I have a crazy wonderful life…

Current Mood: thankful

Current Music:Mates Of State – California
I don’t say that enough.
I’m blessed with great people in my life. My wife. My family. My incredible friends.
I’m in an interesting place, where the distractions are of much import, but an epiphany tonight is that I need to only be me. That’s all. Be me. Be honest. Help.
So, to one an all … thank you. Alicia – there’s a song I’ll share with you, it’s a goaty song, and it makes me smile and feel all sorts of goofy in love with you. Shari – keep up the good fight, and thanks for being there. Matty – dude, where to fucking start? Glasses in the ocean? Packing a moving van? Memory cards magically retrieved? Well, it’s a long list, but no one who knows you will be surprised…

To the crew – Mel & Michelle & Zach, Beth and Morgan, Viv and Brendan – a freaking helicopter ride – wow – thanks. Haven’t written the cards yet, but wow. Out of nowhere, but once again reminding me that there are massive amounts of life out of our line of sight – ask me about my Russian Linguist career! Nate & Carrie – the littlest iPod has made me happy in my inner Mac-lovin’ heart, to an extent I didn’t think possible; so many years ago a Apple IIc could’ve been the perfect computer for me … but the joy of good tunes anywhere makes me happy and smile.

Ma – you’re so in my thoughts and those thoughts are strange and scary and great and amazing … thanks for raising me well, and loving me. You are wonderful and great.

wow … the smiths sing “let me get what I want” … peace. It’s an honorable goal. Peace in my heart, peace in my mind. It’s either gonna take a lot of focus or none at all…

well, once more the Mates of State covering Phantom Planet’s ‘California’ has me … moved. I spent a day this week waiting for it on my iPod … worth the wait, for what ever reason it means to me. More than I can explain. SR-71 pics at Westmoreland Road’s media center? Hours looking southwest from Marcy? who knows.
Maybe it’s the declarative – “California, here we come’ – all about control of oneself into an unknown?

The beach was good – took me too long to relax, but wow – great to feel good there. Even let the ocean baptize me in it’s power and energy. Strolls with friends on the beach, chasing crabs and getting wet from the waves. Flying kites. Hanna’s making a mess of plans to revisit for a brief stay this weekend, but there are adventuring souls willing to chance it … so we’ll see. Ike I believe will make us believe … no idea what we may believe, but it’s a truth to be reckoned with.

Songbirds by Fleetwood Mac. Stevie, your voice … thanks.

I’ve got to go. shall rest, and wait for the day to bring it’s treasures … and ma – stop making sauce at 3 in the morning, you need your rest!!!

a crazy wonderful life. thanks.


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”

2008-09-05 09:40 am (UTC)
never cease to amaze me!!
You make me proud.

2008-09-05 09:42 am (UTC)
never cease to amaze me!!
You make me proud.