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wow. 2008 comes to a close, with 2009 looking to be quite memorable too! (go obama go!)

I’m sitting here on a quet Saturday morn (oops – no, it’a actually a wednesday!), the sunny outdoors making the den nice and light. Finding music to play or listen too – some iTunes work on the laptop, but really Pandora rocks the mother f**king world when it comes to tunage on an internet connected machine. Wow, really…

Playing with an Office 07 installation, specifically the OneNote app – wowswers! seems to be totally what the world needs – but hardly anyone’s heard of it/uses it, at least in my limited people-circle. huh … more focus will yield better reasons someone might want to use it – but two things at the moment that seem cool are tagging of sentances and creation of tasks from OneNote synched to Outlook. EDIT – boo’s seen it, and seems impressed! yay!

Had the expected whirlwind of holiday joy and celebration. Snow and cold in the oh so brutally pretty upstate wilds, where Blue learned that the big white thing outside was deeper than she is tall, where I got my walk on for a few days (yay awesome iPod shuffle gift of the Carrie&Nate!), where slippery roads had ramona heading for the curb at least once without my ability to control. It’s awfully pretty up there under a blanket of whiteness, the quiet that accompanies allows one to hear the whispers, though.
More past here …
G’burg was nice, though not long enough. Ended up staying in New York for the Friday we had planned to head south due to my not feeling super, and though that allowed us all to commiserate for a few more hours, the ensuing rush to get through a foggy PA and into the company of family was a tad stressing. We did get 4 hours of joyous DIYnetwork programming to fill our redecorating hearts with ideas and inspiration. How Tom does his Christopher impression so well is beyond me.

Hey – thinking of leaving the DC area on I-95 south after a big holiday weekend, say on a sunday afternoon? Well, it freaked out poor alicia’s GPS program, but we did get a MochaJoe out of it. We talked well too … after the not so well parts. Road tripping to go anywhere is probably a better relation building exercise than the road trip to get somewhere at sometime. Travelling versus touring, I think I used to ponder as I rode across the states back in the day.

“What did you get?” I was asked by the curious students yesterday when I poked my head into the office. What did I get? Huh, candy in the stocking, treats of love and kindness from my family and friends, but I’m not into the holidays for the schwag, much to Alicia’s annoyance. What did I get? Wow, 24 hours later and I’m still floored by the quesiton.

Noticed there’s a lot of empassioned discussions during the holidays with the family and friends you don’t see every day – so the question I ask is where do you go to find the middle ground of an empassioned debate? My journalism teaching has me wanting to yell “cite your sources!!!” but then I pause, and realize if asked I’d point to my excessive automotive themed magazine subscriptions, not really the best, but at least I can point to a magazine and say “well, the price of oil only went up a fraction of the total percentage when compring dollars to euros – our economy is hurting us…” blah blah blah. Boo still wants s hybrid-diesel!

So, on a windy non-saturday, as I wander the internet looking for programs to make my smart phone that much smarter, I hope all are going to celebrate the fresh new hope of an arbitrarily chosen date in the middle of the dark northness which marks the beginning and the ending. Cheers peeps – 2009 is about to arrive!

Thanks so much to everyone – and I mean everyone – who’s helped me so much this year. I couldn’t have done it alone.


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”

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maddening2009-01-09 04:28 pm (UTC)
I was taking notes for a test (sitting in the backroom trying to glean anything that might be meaningful or useful) and decided to give OneNote a try on a whim. MY GOD that app is awesome. The fact that I can just grab sections of my screen and import them to my notes without having to open up a different screen grabbing app and juggle between them is huge.

And having it be on my WinMobile phone is pretty amazing.

This year I’m getting my shit together. Like ferreal this time. 😉 You have a good new year, you deserve it.