gonna miss them…

our friend alex is heading up to the East Bay come friday – gonna go to UC Berkley!!
That is the great part of it – the sad part is she’s heading out of town…

We poked our heads in tonight to see how the packing was going, tried to help a little with the moving, and generally did the ‘here we are – wow – it’s empty – wow – you guys are leaving, aren’t you?’ dazedness. At least I got a nibble of a brownie and a Popsicle!

Alex has been a dear friend for a number of years now. While moving stuff out of her back bedroom closet I saw one of a number of ‘air casts’ she has – and immediately flashed back to when I was house/dog sitting her place in Tacoma Park, and I missed the last step and twisted the hell out of my ankle. I used her air cast, which was a size too small…

she’s a bit bummed cause we’d just started to hang out better than we’d been in a few years – her presence at the few Museum Sundays was very happy making!!

Part of me thinks this will be a great excuse to spend time in the bay area, and part of me realizes that between having a weekend job and needing to head east and having school start – there will be precious few times when the stars align and Boo and I make it to visit them in Alameda.

hopefully there will be plenty of times to gather, and the joys of the ‘net will help keep us close. I’m gonna try hard to not let this friendship disappear!

dona nobis pacem