Perhaps a truer headline has never been printed…

January 13th, 2005
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“WHFS No Longer Rocks” says


99.1 was really an amazing station while I was in DC. Really. used to be addicted to the 10 pm show with Aq, the DJ. He’d harass people’s poor grammar. I was just thinking of the tape I have with one of the DJ’s singing ‘oh henry rollins, oh henry rollins, henry rollins is gonna beat me up’ for something the DJ had said during an HFStival or something. Just thought about it, and now one of the internets is telling me they’ll never have that bit of history reflected upon on air. how sad.

The sun is fighting for its supremacy in the skies of LA. Mudslides aren’t fun. No WMDs. Huh, who would have guessed at that one. And we should allow the winners to celebrate. That’s the esteemed opinion of some beltway hack.

So the new year is rolling along. Travel perhaps for me in a little bit – kinda think the road trip version would be fun, but think the airplane ride will be efficient.

Notice the lack of anything important in the post? Should I be practicing the art of storytelling? Working on clear and concise reporting? Blathering like a fool? All this and more, I suspect.

Let’s be crazy out there – as a bumpersticker I just saw online says – ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.’



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  1. maddening
    2005-01-13 03:02 pm (local) Select:
    HFS has been a terrible station (full on clear channel top 40 only format) since at least the early to mid 90s. I never got to experience this supposed "good period" that locals talk about… but I suppose it's possible for something that was once really good to become that fucking banal.

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