d like to share.

Why I don’t care very much about tablets anymore in which Jon Stokes mentions “but after the initial “wow” factor wears off, these apps mainly serve to remind me that there’s already too much good stuff to read out there, and that my life is slipping away from me in an infinite stream of interesting bits about smart animals, dumb criminals, outrageous celebs, shiny objects, funny memes, scientific discoveries, economic developments, etc.. I invariably end up closing the app in a fit of guilt, and picking up one of the truly fantastic dead tree or Kindle books that I’m working my way through at the moment, so that I can actually exercise my brain (as opposed to simply wearing it out).”

Exercise my brain as opposed to simply wearing it out. Bravo sir, bravo.

For my next trick I’m gonna try to exercise me – my being, my life, my wants and focus – by setting aside my overwhelming (at times) pursuit of other’s concerns. I think it’s gonna be as difficult as I make it – but I think I have a few things I need to do, and now’s as good a time as any.

such as getting myself into the kitchen – like I did last night with the support of Morgan, and together we crafted a nice meal for our co-worker Rachel who’s at home with a newborn. Hope the little guy likes sweet potato & black bean burritos! 😉 if not, he’ll love Morgan’s salsa I’m sure.

so look at me – cooking. and really having a few eye opening moments – such as a garlic head will easily be smooten (smighted? hmmm) with a typical frying pan. Just like on tv, but with a much more surprised look on the chef’s face. Also, using a food processor to get out of hand mashing sweet potatoes, to use an analogy I’ve been throwing around as I poke about in EpiData software, is like hanging a cute puppy calendar with a pneumatic nail gun – sure, it’ll get the job done, but perhaps the just plain regular hammer will do the job just as well.
{if you care, EpiData seems to be a perfectly fine hammer, with witch to build birdhouses or your summer cabin; even hang a calendar in either one. As opposed to say SAS or MySQL or even Access databases – which are all very much the pneumatic nailer of the database realm.}

Boo’s been enjoying the feburary of scott’s content, and hopefully she’ll share all the things that have made her happy happy happy with the world in a blog post soon.

Springtime seems to be creeping up on us – thought today is a nice sunny high 50s that I’m more accustomed to as the winter fades away. Unlike the high 70s and incredible storms of yesterday/last night. I’m at least paying attention to what’s out side – yay!!

Ok – thought I’d get some words out so those of you who are pleasantly distracted by my mutterings have an idea of what’s what – we shall pursue a scott focuses action plan for the month of march, with a late month glamping excursion followed fairly rapidly by some live music – definitely John D/The Mountain Goats at the Cradle on the 8th of April, and who knows – the trio of hard rockers out of Canada just may get an audience with me!

Hope your springtime is bringing you the happiness you deserve.

Feel free to look upon Blue if you need a pick me up!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

12:15pm last day of february…

still not sure what to do when it says 68/71 degrees out at 10:05 on my drive into work. Really? 70? um, ok. Guess I’ll just work with it.

I’m finding that the time I spend solo commuting tends to be some ‘deep’ thinking time – such as my two new favorite acronyms I crafted this morning on the way in (or was it the heat?)
MBN – for ‘must be nice’
WAYAFM – what are you, a fucking moron? Might also restate that as wruafm?

I’ve had a good month of hearting myself, though not with any incredible epiphany. I think I’ll continue my personal mindfulness with a “me my march” tomorrow – I’ve expressed a desire to only be doing the things I need to be doing, and worrying not at all about those around me. You might see me NOT asking if the temp’s ok, or if someone needs a coat. Feel free to ask ME about things, and I know I’ll continue to be a ‘good’ person, but really – I have soooo much shit to work on, I need to get to it.

’cause I just witnessed the amazing awesomeness of a focused effort by Boo and Morgan. Sheer terror was circumvented so that the universe could be humbled for an evening by the shining stars in my life. So, who knows what I’ll be like at the end of March – more glittery perhaps? Not that that’s what I’m hoping for. Hoping to have my shit sifted and minimized, the fence painted, the landscaping not ‘free-form jungle’ inspired, really enjoying the shit out of biking here and there.

Hope we get back to Raleigh and the museum –

And since it’ll be spring, I can almost be certain that we’ll have smores again!

And firepit fires!

And just so ya know, Blue kinda digs the new warming too – she loves to sun dog!

From 1102 My Life


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

2:57pm wednesday afternoon, in the middle of february…

in the middle of scott heart’s scott month.
in the middle of life taking things,
in the middle of fun games of ping pong at motorco
in the middle of learning to dance!
in the middle of wondering if I’ll die in my cubicle and be forgotten for a day or so
in the middle of listening to songs from times gone by
in the middle of seeing pictures from years ago of friends at the beach
in the middle of wondering what has happened to those same friends
in the middle of
a thought
a hope
a dream
a scream
a stand
a demand

70 degrees out on valentine’s day – leaves me confused, but smiling.
watching movies about the pain and sorrow of our soldiers makes me confused, and frowning.
“we are grateful for our problems” – no, I suspect we are grateful that we are alive to experience life, which will have problems. I’m grateful for the family I have, and the friends who love me.

I’m happy to see my wife be so happy about her new job. She deserves to be happy.
I’m happy to have our pup be a lump of comfort stretched out in our bed, leaned up against us, flopping into a classic J-dog, or even just donuted off to the side at the end of the bed. Her being makes me feel good.
I’m happy I have the good fortune to be in the place where my unbalanced life is tended to with a small pill every day, and the rough edges that threaten to spin me haphazardly towards the edge of the abyss aren’t overpowering my forward momentum. ‘ever onward, sometimes forward!’
I’m happy that the world continues to change and challenge our expectations and presumptions – there’s a bit of suspense to see how we’ll pull it all off – it’s our only choice really, and looking around our big blue marble things are all sorts of interesting and in chaos. Entropy – Woot!!
oh yeah – happy that a global TV audience heard good things about the town I call home. Go Merge Records!!

snow is a good thing –

A place to have breakfast with Boo and Blue is a good thing –

Futzing about with a new place to ‘work’ at the house is good –

being lucky enough to time a visit to the outdoors just as mother nature does something incredible – that’s really good.

knowing what love feels like – that’s good too.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

11:11 01Feb11 … some sort of numerological arrangement there …

Scott Hearts Scott month – that’s what my cohorts in this non-criminal enterprise have tagged it.

The day started with a somewhat yummy breakfast – eggs and bagel, then a kind and thoughtful memento to indicate the start of the ‘new me’ – paraphrased, the note reminded me to show the love and generosity I typically have for others to myself this month. perhaps easier written then done, but it is a wonderful sentiment.

Off to the office, where I switched up how things have been (sitting at my desk, lights on in the office) to see if i can find little momentum there. Stayed in and had some soup and a banana for lunch, thus not going to Wendy’s as I have been for a while. Then a short stroll around the ‘campus’ in the mid afternoon to make sure I’m not just thinking about the things I need to be doing – but actually doing them. Actually doing them – that’s what I have to remember.

As a start to an ‘experimental’ phase I have to say not too bad. ‘experimental’ in that I’m not sure what I’m trying to do EXACTLY – just that I have to change things or else end up no further along the path to my own private Idaho; and frankly I’ve been not making any progress for far too many years. Probably cause I didn’t realize I wanted my own private Idaho, but that’s not the point.

How far along this path – bringing my future into focus, reigning in my burning need to buy stuff, making my family and friends realize how much they mean to me – though I could be daunted by the amount of forwardness I am hoping to get to, I’m not. It’s not like I’ve landed in Tokyo with no means of survival – I’m just trying to get back to where I’ve been before. Letters to people, telling them the current chapter of my story. Spending part of my awakedness being physically active (274 on the scale this morning – I’m sure there’s something amiss – perhaps fresh batteries? yeah… that’s what it needs…) – embracing the fact that the money in my pocket is the money I have to spend. yeah things will be a bit challenging at first – getting out of your rut always is challenging. focusing on what I want though should be all the motivation I need.

I want things to be better – not perfect – that’s a fools errand, but better. where I have 400 in savings, have 500. where there are some dirty and some clean dishes/laundry, have more clean and less dirty; where I have crap all over the place, centralize it, and then visit and sift through it – it’s why we have all this space to begin with – otherwise I can just try to get back to my first apartment in LA – someone’s back porch they converted to TWO apartments – i got the one without the kitchenette!! but it was all i needed – simple life of riding to my Merrill Lynch gig, riding to see movies in Pasadena, then hanging out with amiga Alex – all quite fun and enjoyable just not sooooooo complex.

Head up, eyes clear and looking forward, one step at a time towards what I want. Happiness and freedom from stupid shit – debt and worries. Got all the time in my life to succeed at this, right?

step one – smile.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

a present before the end of the month …

for saying ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ three times the first thing in the morning on the first of the month. Not a bad offer, frankly.

February has arrived. I’ll flip calendar pages for the next few days. I’ll focus on the future, a mere 27 days from now. what would be the present I’d choose to get? Hmmm…

Here’s an interesting thought – what if when I’m at my desk at home I’m producing something, versus just ‘soaking in it’? How about making selections and edits to the numerous pictures I have on my hard drive? I’m looking at cloud storage costs in a pursuit of a ‘once and for all’ collection and collation of all my far flung digital files/life… is that worth the effort? or just have all my drives scanned and just search for the file I think I have? hmmm… storage is cheap.

Listening to the protests in Cairo via BBC Newshour on NPR … the female reporter is describing the crowd and the security at the march. Makes me ponder what we could have accomplished at Jon & Stephen’s rally, if only we had desired to demand change and not leave until it happened. instead we have a Florida judge claiming health care shouldn’t be a law. Hmmm…

So does anyone want to know the focus of scott for the month? what goals I’m heading for? or shall I just speak my mind and see what happens next? whoa – isn’t ‘not caring so much about other’s’ one of my goals? and here I am, a mere 9 hours in and already tripping over my ‘typical’ skills.

Ok – i’ll get back to that point soon enough.

Eggs and toast, coffee and a shower. That’s my morning, then to work with friends while Boo wraps up her gig so she can hopefully be happy healthy and wise starting tomorrow at her NEW gig! Go Boo!!

hey – blue – cute – I have proof!!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

ah, what a long strange trip it has been… (warning – rant-opia)

as the dead sang of years ago.

watched the end of a biography show on Bruce – iconic is a really good word.

R&T has a redesign, Peter writes about a friends tailsman, and I have those odd quiet sunny Sunday ponderings of ‘whoa – what the hell was I thinking?’ as I remember blood offering me a ticket to a show out Syracuse way for bruce’s born in the USA tour. ‘naw, not sure I like his music’ muttered a young and foolish boy.

c’est la vie, oui?

How’s 2011 started for you?
Have you had the joy and fun of hanging with your friends, celebrating the new year, and years passing by?
Has the weather been all you wanted and more?

Have you continued working on the things and activities you loved last year, or taken up a new challenge? Finished a project or started a new one?

Have you heard a simple chord progression of an organ, almost inaudible ’cause you had the stereo turned down while you were rocking out to a youTube video (of tom petty’s ‘southern accents’) and then cranked the tune cause you were immediately transported to a snowy west texas, living in dorms but unnoticed, playing compact discs on your very own compact disc player for the very first time, pondering if you’ll ever end up where the streets have no name, and wondering why a passionate song of wanderlust makes you feel so … deep?

yeah, me too.

So February is right around the corner, and my confidante is accepting of my exclamation that I think I’m gonna make it all about me. Kinda of a ‘fuck YOU’ February, if you will. Probably more like a ‘pardon me, but please fuck you, ok?’ February. See, I have this insecurity – a nagging feeling if you will – that I’ve put a lot of effort into focusing on others,helping them out, thinking about their problems and frustrations – instead of focusing on me, and it’s getting late in the game and I really need to work on me.

Work on not being 265 lbs of ache and apathy, being more like 180 lbs of ‘I do like to bike around interesting towns, just like I did in Pasadena in ’99’, or ‘Matt says he has a shortcut to delta that only has ONE hill!’, or ‘let’s scramble up this hillside here in the hills above La Canada – cool, what a view’ …

Work on getting notes out to people so that they have in their hands an expression of my appreciation, thankfullness, and joy in knowing them – placed on paper because I took a pen and said ‘hey friend, have I told you how much you mean to me? How awesome my life is because you’re part of it? Let me tell you the details of how you make my life great …’

Work on getting my crappy attitude about money fixed – it’s not a good thing to repeatedly drive yourself toward the brink of fiscal doom just because shiny and new and ‘better’ is what’s marketed to me and I have no self control. What’s fucked up is I see how it’s easy to keep flowing along in this river of consumer piss & shit, while watching things I know I’d love to enjoy – a trip to Nature One so I can look upon places of my past, a month at a beach house where I can contemplate how to fix some of the shit our world has embraced, more time spent relaxing with family and friends so that in 50 years or so I can say ‘wow, how cool was THAT strange trip?!!!’ – I’m just kind of baffled on how to step out of the current, so I’m gonna go with thrasing about a lot for the next 4 weeks, to start.

This inertia pulls against my hopes, my holding tightly to the weight of my shit and it pulls all my energy away…

I’m fat, lazy, have a house that’s a shambles, filled with unimportant detritus that needs to blow away. As I just read Peter describe it “the stuff people will throw away the day after you die” – he holds onto a baseball glove and a .22 rifle his dad gave him, just two touchstones for all his bicycles and gloves and crap… I can try that. Of course, he wrote of this as he took possession of a departed friend’s Triumph and was glad because it caused him to gather his friends and recall his buddy. Hmmm… juxtaposition I believe.

I hold onto anger and fierce desires of vengeance: from idiots identified in the paper – a Greensboro investment shit head who had an 80 year old lady invest in a scheme that would ahve paid her back in 30 years. He plead his mea culpa – “she’s an adult able to make her own decisions” – but no one took a baseball bat to his knees, his hands, his balls, and finally his head. he’s shit that deserves to be thrown out.
Jason of Adams towing – you fuck head. I want my 150 dollars back from you, then to put a bullet in your smug asshole of a face.
Billy – you old stupid piece of shit – get my car towed? you fuck. you get your own truck parked on your ribcage, the crackling and pop extinguishing your angry (drunk?) shit-atude that you are better than anyone else. really? how about being professional and considerate, and not treating strangers like complete crap? yeah – didn’t think so.

Shall I go on?
Fucking kids who put two BBs through my windows – steel pipe to the hands, then blinded … shoot at things now.
Fucking asshole who put two .22s through my garage door – really? balls crushed and hands broken…
shit fuck litters who dump their crappy 40s in my yard EVERY FUCKING WEEK – oh, I have a place for your empty cans. just not sure if I’ll crush them before I shove them up your ass, or not… oh – perhaps a crushed throat so you have to have your shitty beer poured into a drinking tube, how’s that?
Jersey, you fuck nut – pissing on Adrianne’s storage shed? really? what are you – a 10 year old moron?
Ellis – smoke your dope in your Lexus with the bass playing loudly again at 1 in the morning, and I’ll torch the car and you and your buddies, while letting you pups go, you waste of an ex-marine.
Brown Brothers – you all can go fuck yourselves.
The FedEx peeps in LA – I hope you’re crushed by your shitty trucks, with the horns blasting for eternity.
Each and every shitty fuckhead who parked in front of my driveway in LA – I can only hope you’re shot and bleeding and need to get your car out of YOUR parking spot to get to the hospital, and every time one shit head moves their car from behind yours another shit head pulls in right behind you, saying ‘it’s just for a minute’…

wow – this feels kinda good. putting down the dead weight of my hate.

Allen (Alex?) – you shitty amex carrying fuckhead English prick – you own me $50 for the sale you took from me, remember your offer to split the commission? Hope you find yourself on the wrong end of a surly TSA guy on his last day …

How about quiet thank you to the Milano driver – it sucked to be questioned by the cops, but at least I now know that they’ll roll in fast and furious if you say ‘someone brandished a weapon’ … just a useful FYI

Oh, and cops. Oh my – where do I start? you all have let me down soooo much. I was raised to respect you all – but every time I read about the NC state trooper who’s having sex in his car, and the ‘good ones’ – yeah, you Tim – don’t fucking make an insane amount of noise to clean up your ranks (it’s not ‘one bad apple’ if it’s once a week we read about this shit) – only you guys can, cause we – the people – are fucked when it’s us against you. We can’t record you guys, you guys can throw us in detention for any one of 10,000 reasons, take away our toys and lose them, drive like assholes with no regard for how it looks/impresses us; treat us like you’re a bully and we can’t do anything about it.

Really? well, I’m saddened by the atrocities that happen to cops, but really, can’t get too worked up for it. Because again – it’s not like it’s a big secret how shitty the cops treat the rest of us. You all think you’re better than we are. Falling asleep and killing two bicyclists and spending maybe 2 years in prison? Executing someone who was face down on a train platform, then going after witnesses’ cameras – we call that a cover-up. eEery single fucking investigation that doesn’t find ‘suitable evidence of wrongdoing’; every MOTHER FUCKER WHO FEARS FOR HIS LIFE AND SHOOTS A FAMILY PET, TASERS A GRANDMOTHER, AND LAUGHS … if only you would show human emotions I wouldn’t presume your a pile of shit with a badge and a gun. My only saving grace is I’m a white male, and I believe I know enough people who probably know a good lawyer… just saying.

oh – hey – since I’m ranting – fucking TSA/all security theater actors – STOP IT!!!!!!!!! If you’re gonna break the trunk latch of my German sedan, at least pretend to know what you’re doing -like looking into the spare tire well of every Gen V Jetta – the big space that easily holds either a full size spare or at least one 25 lb bag of cement/explosives. Probably a a bit of a boom if that was the plan. Not that you’d ever foil it BECAUSE YOU NEVER LOOK!!!!!

For the love of all that is ‘brave’ and ‘free’, just stop. Instead try helping people. Look for people who need an extra hand with their luggage, or old peeps who haven’t flown since JFK’s time – get them a comfy seat, a cup of coffee, and wish them a wonderful trip. They are not terrorists – by definition, that’s what you’ve become. Terrorizing regular people trying to go about their business of living – life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

Wow – really really liberating.

Taxes – everyone pays 10 percent, businesses who make the world a better place get … hmmm… pride in that they’re the good people? oh – wait – corporations don’t have souls, don’t know shame, can’t have pride – they only have S&M departments … (sales and marketing – what did you think I meant?)

Politicians who are less statesmen and mere puppets of the businesses who sponsor them should have their balls yanked off.
Health care professionals (you know – the ones in the Health Maintenance Organizations) who don’t cry when a baby is sick, or weep when a grandparent is ill should have their balls yanked off.
Ignorant people who are given the chance to move past their ignorance but choose instead to embrace their stupidity should have their balls yanked off by politicians and health care professionals. (yeah – I’m looking at you Kansas – don’t make his noodley appendage come down their and bitch slap you all!!)

We can do better, America. It’s time to do that.

4 weeks of paid vacation a year to start. 35 hour work weeks. Free health care, free higher education, expectations of excellence – striving for the top will be the minimum we accept; pandering to the bottom will be criminalized.

Public service jobs will become the new golden parachute troops – have you been a teacher for 20 years? here’s your 20 million dollar retirement – thank you. of course, we’re gonna expect big things from you – kids who know how to think and create and do better. That’s not asking too much is it?

TEDtalks become the new american idol – entertainment companies become leaders in invigorating change – we mock reality shows because really – COPS? how about stories of Christians who help others because that’s what they believe in? Stories of the other guys – the Buddhists who live and love? the bicycle culture of Portland/Seattle where people just feel better to have exercised and not contributing to the damaging of the planet? those shows are out there, but not in the insping way they can be.

whoa – the teeter-totter of Scott’s brain – you’re all welcome to leap off now, probably to run away.
but I have to say – feels pretty good at the moment to leave this shit here, on this page of prattle in a corner of the world wide web on a weekend where all things are happening all at once – NHL Fan Fair in Raleigh, citizens demanding more from their leaders and paying for it with their lives in Cairo. Babies giggling and making sick people smile. Romping puppies back home with kids who love them. Clarity from a focused attempt, no matter how much it looks like a Technicolor yawn. And lovers and loved ones skating on a rink of ice made with their own hands.

How do you change other people? you can’t… not that I haven’t tried. and by ‘tried’ what I mean is really really really REALLY want them to … like, I really really really REALLY want every driver in the world to be as good as me, and in the style of German drivers circa 1988. I was there. they were really good at what they did. Hell, I’d settle for turn signals 50% of the time, a vague understanding of how to merge onto highways, and a dislike of camping in the left lane at less than 120% of the posted speed limit.

on a sunny sunday, in january, in the second decade of the 21st century – things are as stable and chaotic as ever, and we’ll keep scurrying about until we stop, eh?

Have you seen how cute the blue is?