I was watching the clock this morning..

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saw 4:00 at, I’d assume, 4 this morning. why would I open my eyes at the top of the hour? Then 6:30 or so, where I was wide awake. completely, alphabet backwards, full sentance awake. awake enough to say ‘hey, you get til the top of the hour for a 7:30 arrival of Z.’, so back to slumber land for me.

when 6:57 came around, I opened my eyes again, pondered exactly when the alarm would ring, and looked out past the alarm clock to our side yard and Henry’s place, which was being beautifully back lit by the coming sun. sun rise. day break. blues, dark and moodly down low, blue sky above.

for about a year, I woke up really early and delivered the Utica Observer Dispatch, one of my first work experiences. I’d wake up as the alarm buzzed, smacking my blue LCD GE alarm clock radio (thanks dave, got it at the GE employee store, I believe) before I woke up anyone else at 1 Trinity. Up and out, the first week was post christmas into an ice storm of epic proportions.Thanks a lot, Craig. Thanks sooooo much ma – how much money did you spend?

for three years in germany I was on a flip-flop schedule wherein I’d be up and to the bus at 5:15 or so in the morning, off to the work site, and head back to base in the afternoon (3’sh I think). Then the next week I’d be able to sleep in until 2’sh where I’d hop up and catch the bus blah blah blah. Saw a number of sunrises during that time.

In 98, I’d run down to Costa Mesa to see sarah & company, staying awake through a day or two of wierd fun, then head back to Pasadena after saying my goodbye’s, rolling north’sh into the sun rising above the mountians, the sky turning beautiful shades of awake. I think the sensation of sleep depravation combined with the amazing colors made the sunrises for those 6 months or so even more stunning than the numerous sunsets over beverly hills I’d see at the academy building.

Well, hello sun. Good day to you.

hope peeps are doing well, I’ll try to break my wierd addiction to not sharing in the next batch of posts. I promise.

~ S ~
||| dona nobis pacem</br>||| “Keep Calm and Carry On”