Post Museum Sunday…

5:55pm Monday 13Mar06

Well, we’re surviving the weather – temps in the 60s!!! that’s nearly Ice Age like for us SoCal peeps!

Did have a fabulous Museum Sunday yesterday – find pics over at Scott’s Pictures if you care to see the beauty of The Getty… well, at least some cool architecture pics!

Started my online class for Intro to Computers, Business Apps – oh the pain, oh the non-joy. I think I accidently took the first test and got a 94 – without opening the book. That would be the ‘intro to Windows 2000’ section… the joys of education, eh?

Had some delish Indian food with Master P and Boo – Master P is fabulous when on her happy meds… sad she needs them, and soon she’ll be past them and into her Ninja-level badassness once again!!!

Chin up, Master P – your peeps have your back!

has anyone realized just how awesome Stephen Cobert’s show is? Truly awesome!!!


dona nobis pacem