Saturday in March…

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the rain makes that awesome rain noise – plit plat plit plat… a cool spring breeze rolls in through the living room window, over the back of the sofa and onto my shoulders and neck. Blue sits beside me, wondering if it’s too early to sleep, or perhaps shel’ll take a nap. Hard call, frankly.

We’re pausing at the Hobbit House as we wait to go over to the Duke Coffeehouse – Ear Power is playing tonight. Sophy is someone’s kitty…

We just came from helping Savannah celebrate her birthday – who remembers turning 22?? It was nice and fun .. yay tasty 33 1/3 chocloate cakes!!

We rolled in from Cary town – I want to go and spray paint an S in front of all the Cary town signs, for no good reason! We had a quick visit with the Nate and Carrie – and Nutmeg – they’re chilling in a new place – they’ve got an apartment as their new abode is being built – yay!!! Spacious place, the apartment – and Boo’s in love with their closets!

We enjoyed a bite to eat, a pet of the pup, and were off!

Not to bad for a day that also included a decent amount of moving shit around the house, some cleaning, and general weekend blase’-ness…. weeee….

Ok. just an update – for pics head over to my Flickr page – Here’s a new set!!!!


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it’s a bit late, I’m feeling a little amped up..

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and finally – finally – the ps3 rolls the upconverted dvd picture happiness, but first –
“when people who used to wrap tin foil around bunny rabbit antennas get a ps3…”

See, I hooked up things last night and was so happy with the visuals from music, and then I tried to play a movie.

Huh. Why am I watching static blink on my tv? It’s very sharp static – like digital static – cool…
but it’s not The Fast The Furious – All New Tricked Out Edition!! – What’s going on???

ugh…. ok, google – hit me – what cha got??
“HDMI cable – bought a new one, stopped the flicker”
“HDMI cables are fickle …”
“is it flickering with a red screen?”
“the red light of doom”
“I”m on CNET to show you the ps3 blinking problem – game goes in, and it blinks. It’s the HDCP copy protection handshake between the game system and the tv set – the tv thinks everything is fine, and the PS3 thinks everything is fine. To fix it, if you’re comfortable with a slightly technical fix – unplug the HDMI cable and wait three or five seconds. Plug it back in and voila – we’ve got sound. it’s fixed…”

er, ok. tonight I’m gonna … turn off the tv. turn it back on – aha!!!! Kung Fu – yay!!!

it’s an interesting twist to the ‘hold on, just a little bit more -cool – I can see the game – don’t move at all, or we’ll loose the station” …

hope everyone is having a fine time … and a great weekend …


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so, what I’ve been looking for …

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showed up the other day on our doorstop.

So, for the past few years – since I saw the sexyness that is apple’s iPods, I wanted a color screen with visualizations – the trippy screen saver kinda thing that worked with the music. Of course iTunes offers it, as do most any decent music player on your computer – MusicMatch and the like.

I also wanted a dvd player that would take the mp3 discs you could burn and play on the dvd player, and give some visuals also – you’re using the dvd player, kinda presumptive to have something visual output as well as the audio – but no… still don’t think there’s a DVD player that does visuals.

But lo and behold – Sony, the fabulous mind behind Beta, MiniDiscs, and finally Blu-ray, offers a very nice gadget to make scotty happy – a PS3.

Nate and Carrie have one, and frankly, it’s what makes me realize I need to be a HD living room kinda guy in the next year – I’ll settle for my very good 720, but their 1080 across a 50 inch screen, pushed via the blu-ray dvd in the PS3 … nice.

Back to my happiness though – see this pic –

It ain’t a pretty pic, due to light levels, but I’m listening to the mountain goats, and trippin’ nicely to some rocking visuals – something about the PS3 being a stunning game machine, pehaps??

Well, it’s nice to know that there are items I concieve that actually merit creation!

back to your normals web browsing …
unless you need to see this –
a cute doggie picture

be good to yourselves…

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Current Music:that my friends is the sound of procrastination!!
March, 2005 – Oregon is lovely – with crater lake on it’s quarter back.
Let’s see if I can guess at spring 2005 …

Pretty flowers, disney group work including the marketing our lives ppt, and the ledge of that building down the road from us cracking and looking like DOOM!!!

Ah, life in Hollywood, my friends!

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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agincourtdb2009-03-27 04:36 pm (UTC)
wow, that is sooo random death waiting to happen.

cold and gray … like my pizza

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it’s how I like my coffee, no – wait.

“I grabbed the two cold and stiff slices, my mug o’ Joe, and my backpack as I headed out into the grey, the sky pressing down to meet the blades of grass, already bent under the weight of a waterlogged pansy …” er …

How the hell was your monday?
got the blue fed, gonna fire off some emails as I ponder what to do in our den, and I thought I’d say ‘hi’ …

Got to see ‘The Watchmen’ last Friday night – weeee!!! I really liked it, though boo had serious doubts on the merits of the feelings she ended up with.

Then I played a copy of ‘7 pounds’ – will smith’s serious film.
Haven’t looked up what the title refers to, but in the movie he’s committed to acting in ways that will redeem his life, for mistakes were made along the way that had serious consequences.

As boo and I sat with Blue on a cold and wet and grey sunday afternoon chatting, all aslumped on the couch and in the overstuffed chair … I was impressed. How cool it was to be having a somewhat poignant talk on life and the thoughts life entails, as opposed to the typically compressed level of thought both Boo and I suffer from after a 7 hourBruckheimer marathon – yes, way to much knowledge of bullet holes and trace sample diagnostics, but little in how the question “Are you a good person?” would be answered by either of us, or what constitutes “liv(ing) your life abundantely” … much better to ponder, if you ask me.

On a crazy somewhat side note – VPN is kinda cool – I just popped into the servers at work, grabbed the latest tracking files, and can now update at my leisure, pretty sure no one is gonna mess with them … but – similar to rolling across a bridge in Matty’s sportWagen while checking movie times on my phone – something not possible the last time we were jetting across the pelissippi in a fast VW … ah, progress!

so I am doing my recruiting thing here at the house for a bit, and just had a contact with someone who works at a VA hospital. And that got my brain going and recalling a surprisingly recent email that helped me understand (maybe) where I stand on the whole service to country thing.

From a moving story of helping out when you can, even with a sandwhich on a plane ride, forwarded by Kevin and Steph.
“A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America ‘ for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’
That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.”
Not really sure how to feel about this. True as it is … does it matter in the day to day life we lead? Ah, things to ponder …

So, in the need to do SOMETHING with my pics, here’s one:

It’s a building in downtown Durham – kinda cool. The Durham Centre it is called.

I was just driving about town taking pics – there are others, of course – like this one:

Which is around the corner from our farmer’s market area, and I believe is the company who did some amazing metalwork in and around the central park area.

So, yeah – I dig durham. Glad to be here – come visit if you want.


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mornings like this…

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Current Music:Love & Rockets – No New Tale To Tell
with the wayback machine cranked to 11!

I’m having a good morning – loving the fact that the sun is up (note to self – enjoy February/March here in the Carolinas), the bathroom is flooded in nice hopeful light, and the local college station decides to end the 7 o’clock hour with …
No New Tales to Tell from

Ain’t that the truth … 1987 was the release date, I suspect I picked it up shortly after that – got a snappy from that era –

Shall I take it that listening to college radio always is a good thing? Will I find another Social D by listening? (does knowing the Future Kings and the Dickens rock before you hear them on the stations count?) Well, in Germany, we didn’t have no college stations, I was just picking up cool looking album covers.

Well, I’m pleased to have bopped back to that point in my life – look at my ears!!! or up my nose…


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Livin’ in a winter wonderland

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woke up to this wonderfulness today …

shouldn’t have been surprised – rolled in from Matt’s in Knoxville yesterday – 6 hours of driving thru snow … whoa.

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agincourtdb2009-03-04 02:23 am (UTC)
yeah, it didn’t end up being much up here, either… after all the talk about expectations and remember the storm of the century and yada yada. 🙂 Pretty though…