It’s good to have life make you go ‘wow….’ in the first week of the new year

January 6th, 2005
Current Mood:impressed
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every once in a while I catch a film and am left feeling truly impressed. I recall watching Elephant while I was back in Yorkville this past summer. Not necessarily a feel good hit of the summer, but I was left feeling like I had seen a truly impressive piece of cinema.

Just watched a movie called The Indian Runner – wow. Um, stars would be the wrong word, but back in 1991, the future King of Men, aka Aragorn, aka Viggo Mortensen was doing a little work on a film directed by Sean Penn. Uh… wow. I think IMDB nails it by saying ‘an intensely sad film’ – but all I can say is I missed it when it was in the theaters, and it certainly has aged well…

Saw The Cooler earlier, also very impressed – good film, good story, great actors – but I had heard good things about the film, so my level of impressiveness isn’t as extreme.

Speaking of impressive things, Trillian has a way cool trick it does with instant messaging – it incorporates Wikipedia entries for words that are typed in. Hard to give a good example, but go ahead, download it and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Also impressive is how loudly my doggie snores. Not MickeyMatt loud, but still noticeable. She seems happy, I think she’s off chasing her dream squirrels. Yay canela!

Ok. Wanted to post on the Indian Runner – guess I’ll have to TiVo it for Alicia… she’s a fan of the Vigster.
Hope everyone’s having a good year so far. We’ve been productive – almost got the kitchen in tip top shape. Weeee…..

Oh, almost forgot – happy epiphany day.

The Indian Runner
The Cooler
51 degrees, mostly cloudy – no rain today.