So, I wanted to email…

April 21st, 2005
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Current Music:Freak Out; from Freak talks about sex soundy track
the honorable senator sam blackburn (retard – kansas) about his homophobia. boo, declan and I had a long winded discussion about why people find gay people scary. Figured since sam is rattling the saber of funding cuts for DC, a tortured land I have fond feelings for, if they choose to recognize gay marriages from Massechusets, he’s got the 411 on exactly how gays are more detrimental to ‘traditional marriages’ than say, a foreign policy machine that’s eating 750 young and enthusiastic patriots a year (I don’t have a tally on how many of our soldiers killed in the ‘war on terror’ are married, how many spouses left behind, children, et).

But, I figure he’s not gonna actually get back to me since I’m not a kansas native.

However, he does offer coffee on thursdays!!

Hmmm…. but what if they’re gay, sam – do they still get coffee from you?




April 15th, 2005
Current Mood:shorn
Current Music:Bob Dylan & The Band – Forever Young (via The Last Waltz)
Thought I’d try to type some more – I love how I go through periods where I’m writing every day, then a month or two go by and I’m wondering why. Did I do absolutely nothing for 4 weeks? Probably, but that’s not what I want to ponder.

Instead, as my boo pushed me from a moving car yesterday morning, I strolled around the corner of Cahuenga and Hollywood for a few minutes. Saw a sign from the LAPD that states I was in a video surveillance zone. Weeeee. then I strolled by the beautybar ( where they used old school hair dryer thingys as light fixtures above their storefront – nice touch.

I strolled about, ended up at the Hollywood Post Office – nice place, no one was about, and I mailed our Taxes By Patrick (r) to the IRS and Cali Franchise Board. I pondered the Franchise board thing – does that mean I own part of the franchise that is ‘california’? Imagine that pitch meeting – at some saloon in St. Louis. ‘No, really, it’s a ground floor opportunity – just give me 500 gold pieces and an ox, and you can open a ‘state’ franchise. We have location specialists to help find up and coming neighborhoods in which to place your ‘state’….’ hee hee hee

I’m watching/listening to Bob Dylan sing ‘forever young’ for the movie ‘the last waltz’
Watched a bit of Serpico earlier.
the 70s were… groovy.
And the musicians were amazing – are amazing. I can only hope that today’s talents are as good, just constrained by the Corporate Music Machine.

Ok. which reminds me – go to and often – they had a shirt logo link with the copyleft people which said – your flawed business model is not my problem, or something like that. I liked the sentiment.

hey – I cut off most of my hair. Not quite as scary as July 86, but I’m definitely checking out which of my ballcaps I will wear for the next month. Oh – is coming along badly, but it’s where I’m throwing up some images thanks to gallery, and a bbs which is mostly for my amusement at the moment. Weeeee… web power – doesn’t it feel nice?


hardly decent at times…

April 14th, 2005
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but when I’m good, I can be great.
Boo had thought her keepsake was lost. I feared that was the truth, too.
But when things are going well – and she was having a good day – something about a nice get together with schmecky, and really decent prices on flat panels, and perhaps the visit to the Behr website made her spirits happy.

So I sent a few pics. The first was a nice one of the pups in the warm sunlight of the mid-day sun, all happy on the floor of the living room. I figured if nothing else she’d like that. Then a pic of a box, then one of the box open, then one with a platter. I had found a nice platter a while ago and sent her pics after trying to describe it over IM. It wasn’t the right one and she was saddened.

I believe today she said “you rock”, which is high praise indeed.

Glad to make you happy boo.


Livin’, learnin’, having fun!

April 13th, 2005
So, as I expressed to my most wonderful earlier, I feel as if I’ve finally walked up to a door with the commitment to kick it in if need be, ’cause I have to get through it.

Turns out the doors’ unlocked – come on in.

And with the click of a button, some general foolin’ around, it seems that I can append ‘website administrator’ to my resume of interesting jobs, since I’ve figured out how to make guestbooks, forums, image galleries and blogs show up on webspace I pay for! Yippee Scott!

But – don’t you have pictures and words over at ttocsland? Well, yes. Yes I do. But you see, I figured I’d have to get all linux’y and command line crazy to grp and d/ (?) my way into ‘cyberspace’ where upon I’d have massive ways to do other things. Turns out that I don’t even have to know what php stands for – I just have to select a program via a web page, click install, and remember to jot down the logon/password combo! Weeeee…..

Which leads me to my only stumbling block of the morning – why, oh why do blogging software disavow any dates prior to Dec 31, 1969? What alien invasion conspiracy states ‘don’t go there, it doesn’t exist’? I have this dream – it’s not too crazy, I think – that my blog might just start on a certain July day, c. 1968. LJ starts in 1970, WorpPress/Nucleus/B2Revolution/pMachine all say 1969. WTF!!!

Any answers would be appreciated, and any ability to get just 18 months earlier would be smashing!

And I’m tripping to the homeland come end of the month, for those who care. Boo will need extra pets and kindness from her peeps to get through the week.


Ha Ha ha…..

April 7th, 2005
…but not really that funny. Especially combined with my last post, eh?

BestBuy – We have issues…


No – really. She said that…

April 6th, 2005
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Current Music:damn birds still chirping away…
“I’m not sure – are magazines even made out of trees?” – bestbuy sales clerk at check out
“um, yeah – shiny trees…” – scott, not wanting to say ‘what the fuck – how stupid are you?’

And so goes American consumer based education. I pick up ‘all the president’s men’ and a new head-sety for the girl, I’m offered 18,456,908 issues of magazines, and I say ‘uh – no thank you’ and she goes ‘what – don’t you like magazines?’ {alicia will understand just how far off the mark the girl was on that one!} and I go ‘um, no – I can’t get to all the ones I already get, so no – we’ll just save the trees’

and she says ‘are they even made from trees?’ – wow….




For the record….

April 5th, 2005
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Current Music:song birds…
…if this great state of ours happens to go slipping into the ocean tonight – Canela, wonder-pup that she is, was the first to know, and tried desperately to warn us. By jumping into bed. And walking across our backs. TWICE!!! at, oh, 1:30 or so. So I got up.
She is very very perky.
We went for a walk.
All the way down the typical path. She was moving at full ears back speed.

Uh, between that and the tree full of birds outside chirping away… and Canela being under Alicia’s wonderful little side table right next to me as I type this….
minor concern. That’s all.

It could also be the two pieces of roast beast I laid over her typical dinner meal of dry crunchy food with cheese sprinkles – and frankly if this is what I get for being that nice, I’m gonna stop.

but really, Canela is soooo soooo sweet. She’s just not really a ‘hey – it’s dark – I’m gonna do laps in the house!’ – and as far as I know we don’t own any puppy diet pills.

So, I’m just saying. she’s great. she’s got bad breath. she’s not the kind of pup who jumps up and down the furniture for sport – we call that dog Blue.

If I’m swimming in the ocean soon, again, way to be on top of the earth shaking news, wonder-pup.


A year ago…

April 4th, 2005
Current Mood:happy
Current Music:Tangerine Speedo” by Caviar
My love made me sure that she kinda dug me.
I doubt I’ve said thanks for that nearly enough, and definitely not recently.

so Boo, thanks. It meant a lot then, means a lot now.