On the back porch…

Current Mood:thankful
Current Music:Midtown Dickens – Dogs Are Barking

The new Dickens cd plays – damn they’re mucho talented – plus – Banjo’s are NEAT!!!

The pups are back here with me – gathering the pack, I guess… blue is a little freaked out by something outside… canela would rather we all be eating HAM!!! … but you can’t have everything.

Pulled the kennel out of the bedroom – cause I picked up a couple of doggie beds for the bedroom – weeee! Hopefully Blue will adapt – she did try them out earlier when I had them on the back porch.

I think it’s cool to be chillin in our house – certainly is nice to have the pups here to help make it feel like a home. Boo will be here in no time – i hope she takes the time and puts forth the mojo to enjoy her road trippy – cause, really, we all need to take a trip every once in a while.

Work has been going well – if I can get thru this past Monday – post jetting to LA – big surprise – bigger party – oh, take the pups back home with ya – and still get to work by 10am – it’s gonna be ok. Doing some good work in the comms realm – I’ve always wanted to have a business card that read “Scott Wallace – Biz Comm. Rebel” – hee hee hee…

Ok, doggies are barking up a storm – as opposed to an honest to god lightning and thunder storm last night – and blue is none too happy about it all!

Why is it 12:10 already??? arghhhh…

A bit of an update – just go with it and I’ll have lots to say once our stuff shows this weekend. weeeee…


dona nobis pacem