the past few days…

December 25th, 2004
Current Mood:restless
filled with things.
Aunt D. doing her fabulous holiday dinner – so nice and good. Company party – delicious food – a steak with cherry sauce/juice – though garlicky – yum. T-dog’s for dinner last night – howdy, brother John. Delicious Library for any Mac users is a must get. Good luck with T-dog’s pursuit of a feature this next year, along with Carrie&Nate’s multi-state home owning spree.

A run to the ocean is interrupted by a sobriety checkpoint – on a Tuesday night? oh well. the ocean is majestic and powerful. It soothes my ragged nerves, allows me to focus and let go at the same time. I need to get there more often, perhaps move there.

I write these little entries, for what purpose? I need to link to this journal from my site if I want people to read it. Alas, the major problem – not enough planning, and never any follow through. the challenge of life, I take it.

Of course, a relaxed confidence is all I really have needed. Perhaps that will be my gift to myself for 2005. A good plan.



Was your savior born on this day?

December 25th, 2004
Current Mood: hopeful
If you believe, I hope you do a bit to celebrate that wondrous occasion. If you are like me, perhaps you’ll ponder the teachings of this mythic figure and take a bit more of the ‘good word’ to heart, and try to apply it from day to day. Some just don’t believe, and find that celebrating Sir Issac Newton day with dropping apples on other’s heads to be quite fantastic. May I recommend that you stay away from the candied variety, perhaps sticking with a good Macintosh.

I’ll take in the beauty of the almost full moon, rising over the San Gabriel mountains, over a church on the corner, the cross on it’s roof bedecked with a wreath and sparkling with lights. I remember the joy inside those walls. I recall the hope that was embraced. Truly miraculous. I remember the lights over the streets in so many places – gatlinburg, northern tip of DC – crazy large lights, a Frosty figurine 20 feet tall. Trinkas Manor. Carol’s blow to her noggin. Christmas cards under windshield wipers – a pathetic attempt to contact others. A gift from a friend, illuminating the cold dark season. An ornament, one of hundreds made in a living room – stuffed sock part, like a snowman. My green glittery box of ornaments, a stocking for ‘scott’. KISS ALIVE II on 8-track, using headphones, while on the couch watching the christmas lights blink on the tree. the old box we always used for the nativity scene. The live nativity scene at the Washington Temple – while inside there were glorious displays in rich colors from places that have never had a white christmas. Andy and Charlotte hosting my sad butt for a few holidays in Germany. Making it home after bailing out of A&F one year – running north on I-81 and enjoying the new pavement – no construction delays, and not a lot of traffic the morning of the 25th. Driving to New York 4 years ago, to Mississippi 3 years ago.

the holidays. the year. what a way to wrap things up.

My wish is that this finds you ok. Contented, if not joyous. Making it through the days and planning on a brighter tomorrow. Not always easy to accomplish this time of year, but it is a heartfelt hope.

Peace, love and happiness.


My mom’s great…

December 19th, 2004
Current Mood:content
she sent a nice email today saying how she managed to overcome the challenge of downloading and installing some anti-virus software. though I’m often harsh with her over the phone, finding myself trying to use a analogy of a mixing bowl with brownie mix, and how it needs to be cleaned out before making another batch of brownies, similar to uninstalling one version of the anti-virus software before installing a new version… she’s pretty amazing. She sent me an email!!! She’s finally using Publisher to do her group’s newsletter, after using MS Word to layout the newsletter for 5 years. She’s installing anti-virus software – I’m almost certain that she didn’t need to do that with her typewriter all those years ago, though replacing ribbons were a pain, I’m sure.

So really, I need to pause and go ‘Wow’ – my mom’s pretty damn savy for a woman of her years. cool!!!


Goodbye, CNN.

December 16th, 2004
Current Mood:cynical
Current Music: – “True Blue” by Bright Eyes
Re: “Birth control study flawed, new analysis finds”

Due to your ‘editorial slant’ in choosing that headline to post, you’ve now lost me as a viewer.

What were you thinking? Fifth link on the homepage says ‘flawed’? Wouldn’t the correct analysis be that the conclusions were wrong? Thus, someone would click through to see what the conclusions were that were wrong, and then you could share that there were flaws in the study. But that’s not really what you wanted people to see – what people will see is that birth control pills are flawed.

Well, I’m outta here – for good. My mom, my family, my friends will hear my point of concern about how you twist the facts to make a biased headline – which isn’t really new, but causes great sadness since there was a time when I respected CNN – we relied on it to know what was happening in the world – because we were in charge of responding to what was happening. Mission critical it was called. Now you’re just a tool, to manipulate your readers. Washington Post doesn’t have this ‘story’ on their homepage, nor does Google news. Shall I see what says about it? I’d say good luck in your future of fictional news, but I don’t really care, nor will I ever find out if you change.


incredibly random

December 12th, 2004
Turning 40 just sucks. 38 was bad, but damn.

foolish independence – when I’m sure of things, and don’t ask for help. have done that a lot, too much.

listened to motley fool radio today – older man has 8 rentals, gonna use two to pay for college for his two kids – both are worth 100k or so… good plan


as the sun blasts into our house…

December 10th, 2004
Current Mood:blinded
Current Music:”Sultans Of Swing” by Dire Straits, Live Aid Concert
Guess I’ve missed the sun lately. didn’t realize it, but when I finally threw myself out of bed to handle the trash detail, the sun was on the horizon, fighting with clouds – only a small bit of clear sky at the horizon. All sunny and warm colored.

45 minutes later and the sun has rendered the living room and kitchen a whiteout – I glance around and am left blinded. Weeeee…. blinded.

Amigo problems seem to be fixed with a fresh ground wire from battery to engine block. happy to have such a simple solution, a bit fearful of how that can fix a problem that won’t come back later and bight me in the ass. We’ll see if she even starts later this morning, but I was quite happy – frankly a little too happy – to see the idiot lights come on when I put the key in the ignition. Oh the joys of modern technology – I’m sure back in the day when the horse didn’t make any noise when you spurred them, you friend/parent/lover pointed out something witty like “well, scott – that horse is dead”… then you drank some whiskey and shot into the air or something like that.

We hung out with friends last night – Carrie’s mom bought a new house and i’m not even gonna try to describe what a wonderful gem of a home it is, except to say, as we sat in her front room, in front of a jeweled window, on sofas from the 60s, with no lights (no electrical outlets, actually – being rewired), no phones, no refreshments – it was just truly relaxing – all happiness of new found residence. Pictures will be on their way, I’m sure, but I can only hope that from what she has started, she ends up with something she’ll cherish for another 50 years.

We then went to C&N’s new place, which is also a small house. Nutmeg was crazy with doggie love, but she’s got a nice back yard to run about in, and they’ve got a lovely sized home in which to watch their roomba do it’s little dance – quite mezmorizing to tell you the truth, and nutmeg thinks it’s a great toy.

And that was my Thursday. How was yours?


Where are they going when they run?

December 8th, 2004
Current Mood:relaxed
Current Music:- “Fuck George Bush like his Dad” by Todd Snider
Canela has been running after something for the last 5 minutes or so… perhaps just running across the open fields of her youth. just going at a good pace. Blue, on the other hand, apparently was spooked by something, or perhaps launched an attack on an errant tennis ball, also in the fields of her youth. Just as quickly as she jumped up an inch or so off the bed, she’s right back to donut doggin’

Was anyone else just overwhelmed yesterday? A very dark mood and lots of cloud cover. Odd.

So, any hints as to starting the home business, if only for the tax benefits? Figure if I/we get something on paper before the end of the month we get to advertise with the “serving mutant video producers since 2004” tagline without actually lying about it. Think we have a tax dude lined up, but really, all I want is the paperwork, the amount to write the check, and pre-addressed envelopes!! I’m sure there’s a small biz office I need to go visit. Weeeee….

um, cool link of the day:

and also
it’s an italian site, but has english translations – be warned.

and from the other night –
in Absinthe and Women

And there you go. I’m off to poke around MS Publisher – flashbacks to Bethesda, let me tell ya.