from scraps of paper I’ve used while in Raleigh…

January 29th, 2005
Current Music:Annie Lenox – White Birds
smokey toast
inflatable oddities

7:58pm Eastern Dark Time.
Three Swedish students off to LA and the west- a stop in Vegas – they’ll have fun says the steward.

I’m jacked into my tunes – I’m lappy toppying it at 35,000 feet above the red states.
My life is transit – not in transit. Where will I go next? perhaps I’ll make good on my desires. Make a manifest for Scott – get with it, young man. so much to do and see and say and experience.
Go intern somewhere – ask for what I want – jobs where I’m going to learn and explore.
go to school and learn how to do things the right way.
Use a 6 am wake up to ring my mom – saving minutes, and getting her publisher skills rocking.

A week in Raleigh. Time in Durham – cool people Melissa and Michelle. A bit sickly the last few days – but then again Zachary the snot monster was licking his palms and smacking the high fives!!
We went bowling and had way too much fun. Go bumpers.
We went to the nature and science museum and I saw a lunar lander mockup – damn the thing’s big.
We went on a train ride and I didn’t die of hypothermia.

I’m reading good articles on bikes.
Suzuki is offering 99/month for 60 months… yay
I don’t want to be exactly where I am – I want to move forward.

Was sleeping in the quietness of an american suburban home what helps? is my chaotic neighborhood causing me harm?

I really dig their calypso washer / dryer – even though it’s top load – and the front door of the dryer acts as a catch for when you’re pulling things out or throwing them into the dryer.
Kitchenaid stainless steel interior extra quiet dishwasher rocks.

Location versus situation. Can’t be a web guru in Upstate – no one there to impress. But in LA, it’s a tough racket.

Books on U2’s stage craft; Opus’s 25th anniversary; Monks who train dogs; not thinking of an elephant; and ted’s take on the gas war in Afghanistan.

I made alicia smile, made her know I was thinking of her. It also made me smile too – I like expressing.

So. Where to next?

truth or fact

January 21st, 2005
Current Music:Neil Young – Live at Vicar St.
Ohio gave it to bush on 130,000 vote difference – and threw out 150,000 provisional ballots.

He’s our ‘freely elected’ president like I’m the son of god.



-11 degrees – utica – damn

Happy and Sad at the same time…

January 18th, 2005
Current Mood:hopeful
Current Music:I Predict A Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs
70 and partly cloudy – LA
-2 and sunny – Utica
22 and partly sunny – DC
26 and sunny – Knoxville
26 and sunny – Raleigh/Durahm

There’s a bit of a disparity here – I know it’s the middle of January, and I’m definitely happy to be heading to see friends, and do exciting new things. I’m sad cause I might freeze to death. I’m sad cause alicia isn’t able to sprint east with me, though she’d probably be unhappy with me for making her go to a ‘cold’ state. 😉

I’m pondering using the upside down US flag as a symbol of my disbelief in how far we’ve veered from what I thought was America’s path – truth, justice – that shit. Are we not in distress? should I not point that out to everybody? Ted Rall will be the downfall of me, but damn he’s able to express angles to the reality we’re in. I’m lucky to be able to dwell in denial, but it’s truly saddening. Perhaps on my backpack for my trips through the airports this week, eh?

cool – now it’s Elvis C.’s “Pump It Up” on MMJB… cool.



Just some automotive thoughts…

January 16th, 2005
Current Mood: geeky
Current Music:”Time For You To Leave, William Blake…” by Neil Young
Took a walk-about at the LA Car Show the other day. Did my usual 4 hours of dreaming…
Like last year I spent a good amount of time pondering the utility of some of the cars/trucks there – would having a Dodge Caravan, say, with it’s really cool ‘stow ‘n go’ foldaway seats, make it easier for Alicia and I to enjoy life with our two pups? The Ford SporTrac has an excellent fold-flat rear seating area and the outback pickup bed – exactly what we need for a run back to Gurnieville, pups behind us, luggage out way back. Sadly the jump up to the leveled area is too much for Canela. Things like that. Utility.

Made me feel old.

The Aston Martin Vanquish S is undeniably sexy. Lust on wheels, so to speak. But I feel like all I did was appreciate it. Yes, very sexy lines. Wow. Same with the new roadsters from GM – the Solstice and Sky. Both have awesome, fun styling. Both will be great cars – affordable to own, smashing to run up into the mountians for a picnic with the one you love. I know that. I looked at them and thought “yeah, instead of the Miata, maybe” – but I’m not home drawing renditions of them in the notebook margins. What’s up with that? Am I ascending past youth to adultness? I still feel a passion for the various cars, but now the passion has an edge formed in the reality that hoping into the back of T-Dog’s ‘Stang convertible isn’t the thing I want to do too often. Great fun, on a sunny day with the top down – but really, not much space back there to sit comfortably. I see the SporTrac and think of all the possible fun I can have. Actually have. Hmmm… perhaps that’s it. With a utility vehicle you CAN go and (fill in the blank). With the Aston, I’m thinking, you get the dream of doing things – picking up the supermodel and her prettier sister, going to the coast for the weekend. I’m sure the F1 drivers actually do that too – but for me, those dreams have faded a bit. Ok. I can deal with that. Not so much old as conscious.

Back to the dream cars, now that I know what to do with them.
Lamborghini has crossed that peculiar line where though they have stunning cars – standing looking at the Gallardo I overheard someone say “I’d rather have that than the Ferrari” – you could argue that they’ve departed their fast lane of stunningness. The Gallardo has a touch of the ordinary. The doors open just like your car’s. No scissor doors with which to reveal the jumpsuited racing hotties, a la Cannonball Run. How sad. Sadder still is to go to the tuner section in the basement hall and see Honda Civics and a Dodge Magnum station wagon with the scissor door treatment. Lamborghini, don’t fail us now.

So I wandered away to the Porsche exhibit – always a stunning collection. They had a white 959 on display, being that they have to try and explain a connection between 50 years of race focused automobiles and their… I shudder to speak this blashphmey – their SUV. eeewwwwww. But the connection would be that in the late 80’s Porshce had a 400+ horsepower 4-wheel drive car, and now you can get a similar vehicle with a higher seating area and seats for 4. Why you would want a Porsche SUV I do not know. Risky Business would not have been the same movie had Joel parked his dad’s (or more probably, his mom’s) Cayenne Turbo in Lake Michegan.

Did I mention the Carrera GT? Ah, now that’s a Porsche. That’s a Porsche I want! Along with the complete 1997 911 collection, a 959, a 928S GT4, and a 944S.

As I’ve said before, I’d love to own not the cars, but a dealership. Drive the cars, arrive at places in totally cool cars. Own them? Repair them? um, no.

The new Jetta has increased leg room, such that I can sit behind myself (which I can’t in Alicia’s 4th Gen Jetta, or at least not comfortably unless I’ve scooted the seat up) makes me happy. Honda’s Ridgeline pickup has some amazing design details – I’d give all my friends one, because it’s everything most anyone needs. but it’s ugly. Makes the Avalanche look sleek.

Confliction, I guess, is what I’m suffering from. But I do want to talk about the new cars. I want to feel the passion I’ve always enjoyed while waxing nostalgic on how in ’84 the littlest CRX was really cool, and the Fiero had me dreaming of extended pointless driving. Honda offers a rugged pickup, an completely neutral Accord Hybrid, and Pontiac is bring the juice with its G6 coupe, convertible and Solstice roadster.

As has been the case for a few years now, poor Mercury had little to offer or go and see. Quite sad, as was Buick’s stand. You have to ask yourself how does GM do so poorly in a game they know so well? Perhaps they’re too big – though they lost Oldsmobile last year.

Also noticed the trend line for photos at auto shows – now everyone was pointing their cell phones at the expensive exotics and one-off concept cars. I had noticed for the past 5 years how the number of film cameras was plummeting, and how digital cameras were rising. This year the cellphones were the new buzz. Time marches on, once again.

Just some thoughts and observations.
Cars. Would I have been like minded regarding horses, or boats had been a cowboy or fisherman’s son?



Perhaps a truer headline has never been printed…

January 13th, 2005
Current Mood:melancholy
Current Music: – “When Angels Sing” by Social Distortion
“WHFS No Longer Rocks” says


99.1 was really an amazing station while I was in DC. Really. used to be addicted to the 10 pm show with Aq, the DJ. He’d harass people’s poor grammar. I was just thinking of the tape I have with one of the DJ’s singing ‘oh henry rollins, oh henry rollins, henry rollins is gonna beat me up’ for something the DJ had said during an HFStival or something. Just thought about it, and now one of the internets is telling me they’ll never have that bit of history reflected upon on air. how sad.

The sun is fighting for its supremacy in the skies of LA. Mudslides aren’t fun. No WMDs. Huh, who would have guessed at that one. And we should allow the winners to celebrate. That’s the esteemed opinion of some beltway hack.

So the new year is rolling along. Travel perhaps for me in a little bit – kinda think the road trip version would be fun, but think the airplane ride will be efficient.

Notice the lack of anything important in the post? Should I be practicing the art of storytelling? Working on clear and concise reporting? Blathering like a fool? All this and more, I suspect.

Let’s be crazy out there – as a bumpersticker I just saw online says – ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.’



odd, isn’t it?

January 8th, 2005
Current Mood:thirsty
Current Music:The glorious sounds of Warcraft
You spend, oh, 10 hours or so milling about on a damp day, and when you get home you realize you’re incredibly thirsty for a glass of water.


Hopefully I’ll get an album up of photos from Barbara’s new place – with the furniture in, the paint done, and a happy homeowner, the place is looking good!


off to drink while taking a hot shower. Perhaps a nap will happen soon.



ps – did I mention my fabulous drive home tonight? Let’s see – here’s the rundown:
– I passed 1 bad accident on the Southbound 2
– a car stopped on the right side shoulder being attended to by a tow truck as I merged onto the 134 East
– about a mile up from the car on the right was a car stalled in the carpool lane, with the driver standing up on the Jersey barrier right next to the car
– maybe another half mile and a 2nd stalled car in the carpool lane
Adding insult to injury, so to speak, the car immediately behind me, but in the lane to the left of me decided he’d like to park in the carpool lane too – what I saw was a flash from his headlights, I glanced in my sideview to see his car sideways, and he ended up nose first into the center divider… didn’t happen to see if anyone ran into him sideways or not, but wow. though it’s a serious weather system parked on top of us, such enthusiasticly bad driving is impressive. I trundled home with the Amigo in 4WD and am quite content not to have been the fastest fool on the highway tonight.

Trash day

January 7th, 2005
Current Mood:good
Current Music:rain drops keep fallin on my head…
What an inglorious thing to do right out of bed… guess that’s why most do it the night before; sadly we have people who are more than willing to redistribute our trash along the front of the house so I do it in the morning. Ugh.

Rain. I don’t hate rain, but boy does it change the way you look at even the easiest of tasks. like trash haulin. or helping a friend move. I’ve forgotten how it impacts day to day living… thank goodness we have to suffer only a few weeks of this! 😉

um… there ya go. Oh, the kitchen pics are here

was searching Yahoo Groups for any set up for Griffis Air Force Base peeps – stumbled across this:
hello my name is rebecca I live in rome new york and I am a christian seeking to fellowship with other christians in my area. are there any christians out there in rome new york? I would like to fellowship with you and grow closer to God through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all in Christ Jesus. rebecca

Am I the only one who saw that as ‘christian sin’?

Rain…. rain… rain….
48 degrees…

It’s good to have life make you go ‘wow….’ in the first week of the new year

January 6th, 2005
Current Mood:impressed
Current Music:The Pillows website loop
every once in a while I catch a film and am left feeling truly impressed. I recall watching Elephant while I was back in Yorkville this past summer. Not necessarily a feel good hit of the summer, but I was left feeling like I had seen a truly impressive piece of cinema.

Just watched a movie called The Indian Runner – wow. Um, stars would be the wrong word, but back in 1991, the future King of Men, aka Aragorn, aka Viggo Mortensen was doing a little work on a film directed by Sean Penn. Uh… wow. I think IMDB nails it by saying ‘an intensely sad film’ – but all I can say is I missed it when it was in the theaters, and it certainly has aged well…

Saw The Cooler earlier, also very impressed – good film, good story, great actors – but I had heard good things about the film, so my level of impressiveness isn’t as extreme.

Speaking of impressive things, Trillian has a way cool trick it does with instant messaging – it incorporates Wikipedia entries for words that are typed in. Hard to give a good example, but go ahead, download it and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Also impressive is how loudly my doggie snores. Not MickeyMatt loud, but still noticeable. She seems happy, I think she’s off chasing her dream squirrels. Yay canela!

Ok. Wanted to post on the Indian Runner – guess I’ll have to TiVo it for Alicia… she’s a fan of the Vigster.
Hope everyone’s having a good year so far. We’ve been productive – almost got the kitchen in tip top shape. Weeee…..

Oh, almost forgot – happy epiphany day.

The Indian Runner
The Cooler
51 degrees, mostly cloudy – no rain today.

And so it begins…

January 2nd, 2005
::52 degrees, light rain::
Parties with friends.
Going out on the town in search of the perfect lounge. Ending up at the most fabulous of dives 6 blocks from my house.
Rain. Cloudy sunshine. More rain.

Realizing that time has flown, but things haven’t changed as much as I have thought – I spent an hour last night installing a program on my computer – every once in a while it asked me to put in the next disc. No, not Windows 95 with the 32 floppy discs, but Warcraft, with 4 CDs. Ah, how things remain the same.

52 weeks in a year. things I want to do every week in 2005 – go to the beach.

Just a week ago I was feeling tired from my first airsoft outing. Yay declan and los. legs were tired and achy. had spent a few hours crawling about on a hillside playing army. Such childlike fun sneaking up on your ‘foes’ before they can see you. Such childlike pain from being hit when they see you first.

A few days spent in the office, acting professional. Escaping to gather with great people and ring in the new year – much happiness and joy. Staying up too late, reading ‘Thunder Run’ and being both impressed and quietly saddened by the facts of life.