An afternoon post this time…

March 7th, 2004
2:10 PM + 07Mar04 = Sunday afternoon…

Some have asked for updates. I’ve tried to comply. and as I sit here thinking “whoa – just a week ago, eh?” – the Oscars has this steamroller effect on my life – can’t say i’m complaining, but really – wasn’t it just January? ha ha ha

Comfort Inn pimps themselves with a Johnny Cash Tune. Milky way has a Ramones tune, I think. advertising is the devil.

TiVo, on the other hand, is a tool of all that is right and mighty!!! Alicia and I have been overdosing on television shows WE want to watch – not necessarily what’s on at the moment we sit down to watch. it’s really a great way to waste time.

So once again it is march. the house is trashed, I want to move/buy a new place so we have more space for the puppies and our stuff. Work is once again a concern for scotty, while alicia seems nicely multitasked. It’s 83 degrees today, while a week or so ago, it was more like 53 degrees.

The RNC wants to stop having advertisements denouncing the Bushian REgieme. Kerry is gonna try and topple George.

Huh – how come I care at the deepest part of my soul, but don’t really care up at skin level? probably cause Carol spoke to me about the ‘raucus cacus’ she attended – it just seems that the american political style is devoid of logic or intelligence. It’s a game – and it’s rigged. Shoulda been my career choice, though probably not a fulfilling one.

With my past ringing me up or running into me on the street, so it seems, I’ve had a moment or three where I pondered what the hell I have done. I think I’ve negated the good things I’ve done…
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another monday night entry…

January 26th, 2004
Current Mood: bored
6:56pm + 26Jan04 = Monday night…

Sitting here in the Academy Garage, the quiet before the storm of ‘nomination announcement’. Generally feeling… nothing. Chatted with blood last night. Had an excellent weekend, actually. Let’s see what I put down the other day::

5:30pm + 24Jan04 = Saturday evening…
Parts of my site I need to work on::
>If I ran this joint!!
>How to… (a la Levenger’s site)
>I’ve got this friend, Melissa…
>Re-visiting ancient history (or how Mike Janes has caused me to feel… something… again!)
>Since I won the Lottery ($13,000,000 – but took the cash payoff), here’s what I’d like to do…

+++ Had a frankly awesome Friday yesterday – woke up with the remnants of my sinus issues – a stabbing pain behind my left eye socket, and it held out for a little longer than I wanted it to. Finally went away as T-Dog and I strolled the aisles of TechMecca (Fry’s Electronics, home of Chippy). Getting to T-dogs was marked by fairly bad drivers on the 110 South, crappy verizon coverage (lost him in Hollywood, and when I got to redondo beach, couldn’t make outgoing calls for shit!). Hit Vine St. to see the cement get poured – took lots of pics, and was puzzled when Diego said he was doing the coverage for the lot. Guess Roberto is adios, or something. Whatever… if I was needed, they would have called, right? hit T-dogs, hit some 222 for the sinus pain, shot the shit and announced my ‘surrender’ as terry put it by revealing a la Alicia’s blog that we had committed engagement over the new year. He told me about the joys of shooting/producing VR stuff for the Times. Think he’s gonna rock their world! Decided to go see new toys, and boy did we. He almost bought a USB powered LED tube accent light for his office – he likes to wow the peeps he works for. I showed him the USB cables with blinky LEDs in them. Oh the joy of accent lighting in C21! Marissa rang T-dog, so we scooted so we could collect her and head over and see Big Fish. Excellent filme, I recommend it highly. We burgered before, and pizza’d after – with Ron as an additional companion. All very good – especially sitting out by the fire at the Pizza Joint. post movie, we caught episodes of WildBoys and Viva la Bam on Mtv, i guess (ron had tivo’d it so…). Also watched some Paris/Dakar footage – T-Dog likes the word Dakar, thinks a story re: men and machines against nature could rule – bike, car and truck stories to make a decent story. Back to T-dogs and we played the intro/training to Desert Conflict on the x-box. slightly frustrated by the first mission, we watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Wow… what a great show that was. Campy now, and then, but wow – innocent fun. ron’s stickers getting painted, ron’s plans, t-dog’s back hurting lots, chilling and having a good relaxed time. a very good way to enjoy a friday. comedy radio, jonnhy walker sings ‘rich and white’ to Marley’s ‘no woman, no cry’ – hilarious…

+++ so, I’ve got these non-current issues of car magazines. Hoarded them, maybe. But let’s see what we thought was gonna happen 4 years ago – and see where we ended up, and then we’ll foollishly make some predictions based on the trends we detect.

11:11am + 25Jan04 = Sunday morning…
just got up from under the pile of puppies on the bed. it’s really an amazing feeling of … love? Trust? happiness? all that heavyness without the urgent hope of crushing to death, a la siblings playing on the couch while the folks are away (thought at times, there’s lots and lots of ‘flatulence – look it up!’ which has never been enjoyable…) Swoops – a brillant candy joy brought to you by the Hershey Food Corporation. Reeses flavor rocks!! it’s my breakfast at themoment. I’ve been cleaning out/organizing the Den area – going throught the boxes and boxes of papers, throwing out reciepts that don’t need to be kept, opening envelopes for statements, shit like that. Found a journal from one of our trips – thought I’d transcribe a bit I found cool.

>>> Friday, Dec 22 9:04 am easter time Heather and Breeane’s apt. – comfy sleeper… Moved car, retrieved H2O and Diet coke from the cold cold jetta. Dexter the amazing kitty. Peanut’s no where to be found. Left Knoxville a tad late – rolled fast and furious through VA. Cloudy, and a touch of snow out of Knoxville, but otherwise just another long day on the road. 6:15 Jetta Time. Parked as poorly as ever. Ring the doorbell and Michelle answers the door. Melissa and Zachery on the couch feeding. He’s small, a peanut. All awkward and pushing at his limbs to make them stop – or perhaps to start. He’s quiet – not too fussy. wow. amazing. alicia holds him for a bit, after his 11:15 feeding. The cat uses her head to lean on as he peeps over her head and ponders the small bundle. Noises, movements, eyes almost open – he stares happily at the christmas tree lights. What will he remember? Dexter might actually be damaged – he fell off the back of the couch while attacking his tail. Zachery John KT – cool. Very cool… … and as I sat on the couch in front of him – staring at this bundle… a couple of tears… wow. He’s small and funny colored, and he’s got little fingers and pushy legs – and his head is floppy and he tries to open his eyes, but his eyes roll back into his head. Gift of life. Woww. cool. and michelle looks tired and happy; and melissa – wow – sooooo happy.

zip code 72368 is for Moro, AR. ::

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Thursday night – I’m writing!!! Bionik writing at that!

January 15th, 2004
Current Mood: amused
8:44pm +15Jan04 = Thursday night

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
-“Mad World”, by Tears for Fears; recently a hit song on KROQ by Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules

Richard Anderson strolled past me last night, and with a hearty ‘take care’ my suspicion was confirmed. Oscar Goldman drives a SUV with the license plate that says ‘BIONIK’. How totally cool.

Lots of pictures up on the site. some might even be worth looking at.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, hope it doesn’t last too long.

huh – thought I was gonna go crazy with writing tonight, guess that’ll have to wait.

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Only 1 in the morn … close.

September 21st, 2003
Current Mood: content
1:01am PDT _ 21Sep03 = early Sunday morning…

Do not miss your opportunity

I sit, with two pups wanting to play, a heavy handed rum and coke, Emenm singing about losing yourself … I reflect on the totally great time I had over at Carrie and Nate’s tonight. No particular reason for the gathering, but we show up with some ice and un-ripe avocados to see an astonishing 14-foot tall Birthday cake… MOONBOUNCE!!!! wow…

Pinguino and Slap were there, as was Nancy. I believe a few more were hoped for, but the barbe-kettle was fired up, delicious dogs, steaks and goodies were soon consumed, and bouncing began!

I’d try to say something intelligent about the polar-bear ottoman or the Lama Dounut, but I can’t – other than Mu.

Guess I’ll hit the hay now, but wanted to write a bit. If only for practice, right?

Otherwise – the wrist heals, T-Dog hooks me up with USC football game memories, Terminator 3 was pretty good, and work has hassles I can’t even believe I have to deal with. Perhaps an escape plan posthaste would be useful.

So, there ya go.

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Hello thurs nite!!

September 18th, 2003
Current Mood: good
Current Music:Diamond Dogs – by Beck – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
11:32pm PDT + 18Sep03 = Thurs nite..

Here they come…
Come out of the garden baby, catch a death of the fog
the girls we call the diamond dogs..

From David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, as performed by Beck for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Why I open with that, I don’t know. There seems to be so much to write about, and I get stuck wanting to write via LiveJournal so that it’s real time everyday… but I also want to own it and make sure I have it in my grubby hands; I suffered a failure during the September 11th attacks – I journaled to ‘blogster’ – only to have my entry eaten by the net denizens… I blame no one – but it certainly made me gun shy.

work – the ups and downs – glad to have it, it’s driving me sad to realize it’s not as good as it could be. The pups have given me unconditional love and a newfound respect for responsibilities that MUST be taken care of; and also have run me ragged with their neediness. Alicia’s up with work and ninja school; down with an occasional feeling of overwhelmedness. We look for a house to buy, but realize the checkbook kinda challenges us. So, yeah. Life is happening. Shant complain, for it’s better than the alternative.

so here are some new words. Not nearly what I wanted to plant, but if I don’t get into the habit of typing then I won’t be in the habit, will I?

Oh – btw, try typing this into the search engine:
scott wallace automedia

Guess I’m not doing too bad, eh?

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Hmmm … either it’s a wednesday or a tuesday… honest. we gots ourselves a pup!!!

June 10th, 2003
Current Mood: jubilant
9:32pm PDT + 10Jun03 = wednesday evening…

Here I am again. How the hell does that happen. A very nice thing happened today – got a note from my mom’s friend saying I was doing a nice job with the pictures on this site! Ha! What a joker. I do have a good number of them, but if you’re digging them, hey – I’ll take the credit…

Ok. Let’s see. It’s June of 2003. I haven’t sent out a proper ‘T.A.W.S.’ in, oh, years. Yet the adventures continue. What’s that say?

Furpeople. Alicia coined that word, and in conjunction with furperson, it’s so damn perfect.

As a couple, I have to say, we love ‘nimals. Alicia’s family’s pup, Shayna, is too cute and wonderful for words. Certainly a familiar with magical powers for the Loggie clan.

Then there’s Shaman, Melissa and Michelle’s beloved canine. Bella, guardian of Adam and Jess. I wish I could recall more cat names, but frankly I can’t. Trojan was amazing, bless his furry soul, and the Evil Troika of Ms. Christy (Max, Isabella, and Lucy Fur) were happy parts of Hell House.

Jeff’s Aneki visits the Open Fist and brings happiness too.

Now we have some… Blue Monkey Highlight, our puppy…
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catching up on posts…

April 16th, 2003
Current Mood: aggravated
Current Music:Don’t Give Up – Gregorian Chant version
10:14pm + 16Apr03 = wednesday evenging

Seems I never posted this short observation –

9:47pm + 03Feb03 = monday evening…

wow- what a weekend, eh? Huh. Not sure what I’m making of it all. I’m sure it’s affecting me more that I want to admit – ask alicia about my calm and befriending manner saturday afternoon. Or matt for that matter. It made me tense – agitated… but not over a specific point. Not a personal thing. Very interesting and odd. So… we ate too much sunday, shoped for things we ‘needed’ and basically tried to carry on. But it’s still with us – we lost heroes we didn’t even know we had.



So. Here I am. Listening to a Gregorian chant version of peter gabriel’s ‘Don’t give up’. Wow. Beautiful.

I’ve been having chats with alicia re: the war effort, reasons to be involved, and what the hell it all means. Same with Justin, too. I’ve got a calendar that superimposes a fist with dollars in it underneath Lady Liberty’s raised arm with torch. the words beneath say “This is what’s important! Real americans want Jobs, not “civil liberties”” – scared yet?

I read of an attempt by Sen. Orin Hatch to pass a resolution removing the ‘sunset clause’ on the patriot act legislation. You know – where we lost our liberties, but only until 2005? Yeah, they don’t see why we need them. Hah… won’t they be surprised, eh? Cause their names are in the Federal Registry – with their votes, their comments, and what they voted for. Oh yeah. Could be an interesting life we lead.

But as Justin introduced me to such a wonderful phrase – the shee-ople (sheep + people) will go along to get along. Just like you and me. Sad, really.

Live continues well here on the Left Coast – the new digs are getting that lived in feel, though unpacking the final few (hundred) boxes is seemingly an endless task. The new motorcycle sits in the driveway awaiting a reassuring weather forecast – yes, mr. wallace is becoming a bit of a pansy, not risking his life and limb just to be a stubborn ‘rebel’ on a motobike. Really, combination of uncertainty with the mechanics, plus inappropriate clothing/costume, leads me to ride about in the Amigo going “you’re such a wuss!!” to myself. How sad. How odd.

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Monday evening…

February 3rd, 2003
Current Mood: shocked
9:47pm + 03Feb03 = monday evening…

wow- what a weekend, eh? Huh. Not sure what I’m making of it all. I’m sure it’s affecting me more that I want to admit – ask Alicia about my calm and befriending manner Saturday afternoon.

Or Matt for that matter. It made me tense – agitated… but not over a specific point. Not a personal thing. Very interesting and odd.

So… we ate too much Sunday, shopped for things we ‘needed’ and basically tried to carry on. But it’s still with us – we lost heroes we didn’t even know we had.

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a new year…

January 6th, 2003
10:11pm + 06Jan03 = monday evening…

post pizza, post 70’s show. had a great chat with blood… and thought I’d add to my site a bit. From this past weekend of fun and frivalry…

12:58am + 05Jan03 = late saturday night…

Jit rapping. Heather the wench covers Prince in nothing much more that a smile!!! Crazy crazy christy in the little yellow room.

got home after the preview run of Songs of Joy and Destitution at the Open Fist…
wow. in at 8 – out at 11:30…

some club punk’s on the amigo’s front bumper – punk ass loses his back plate. so much for mr. nice guy….

This Human Condition – what went through my mind…

10:33am (later this same morning…)
ok. bageled and coked – trying to figure out where to go what to do with such a beautiful day – jeremiah says ‘going’ to autoshow, and I’m not sure I want to spend the afternoon inside…

this human condition. it’s a take on Public Radio’s ‘this american life’ – from which I’ve had a number of enjoyable listening occasions. I thought of it as I sat through the first act of Songs of Joy and Destitution. For those not on the west coast, and thus probably not getting a chance to take the show in for yourself… it’s the story of the Trojan Women, from greek times, epic battle tale with the horse showing up at the end (or so I’m told). Well, a modern take on it was performed, with a dozen or so ladies speaking as if they were Bagdahd women – from the era of Poppy Bush’s Desert War. Kind of made me stop and ponder the whole “what do we really know” feeling. As in, yes – I, like a number of other americans, took my Gulf War from CNN footage. Lots of high tech munitions hitting crosshairs. Well, the story speaks of the lady’s who had just arrived at the library, when a bomb struck, and the lady speaking was the only one to survive… things like that. putting faces to the countless numbers who suffered – ‘our men are dead, our husbands, fathers, brothers… sons. taken off to war and now dead’ was the sentiment. Hadn’t thought of it before, which made me sad and ashamed.

The story continues, with an assortment of historical figures acting out scarily modern tales – i.e., the vicotors coming in after the war and taking the women… and it led me to ponder – it’s not the iraqis, nor the afghanastanis, nor the taliban, nor any other such trite political/cultural choice for war. No. it’s that we are human. it’s not our god is better – it’s we want your stuff. it’s not to keep madmen from inflicting their ways on the weak and innocent – no, it’s because we’re humans who don’t use the brains god gave us.

And thus, a thought train that had these other cars attached: What can I do. From Crunchland, where they were discussing our constitution, where rights come from, and other fabulous things. Well – I know maybe 20 good people who might listen – if they know 20, and so on and so forth –
mr. bush – I will suffer no longer. return these rights to everyone or leave. this is what the constitution says, and you sowre to uphold it. since you’re not doing it – go.
i’m not a good judge of what should be done, but I’m as good as many to say what HAS been done. when you did this – you broke that rule – you were and are wrong. tally up the points – get heads to roll.

but what to pressure the change on? we’re all doing ‘ok’ – volunteers come from people who have the luxury of time to offer, eh? so if you have time you’re either – well off or really bad off…

how to move forward – have to know where you’re going….
the lexus analysis – make US the best damn nation – charge more for it – but be relentless in the pursuit. educate – train – set the real goals of the country out before god and man – we’ll protect our boarders – we’ll aid those in need – we’ll destabilize rich and powerful countrys – ugh – the cynicism scott… fuck

where to take the attitude… where to go to – not the show – not the distractions that make this life worthless… from the show last night – we watched cnn for the war – but never knew the names of the women who’s husbands and brothers and sons went away and never came back.

bush doesn’t fix the policies that cause the terrror – he s… smacks the hornets nest with a stick… as opposed to moving the flowers? ugh bad metaphor….

4:45pm – back from a very good visit with susie and mikie – rode the sv on mulholland… nice.

11:19pm – very windy. offf with power and all….


11:19pm – whoa – just like last night. still a little windy – still not all that fleshed out on the plan to fix the world. Damn. but at least I’ll post this – and someone out there might just read it. Yay!!! oh, some interesting words by magician extraordinare Penn Jillett can be found here… oh – been downloading Dennis Miller rants – he’s a profound, and funny guy.


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perchance the first scribbles from LexHaus …

December 18th, 2002
Current Mood:comfortable
Current Music:Bruce Springsteen & Bono & Emmylou Harris & Little Richard & John Mellencamp – This Land Is Your Lan
9:30am + 18Dec02 = Wednesday morning

The Adventures With Scottie… Notes from a comfortable spot.

>>I sit here at the dinning room table, watching the laundry go round and round… waiting for the technician to come and install a water line to the fridge. Perhaps I’ll get a slice of pizza from said fridge and nuke it – or heat it in the oven.

A comfortable spot.

A good life. isn’t that what we all want? well, currently, it’s all good. The new job is good – I like going to it. The new place, though no longer the Valhalla it was before the petty thievery, is still wonderful. it’s feeling more and more relaxing as the days go by – things like when I went to move my Amigo due to street cleaning, and then I went to move it again since I was in a 1 hour parking spot; as I wondered how long the street cleaning side restriction lasted, it dawned on me – hey dummy, park in the PARKING SPOT!!! Too cool.

It’s been an interesting few weeks here. I’m calling the place LexHaus – but alicia hasn’t signed off on the nickname… she had her accident, my bikes go walking away… power outages, water rising in the street. All pretty harmless, frankly. Oh – the ‘suspicious package’ we came home to the first week – turned out to be just a gas can – but the shiny clothes that were piled on top of it. how odd. Alicia enjoyed the fire department’s response to the incident though. Interesting it definitely is. I think we’ll do just fine.

Thus, we get to the holidays. and don’t we always get to the holidays?

I do hope …
no. I don’t hope. I’m pretty cynical these days – trying to find a good ‘anti-war’ poster I can put my faith behind, but really, I’m pretty scared of where america is rushing too. Not a comfortable place – unless you happen to be part of the ruling elite, I guess. I do hope we all have friends and family we love and who are close – or at least in contact with – over the holidays. I’m sure there will be heart warming and heart wrenching stories, just like there always is this time of the year…

ok. go look at the new pictures {{/dec pic/index.html}} on my site – a few from the past few months. more on the way – the new place has good net and I can FTP from it. Yay!!

keep in touch, please. it’s all really about the people and the experiences – all the tech in the world can’t replace that.

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