just a tad grueling…

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Current Music:the sound of AC…
but we somehow survived – more importantly, the brownies were delivered in one piece!

Here’s the week in recap –
caught The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift with Dec early in the week, along with helping him pick up some lumber at the Depot…
Had the work thing from 7-4 Friday, then hit a great little Italian joint, then saw ‘Shadowboxer’ …
Up early this morning (sat) to be able to make some brownie goodness for the Alex and Steve – they had a combo happy Alex B-Day and Ciao, we’re leaving party today – 1pm – um, hot hot hot day…
I rolled to work, then home to pick up boo, then to party, then back home to d/o boo, then to work, out of work, home under the coolest/strangest skies we’ve seen in a while, picked up boo for a dinner in sweet sweet air conditioning (granted, the evening was cooling off at that moment…), a brief jaunt into the Target, and home.
Where I walked both pups – really, it was nicer out than in the house, even with the den’s AC rocking!
threw some laundry in so I can do the job thing in shorts tomorrow!

and here I am.

Boo showed up in Cali for good 8 years ago today! Wow… I was taking voice over classes at UCLA extension. Lived in a very small apartment.

Tomorrow my prime time is over, for a few more years. Pretty awesome year, all in all.


dona nobis pacem