a grey day in the southland.

September 29th, 2004
Current Mood:accomplished !!
Current Music:smallville theme
How’s this for random? Xylem Design, Inc. makes a pretty nifty bifold easel. The Academy bought a few the other week, and I helped put them together. Truly cool thing was that along with the typical Wonder Wrench that Ikea also includes with every ‘put together’ project you buy, Xylem included a Jolly Rancher candy. Too cool.

-> Transcendental numbers… from Nx

http://www.zefrank.com/request/index_better.html – wow – I just might have to help this guy!

and one last clicky through for the afternoon…

there. something to go and look at.

no where close to 10:30…

September 24th, 2004
Current Mood:exanimate – ??
Spoke with Melissa today – still working on the Pizza joint thing. Got her duplication equipment, so 307knoxrecords is on its way!!!

Northern Exposure – god I dig that show. I’ve got to see if there’s a compendium of Chris in the Morning’s musings – he’s always talking about good books and philosophy that resonates with me.

Automobile mag has an article on ‘the 100 coolest cars’ – definitely agree with most, and now want to finish MY list of my 50 dream cars…

Friday. lots of physical work this week… and driving around. and moving. furious running around, sometimes out til wee hours of the morning. Yay.

I think I need to either do this on a regular basis – every morning at 6, or just relax a bit and enjoy the power of one click publishing. weeeee….

dogs, elections, sleep

September 20th, 2004
Current Mood:indescribable -??
sleep broken asunder by the roar of the pack, howling with indignity.
meter reader – performing duty – stoic in the face of the onslaught
disheveled, weary, blurry eyed I stumble along a prescribed path
success. numbers captured, barks subdued.
quiet once again

(no subject)

September 19th, 2004
Current Mood:predatory – ?
Current Music:nada
Sunday morning. Hopeful. All things can be done, with just the right amount of planning and foresight.
We enjoyed a terrific evening of beer, German food and more beer. Red Lion, over on Glendale in Silverlake. Drove past that place, oh, every other day for about a year. How come I never get to know the cool places until someone else takes me there? I should work on that.

’twas Alex’s b-day celebration. Found out that a ‘beer-cooler’ is a fab way to earn street cred, while not causing that ‘ewwww’ face.If only I had known, how Germany would have loved me. We chatted up with Rebecca and Mitch, teachers of youngin’s, ambassadors for the Olympics, and lovers of pony cars who didn’t know a new one has just arrived. Alicia made new friends with Shannon and Carmen, and a shout out for Nanowrimo.org was shared. Who knows, we all could be bona fide novelists before the year is out.

Though I kept looking for Schwenkbraten on the menu, I actually didn’t know how to spell the word. Ended up with Weisswurst, which didn’t really cut through the mustard as far as taste goes – Alicia’s Chicken schnitzel that was quite tasty. We’ll definitely go back and enjoy all the good stuff.

Visit my site and you’ll see a few highlight pics from my past few weeks. Blue’s new friend Smeee, Carrie and Nate, with Nutmeg when they were camping. Sunsets from said camping excursion. I need to find a program or process that allows me to tag the photos with captions, yet doesn’t need to have all the photos in one place. Adobe Photo Album seems like it could work, I’m just not committed to it yet.

ok production. i’m interpreting that to mean getting things done. Hopefully I’m training myself to keep doing this. We shall see, won’t we?


and my continuing fascination with the kinds of moods you can have. Predatory. Hmmmm….. what’s that mean?

well, nearly 10:30!

September 18th, 2004
Current Music:Durham Rocks!
Boo ran to the Fist to do a parking lot sale at 6 am this morning. 6 am. That was cute.

Spoke with JD this morning – seems to be enjoying his higher education pursuit which makes me happy. He’s even found that driving isn’t all that bad.

Listening to a compilation disc Melissa sent me – good tunes, pretty diverse, so I’m on my second round of ‘shuffle’ just giving my ears time to soak in the music. I’ll pimp any of the bands/tracks that make me especially happy. Melissa is contemplating a pizza joint in the Durham area, so lets think positive thoughts and possibly ponder new and exciting pizza types never before seen by man!! Like Pumpkin Pizza!!!

and here we are – scott’s wordsmithing skills are getting some kind of workout – we just won’t say that it’s an Olympic training regimen, that’s all.

Peace – register to vote – then do it!

Stick it to the little people, cause they can’t fight back!

September 16th, 2004
Current Mood:recumbent
Current Music:silence, with dog wuffles
How can your mood be ‘recumbent’? Am I confused in thinking that’s a ‘position’ not a ‘mood’? Hmmm… guess you learn new things every day. Ever think about how you learned to learn? Such as, how am I able to read? When I go to CNN, and go past the Kerry picks on Bush, Bush picks on America headlines, and hit “Teachers lose tax breaks for supplies” – how am I able to put those symbols together to get something that raises my blood pressure?

Probably the fault of some teacher somewhere…

What a wonderfully weird world we are living in today. Juxtapose teachers who can’t get what they need with Bushco’s ability to loot multiple countries at once. Where, exactly, are we going in such a hurry? What can we do before we get there? Can’t use Windows to safely view pictures from the outside world, and technology that you might be able to use to commit a crime is being indicted as I type. Wonder if they’ll ban language, since rebellion and revolution are seeds sowed in discussion, and spread via communications. Anyone see motorcycle diaries yet? the synopsis I heard went like this: Dude took a tour of his country, found things to be fucked up, and held a little revolution to fix some things. No idea if he was a freedom fighter or terrorist, but at least he rode a moto-cycle, eh?

And now I’m off to fix a leaky faucet… wish me luck.

10:30 production

September 14th, 2004
Current Mood:Smokey!
Every once in a while, I get to experience EXACTLY what I want. As I watched the sun set into the pacific, the colors slowly changing, the waves lapping at my toes – calm peacefulness slipped over me. I forgot to think of my troubles. I was mesmorized by it all… down to the ripples the water made as it slid off the beach and back into the ocean.

Campfire smoke, tasty smores of goodness, train schedules and possums. Fun is as close as your local state campground, my friends! Hopefully it won’t take me 2 years before I enjoy nature again.


Once more into the breech…

September 12th, 2004
Current Mood:determined
if you can imagine the breech being the fact that every 6 months or so I want to be more ‘productive’ in my journaling. So I write a fab entry claiming to be ‘in the mood’ and then… well. Everyone gets a break from Scott.

Tonight, however, I loaded Semagic on my lappy top. So, I have little to now excuse NOT to annoy you with pointless blog writing! Yay!!!

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll attempt to steal away to the beach, and continue this wonderfulness with Alicia at Carrie & Nate’s campsite. I’m hopeful.
I’ve touched my site a bit, so go and SEE it… www.ttocsland.com

Ciao, mi amigos.

While the CD spins…

June 2nd, 2004
I’m burning a disc of crap from my desktop machine in the den. Canella snores gently behind me, making sure I’m ok. In the living room, I am making a VCD of Formula 1 Decade, about a race 10 years ago that devastated the series. Alicia rests her weary bones in the bedroom, with Blue asleep in the kennel.

Melissa and Michelle got married. Fucking eh awesome!!! Gots to send them a present, soon!

I’m pondering a not long enough drive, with real live possible challenges involved. From a weird flick today – what if we didn’t know how strong we were? As if we were giants, and everything weighed the same as a soda can? How would we know? Perhaps that’s what I’m facing – the not knowing for sure. the belief that I’m strong is there – but the proof – ain’t no pudding here!!

A somewhat full and robust moon illuminated Canella and I as we walked the walk of dog owners. The moon, a friend once said, look to the moon, and I will look too!
I’m fearful for my state of mind recently. I’m sure it’s a stage, and I’m feeling a bit better already. Perhaps the moon? Perhaps.

And so an entry, randomly sublime, full of potential and promise. Of good things. Of things that are right and sure.

Have I said recently how lucky I am? Or how awesome Zim is? Or how Gir ROCKS!!!! well, I should speak more often, shouldn’t I?

Be safe and happy where you are. don’t forget to smile. Step boldly, and the world will pause to admire.