oh it’s hot…

Current Mood: hot
Current Music:Speed channel’s F1 coverage
just too darn hot here – and humid.

Welcome to july!

Boo and I walked up to Big Wang’s for dinner tonight – decent food, frat bar atmosphere, and more country music on the juke than probably should be allowed for LA.

We strolled about the homes ‘tween here and there – boo so loves cute little picket fences around homes. I took her down to Grub and around the corner was a place for ‘lease’ – looks kinda big, but would love to see how much.

Work was odd today – slow, but then, when I needed the ‘go’ on my last thing, and no one would call me back, or pick up, or email me – ugh – a tad frustrating, especially since the doom and gloom of it not going out is equal to the doom and gloom if it goes out with an error! Doh!

LT2 got compared to a Fujitsu Lifebook today – wow – build quality, lack of gap for the screen, lilghtness – didn’t have a widescreen though.
Stopped/strolled though the Apple store to look at cases – incase has a nice couple of sleeves, brenthaven looks nice but their web site didn’t have much, Tucano is an italian outfit with cool stuff –
google tucano + pcjama!

Boo’s crashed out on the old sofa, I’m plowing through 8+hours of Formula 1 USGP coverage – first lap chaos just played – wowsers!!!. The pups – canela to my right, on the floor, hoping for a cool breeze, blue behind me on the new sofa ever so slightly against a pillow…

Life is good. I know that.

Ok – pics up over at ttocsland – including a couple of albums of Loggie pics. So many to go through…

Well, it’s a little into tomorrow, but I’m calling it Sunday’s post.


dona nobis pacem