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You see, since back around turkey day, I’ve been having a minor issue with my oh so nice cell phone – it hasn’t been ringing to tell me of an incoming phone call. Incoming text message- check. Voice mail from a missed phone call – check. That someone is calling me RIGHT NOW!!!! – not so much check.

So I tried to change every setting I could find. I made sure the people I new and loved had ringtones attached to their profiles. I tirelessly (ok, three times) picked up the manual to try and find the elusive setting that would make my Touch work… finally gave sprint tech support a call … first lady was all about the ‘have you powered off your phone?” – I was like, please get me to someone who’s more knowledgeable – so I ended up with Daniel, who wasn’t all that more knowledgeable but nicely enough offered to put a note in my file. Off we went to the Sprint store to get our phones fixed (Boo’s wasn’t happy typing the ‘e’ on her keyboard …)

Boo went first, and though the very nice lady wasn’t able to duplicate her typing stuck e issue, she got a ticket. Then it was my turn. “The phone doesn’t ring on incoming calls”. Really. Please check it … the nice lady’s eyes showed that it indeed wasn’t ringing … and then she said these fine words … “You know you have the ringer off?”

apparently this setting doesn’t make the phone quieter when you listen to people. This setting keeps the phone from making noise on incoming calls.

When it is set like this:

the phone rings on incoming calls. Imagine… the usefulness of that.

Oh, here’s the icon for changing the volume of the earpiece when the phone is in a call:

Scott still gets to get things wrong, and learn from them. For a few more years…

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