the challenge of being right

03TuesdayJUL 2012

Or at least trying to show that you know what you’re talking about.
Say with a wordpress blog installation on DreamHost – if you go to sign in so that you can make a post, and you get an error saying ‘can’t connect to mysql database’ – hmmm, pretty sure that’s the host having issues. Thankfully you can check system status announcements, but … nothing really says ‘yup, there’s a problem’ – just a number of ‘upgrade’ announcements, including a Jun 29th note above a Jul 2nd note – as in ‘here’s the top of the chart – all is good, except when you look at the next entry – then you see there’s a bit of an issue’ – odd. Very odd.
sigh, of course immediately after you send in a support ticket you check in to make sure it’s still borked, and, well, then you type up a post.
It’s hard trying to be right. I’m pretty sure I saw what I saw.