Richard D. Bartley. A 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Missing since 1950.

May 30th, 2005
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In memorial, a person I don’t know. A name, in essence. And what is in a name, I ask?

Fall 1989. Hahn Air Base, West Germany. Professional Military Education, in preparation for becoming a non-commissioned officer.

For a small donation, a bracelet. Choose a past war/conflict – a particular state if that matters to you.

Red or silver for Vietnam era. Blue for the Korean conflict.

And thus I was introduced to 2LT Richard D. Bartley. USAF. 4-Dec-1950. Korea. Idaho.

He’s on my mind, obviously. Memorial day and what not.
I spent the day helping Declan and Marty&Kate with their build of the set for the show ‘Waving Goodbye’ – I was going to make a note on one of the set pieces – behind the luann, or on a 1×3 that was going to be hanging up in the lighting grid. Just a note, to let no one in particular know. Got to thinking that I’d not be able to help a small, non-profit theater company work on constructing their latest project, especially if that project was at all controversial, if it wasn’t for those who’ve gone before and sacrificed their lives and/or sanity in the name of freedom. How do you say ‘thank you’? – certainly a graffiti of their name on a ‘not real – realistic’ concrete column signifies … not enough. So I live journal a note.

Live Journal wasn’t there in 1950 or 1989. I wasn’t able to search Google in 1989 to see the annotation “Died while missing” next to Richard’s name on a list of Idaho’s fallen heroes.

Just a bracelet, and a spot in my heart and soul.

Thanks Richard. Your sacrifice is appreciated, and you are not forgotten.



A very decent day…

May 26th, 2005
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From the IFC – Hank says “Do not cave into this kind of battering ram of advertising, this assault on the senses, this belittling of your intellect. This is the movie industry choosing us for their demographic instead of us choosing them for entertainment!” Apparently he’s taken umbrage with the life-size Darth Vader cutout that was pimping Cheese-Its at the local market. I concur – R2D2 should NOT be the spokes-bot for anything SQUARE!!!!!

As I type this, my hands ache with the ouches you get from a day of real work – thanks to the need to strike a set and that particular set having 30 foot tall posts. We used a rope and pulley, lots of circular saw cuts, lots of unscrewing of brackets. Weeee…. barked my shin yesterday, kinda ripped up my hand today. Tomorrow, who knows – more power tool use over at Marty and Kates, hopefully I finish the weekend with all my digits!

School tonight had me doing an interview for video – a nice gentle chat with Taj, a 16 year-old fellow student, who’s day school is a arts high school. Asked him about Iraq – didn’t really have a strong feeling about it; a neighbor’s husband was there – had chatted a bit with him. When I asked if he’d go if called up, he said ‘hell no’ – think that would have been a follow question, but ran out of time!

Well, there we go.

Thought I’d write a little.


Feeling pretty good…

May 25th, 2005
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A day up in the hills helps. check out the pics at

Some cool motocop pics (not taken by me) are at – gots to page down quite a bit… cute pup pics along the way

And I’ve had the joy of watching Smokey and the bandit, and Smokey and the bandit II today – so I thought I’d start ‘some kind of wonderful’ to just solidify that flash back feeling.

Oh, suicide girls are on the local ‘indie’ radio – 103.1 – heard them sunday night on their show. they were playing a tune that included ‘she puts the lotion in the basket’

so so wonderful


Nothing says good morning like the sound of a 22 in an empty warehouse

May 23rd, 2005
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That someone actually ANSWERED the phone at LA Noise Enforcement – 213.473.7840 – 10 minutes ago was amazing.
That they told me that a) construction noise is OK mon-fri starting at 7 am is annoying, b) that they only have 2 officers for the entire city to go and investigate is appalling, and c) that since it’s the first day I should call back after it’s been 3 days of starting before 7 am makes me sad.

So I go and take pictures – since that’s the new version of eye witnesses (or in this case ear witnesses) and see a gent wearing a RJH Construction t-shirt – thankfully it has the co.’s phone number on the back so I don’t have to get into the utterly useless verbal ‘discussion’ of why they’re such assholes… 909-860-3123 – I leave a message for them. Who want’s to bet that they get back to me at all?

Oh, the noise is the sound of a tool that installs bolts using a 22 caliber ‘power cells’ – it fires bolts into concrete. When I was in DC, they used that to put in the rails for a moving file system, and the install peeps said it was a good idea to print up a notice for the floor above and the floor below, since it was, in their own words, ‘noisy’.

To paraphrase Jay, who used to have a studio in the space they’re renovating across the street, ‘we’re zoned commercial, so – tough shit’

yay – living in the city – all the joys, all the happiness; and no where to bury the bodies!


Lexington 3 A.M.

May 23rd, 2005
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wow – Mambo. Who knew it could be sooooooo easy? wow.
tikiwiki – might figure out a need/use for it – but still – so damn cool.

Thanks Nathan – wow… slowly but surly I might even be pulling alongside the bandwagon! weeeeee….

tasty food with good friends, dreams of a useful yard

on a hot day, helping peeps with the joy of moving.

all in the day in the life of scott.


Broken boards…

May 15th, 2005
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and graduated friends.

trying to keep mom happy with technology.
Canela being … of concern – though at a little past 2, she was nibbling up a storm!

Good friends sending me good books, or just a note to say ‘thanks’

Using the right tool to get the right effect.

Kinko’s as an evil empire – a ‘production only’ location.



How’s you doing?


Sunday mornings with friends…

May 8th, 2005
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stunned, I am, at how quickly a week has passed. But 7 days ago I was enjoying the Heart Stoppingly Good(r) cooking of Matt’s ‘Homemade Grits’ along with Amy’s perfectly made bacon. Ah, to be in upstate now that spring has come…

And then there’s a blur of days and activities and flying and dealing with the whole ‘work’ thing – which was a lot of hurry up and wait… Mick even had to swing by the house yesterday and try to deal with last minute fires. Oh the joy, really.

The pups seem happy to have me back, and Boo is on a bit o’ the roller coaster of life, dealing with my return, the arrival of Alyssa, and life in general. Good to be back, just a bit tired from the trip, that’s all.

So there ya go.

Off to see if there’s hope for the D-man; I suspect there is.


Scribbled on the keyboard of a laptop…

May 6th, 2005
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As I winged across the country on Wednesday… 7:02:46 PM, May 04
snow tipped peaks – just two off to the right of the plane…
start of colorado? a ridge line peaked in snow – no camera – battery gone

no idea how far south – but it’s two mtn peaks in one direction, t’ing into the small range perpendicular to it… oh wow – the mountains are cool
the range is the peaks – perhaps the great divide?

perhaps just the high peaks? hmmm….

um, ok 10:14 we hit more snow – lots of snow and clouds… so is this utah?

10 23 – city lights below… few and far between – death valley? grand canyon? don’t know…
From here in the den a few minutes ago, boo says:
“i’m so excited, i’m contemplating throwing up!” Feeling whacked out over the imminent arrival of … alyssa
alyssa kelly bollin? last name we’re not sure of
Marji and Wess – we should figure these things out.

and I’m outta here!


Even after years… you can leave an impression.

May 5th, 2005
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Say, being the world weary traveler who is probably Syracuse Int’l ‘one a day’ security search person. As my sister and mom look on… a bit aghast, I do believe.

Any metal?
Are you sure?
walk thru … beeeeeeep … step to the side, please “Male search at 1” she said.

Uh, my wallet. really, that’s all I have on me and my soda cup. Hmmm… oh, and a packet of ‘personal drugs’ – you know, a packet or two or tylenol, and one or two packets of advil sinus. Some ear plugs… wha??? the foil packets of the single dose drugs can set off an airport metal detector? Who knew…

Now you do. Learn, grasshopper. That will make you wise!!!


at least I got back to Boo, and that’s what matters.



May 4th, 2005
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It’s a funny thing, travel. You move thru time and space, but it’s still you. Except when you react to the new locale, or the new time (1986, for Upstate NY!)

Sitting in Pittsburgh Int’l Airport, surfing their wifi for free… trying to do the project work, but not having any real input. A tinge of agony, or anxiety – stressed, I was asked this morning – oh, yeah. A bit.

Visiting with family was good – better than I can recall recently in my trips. Got to hang with Matt and the family Humphreys too – that was cool. Blood is always a fine person to spend some time, and quite frankly I’m stunned by JD’s emergance into adulthood – rock on, dude. Rock on! ( coming soon!)

Well, just some thoughts as I spend time in a place that isn’t all that convincing that it exists outside the collective observation of the rest of us flying cattle.