Wednesday … already?

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so. all I have to do is … everything. Then we’ll be ready for the beach!
Mickeymatt’s gonna join us for tomorrow, then roll to see Super Droid Robots! for work related activities, then we’ll all run off to the beach Saturday (saturday SATURDAY!!!!) … weeeeee!

Did I mention I have stuff to do? Oh, and it’s raining. Like, heavy, hour long drenching. I can only imagine our back drive / ravine area! if only I had a toy boat.

Boo’s been busy busy busy – tonight she and Mel had a conf. call over at Hobbit House. As Mel headed out to her science project, she borrowed our gayest umbrella in the world; as she made her way out to our front gate the lightning struck, thunderous clap … like the intro to a very weird, yet awesomely gay, scary movie… (alone on a dark and stormy night, her science project of a car down to one flashing bar of energy, is that a light on at the castle???)

oh I need sleep.
I stayed up late last night enjoying the hell out of the end of Cory Doctrow’s ‘Little Brother‘ – where to start??? smartly written action novel aimed at youths, chocked full of technology and social commentary that pushed all my buttons. Cory distributed it under a creative commons license, so I actually read it for free – very very cool. as in I’ll be ordering his other books cause I’ve enjoyed his writing before, but now I can’t help but want to help him out. Highly recommended – either for free or for money.

Boo, on the other hand, has been staying up nights, because she’s scaring herself by completing her day job. Go ahead, click on the book in the center at the bottom. Make sure your sound is up, but you might also want to make sure you have your lights on….

Oh, and Boo’s been ‘art blogging’ – don’t know if she (and Carrie) have a site up yet, but boy does boo have mad skills … I should link to a pic or three I’ve taken so far. Hold on a moment…

There we go.

Go boo!

ok … think I’ll head off to … cleaning? ugh…

dona nobis pacem
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ah … time away. That was nice…

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of course, it’s nearly a week later and I’m no where caught up.

Trip back from Upstate was somewhat pleasant. Justin knows some good shortcuts – yay! Didn’t have to check my luggage, so I made money on the flight back – yay! Boo picked me up along with Mel and the Zachster – yay!

Right back into the work thing but only for a short week – yay!
Saturday Boo and I sat Zach for the girls, thus allowing a brief moment of quietude for them, what with Mel having a birthday on Sunday (yay!!!). The three of us … went to Moe’s for nibbles, wandered out and about – adventuring, as Zach likes to say, until we found ‘off-roading’, which Zach finds much amusing. Boo, less so.
Then we adventured into ‘Bumstead’ park- it’s right there. next to durham, just up the road from Moe’s. Who knew? It was close to closing (the park has hours – as opposed to ‘sundown’, which Cali likes to use…) so we drove abit, found a nice water thing to step out and take some pics, give some blood to the local biting population, and then we skedaddled! Is that a word? Whoa spellchecked – wonder what it really means.

More adventuring – I knew a place, a place to make us happy. All I had to do was find it. We got lost. in the ‘big city’ of Raleigh – though we did see pedi-cabs about the downtown area, and the state capital, and … still lost though. But just up the road from Peace College was the reward for giving it a shot – Krispy Kreme! Oh the happiness of a warm donut! Zach loved to watch the making of the donuts, and we all loved the tasty happiness of a hot Krispy Kreme!

Back home to check on blue, get some stuff for an overnight – and I tried to bribe Zach into an overnight with a ‘slumber camp set’ – an inexpensive kids sized tent, sleeping bag, along with a miniature tent and sleeping bag. He was having nothing of it, but boy is it fun to be too tired and try to assemble things. Weeeeeee!

We crashed at the girls place, awoke to ‘morning’ – who’s idea is that? and started our fun Sunday with a brunch at Rue Cler in downtown Durham – so nice. Tasty … er… french fried dough. A good gathering where Mel got a few nice gifts. We’ll see how high she can soar this year!!

More adventuring for Scott and Zach through the afternoon, even hitting a book store with the shortest – did you know there’s a kids book called ‘The Forecast calls for rain with a chance of meatballs’? Who knew…

And Monday was a long day of work and after-work meetings – ever notice how close meetings and beatings are spelled??

Ok. So that’s your Tuesday update. Travel plans in the near future include the beach and upstate, with a chance of Left Coast!! Weeeeeeeee….


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Hangin’ in Upstate …

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oh yeah!
Got in too late thursday night – chilled at Dulles (IAD) for an hour, then chilled on the Dulles tarmac for an hour, then took a 45 minute hop to Syracuse (SYR) – woot!!!

Since that inauspicious start, things have been great. Mom’s doing good, distracted nicely by the shininess of new computer hardware. Shari & Dave had a good weekend, with a trip up to the Woodsmen’s Field Days in Boonville. Justin and I have had deep, heartfelt talks about … life, the universe and everything. Even poked my nose in on dear old dad last night (after visiting the herd of chihuahuas … oh they’re awfully cute)

So we head out to Albany this afternoon, with hopefully better intel to share amongst the familial troops – big questions are the ‘numbers’ … the grade/severity. Perhaps we’ll find out, but I honestly don’t understand the significance for us, the change in action/attitude that it may engender. We’ll see.

so, take a gander, have a smile, I’ll try to share more soon. (for a bigger image, click thru. If there’s an issue, you need to get yourself a FREE flickr account, then tell me so you’re a ‘friend’ or ‘family’!!!) …

Here’s mom, as we fail to get gluten-free pizza at NYPD pizza …

I was able to enjoy some Voss’

It’s been wonderful to enjoy the weather here in upstate…

Shari was soooooo happy after her day at the spa…

Dad and his wife Carol were in good cheer too!

Mom’s happy with her new Dell …

she had a crush on the dell dude…

Even got to see Ma Humphreys for a bit yesterday morning with mom. very nice…


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I now know why the internet exists…

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no. Not scientific research – sorry Tim.
no. Not porn – sorry Chatsworth.

no. the ‘net exists so I can read about Batman’s newest Batmobile – the Tumbler. I’m just totally thrilled that I now know … everything I’ve ever wanted to know about the tumbler. awesome.

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Friday night lites!

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How’s everyone doing tonight? Good? Great!!!
So, what other fond memories do I have in the box? Let’s see …

How about cake?

Really, we should all enjoy our cake … it’s yummy! That’s me at 5!

I’ve always been told that I’m outstanding in my field…

and here’s the proof – standing since 1972!

Then again, I’m not against some uplifting music…

Stunning, frankly. Just stunning…

A year later, 1973 – still standing!

Different hair cut, I think…

I’ve noticed that a lot of my historic pics are based around the holidays and birthdays.

Rollin in from Monterey for the holidays in Upstate … Matt off to the left of mom.

More below the cut … here!

So, in 1990, I was paroled from the Air Force, rode my motorcycle across the country to the Bay area. I think I didn’t make it up to Blood’s in Seattle until the next year, so I’ll call this Spring 1991 …

Of course, wait – Blood, were you hanging with Bob in ’91? Oh the confused mind of a not-20-year-old!

Well, we went to the museum. There were dinos…

and cool glasses!

See? Even Walt believes in the power of cake!

Yay … cake!

Small fact – scott digs those irish blokes…

have since back in the day!

I support gun control …

where you hit your target. Here’s Dave and I up in Marcy, hell, 1990 maybe.

So, we’ll finish with a flurish –

Pips, myself and Matt – July 14th, 1986. We’ve all gone so far from Trinity ave’s couch, haven’t we?


dona nobis pacem
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originalface2008-08-10 06:14 am (UTC)

we are such geeks!!!

ugh … too late for much..

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but people are lovin’ the pics.
Here ya go …

Before I headed off to the West Coast in 1997…

Friends had a party for boo… Roberson to the left, David B. to the right…

Katrina (?), Mandy and Matt…

Oh the joys of talented actors…

…and talented makeup artists…

sadly, I often need help dressing up …

unless the dress up is to look sharp!


dona nobis pacem
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agincourtdb2008-08-07 06:06 am (UTC)
I vaguely remember that. I remember you as the unabomber… I remember A.’s outfit but I don’t remember what she was supposed to be. And what the hell am I? A bowtie and a pipe?? what is that?? Mr. didn’t-rent-a-costume-so-grabbed-two-things-from-out-of-the-closet man?

Ghosts … pleased to meet them

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So, I wonder, what am I doing? Posting ancient pics of me – kinda self-focused, eh Wallace?

But … why not? There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I, in the past, have faced style issues that triumphed over my better judgment. Or facial hair choices that in retrospect were wrong. just plain wrong. No one was hurt by these actions of mine. As far as I know.

Plus, ma likes them. and Boo has a good laugh, as do my other friends. So, continue your amusement/enjoyment. Huzzah!

Here’s blood with long hair!

the holidays of 1988 treated us all well – we were heading into a NEW decade!

A brooding scott … with amigos!

Kimmy H. up top, Mr. Bailey to the right. Weeee… no idea where we were – Sylvan lake?

Not quite a year old…

Dig the snail on my vest!

Sing scott sing…

Somewhere up there is me.

You have to turn 3 to get to 40 …

Love that the cake has 6 candles!!! my life of sharing…

Now, I recall this rocker – no idea who has it now…

One thing I dig from this adventure is the interiors of places I’ve been, but don’t recall. Where are we? April ’69 was probably Ithaca!

June 1970

Guess the neighbors had a Nova! Blood looks happy…

more behind this cut – – here.

Blurry, but happy!

That couch!!! I remember it … as well I should.

Growing up so fast…

One month in, I seem bored!

Birthday time at Trinity Ave…

I think I counted 12 candles … love the brick in the back ground. It becomes red brick in later pics of 1 Trinity…

Happy cake time!

7 candles each! Moseley street, I’ll presume. So happy. Missing teeth!

From 7 to 17! Shazam!

Oh, the horrors embodied by this picture. Sorry.

How about a snowball?

32’sh or so … weeee… having a great time in Dec at the Grand Canyon.

Here’s Boo…

Isn’t she awesome?!!

After the Canyon, we ended up on the East Coast.

Mel’s newly renovated kitchen in Maryland!

Some friends of ours…

Great hair in that family!

And one more of the shorts that dare not be spoken of….

Oh the joys of youth. Yeah, I’ll explain it that way!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”


2008-08-03 09:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes! Sharing Birthdays is grand when you’re six. *sigh*
That’s a great picture of Alicia. You should frame it and put it on your desk.

2008-08-08 03:38 pm (UTC)
speechless 🙂 but oh so happy.