Only 1 in the morn … close.

September 21st, 2003
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1:01am PDT _ 21Sep03 = early Sunday morning…

Do not miss your opportunity

I sit, with two pups wanting to play, a heavy handed rum and coke, Emenm singing about losing yourself … I reflect on the totally great time I had over at Carrie and Nate’s tonight. No particular reason for the gathering, but we show up with some ice and un-ripe avocados to see an astonishing 14-foot tall Birthday cake… MOONBOUNCE!!!! wow…

Pinguino and Slap were there, as was Nancy. I believe a few more were hoped for, but the barbe-kettle was fired up, delicious dogs, steaks and goodies were soon consumed, and bouncing began!

I’d try to say something intelligent about the polar-bear ottoman or the Lama Dounut, but I can’t – other than Mu.

Guess I’ll hit the hay now, but wanted to write a bit. If only for practice, right?

Otherwise – the wrist heals, T-Dog hooks me up with USC football game memories, Terminator 3 was pretty good, and work has hassles I can’t even believe I have to deal with. Perhaps an escape plan posthaste would be useful.

So, there ya go.

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Hello thurs nite!!

September 18th, 2003
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Current Music:Diamond Dogs – by Beck – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
11:32pm PDT + 18Sep03 = Thurs nite..

Here they come…
Come out of the garden baby, catch a death of the fog
the girls we call the diamond dogs..

From David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, as performed by Beck for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Why I open with that, I don’t know. There seems to be so much to write about, and I get stuck wanting to write via LiveJournal so that it’s real time everyday… but I also want to own it and make sure I have it in my grubby hands; I suffered a failure during the September 11th attacks – I journaled to ‘blogster’ – only to have my entry eaten by the net denizens… I blame no one – but it certainly made me gun shy.

work – the ups and downs – glad to have it, it’s driving me sad to realize it’s not as good as it could be. The pups have given me unconditional love and a newfound respect for responsibilities that MUST be taken care of; and also have run me ragged with their neediness. Alicia’s up with work and ninja school; down with an occasional feeling of overwhelmedness. We look for a house to buy, but realize the checkbook kinda challenges us. So, yeah. Life is happening. Shant complain, for it’s better than the alternative.

so here are some new words. Not nearly what I wanted to plant, but if I don’t get into the habit of typing then I won’t be in the habit, will I?

Oh – btw, try typing this into the search engine:
scott wallace automedia

Guess I’m not doing too bad, eh?

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