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wow. Time flies as you slog through the shit that litters the trail that we call life.

John Parker passed away last week. Louise dropped me an email that I misread, thinking she wanted some tech help – no, she needed Mel to ring her…

Her second email punched through the bubble that surrounds us most every day – good thoughts, self focused on nicenesses…

So Mel & I headed north to DC, while at the same time Boo’s pop and sister and niece headed south, for no other reason than to visit over the long weekend.

We got in late Thursday after driving into the night from D’Town, feeling all sorts of emotions that make a road trip focused, but not really nice – anger, frustration, shock, sadness.

The three of us spent a Friday in a daze, ending up at Quiet Waters in Annapolis, after a nice meal at Grump’s – we heartily recommend the joint, plus it’s dog friendly. Saturday was tough, since we met up with John’s sister and half-brother at John’s apartment. John’s co-workers also stopped by, and since they had found John things got even more emotional for us all.

Sunday had us swinging by John’s for one last time, and all I can say is that this rite of passage sucks. It really really sucks.

We made it back to D’Town late Sunday (sorry for waking you up, Marji) and Monday Mel and I tried to participate in social events, but I believe we both were quite shell-shocked. Hell, even Tuesday was a write-off, but here we are, back to Wednesday, the middle of the week. Middle of the weak?

Damn you, JohnParker.

tell your loved ones how much they mean to you (the sun & the moon, boo – and all the stars in the universe too!); tell your family how much they mean to you (I would be a much different – and probably much worse – person without you all – Mom, Dad, Shari, Wendy & Blood); tell your friends how much they mean to you (where the fuck would I start? Mel – hey. Matt – dude. etc. etc. etc. etc.); tell the ones who’ve slipped away how much they mean to you (Declan – dude, let’s not slip further away… Marti & Kate, Bart & Alyssa, all the openFisters … etc. etc. etc.). Live as outrageously as you can. John would approve of that.