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Our weekend special is “Coulda Done More” muffins, with a side of “Sittin’ Too Long” hash browns, all alongside our hand made loaded “Self Loathing” French toast – you’ll love it!!!

So what the hell – I’ve done good at climbing out of bed yesterday and today, and I am moving forward in my cleaning up our den area a bit … but why have I sat in front of my ‘glowing rectangles’ all freaking day long? I had fun being out with Beth last night – Chubby’s on 9th before catching ‘The Informant’ over at Northgate … but wow – walking blue for 20 mins? not yesterday. Heading out to points unknown to see new shit? ‘save money on gas scott’ … stupid inside voice. At least I picked up a few groceries, but really – that’s not productive. Jason across the way is building an awesome fence for his place… I keep thinking I should paint our fence… damn.

Let me say this emphatically – I love music. My success at pulling all our discs into a centralized library is at least showing me what I have laying about – how about a Tenacious D disc I didn’t realize we had? Right this second is Social D’s self titled disc, circa 1990 – however it’s importance to me is locking me into 1993(?) at MickeyMatt’s Cabin retreat in the woods next to the river – holy shit was it eye opening to hear ‘Cold Feelings’ and realize there was this angry but ok with it all music … Social, Henry Rollins, can’t recall who else I ended up with from that time. Totally cool to think how music paints a time or place or person for ya…

If you want more of this drivel …
oh- looks like I get to renew a few domains that I have and don’t do anything with – oh, wait – isn’t that most of them, wallace? uh, yeah. guess you’re right. So why DO you have them? Well, glad you asked – in my other universe I post pithy social commentary that drives average people to action, improving not just their lives and the lives of their friends and families, but drives a desire to improve the human condition to almost mythic Star Trek levels of selflessness, philanthropy and general good looking-ness!! Why, what do you do with your vanity sites?

I’m now pulling in a Me First and the Gimme Gimme cd – how cool are those guys?

Do you think the fact that as I compile, and try to deal with my overflowing shit, seeing pics from last september, when mom was gonna have a ‘procedure’ … think that’s having an impact?? Funny how far you can get hiding from things, especially when other things can distract you.

Wow … okay, a bit rambling, eh? Aren’t they all mr. scott? be honest…

Think all those hours in front of Pink Floyd’s The Wall had any lasting effect? ha ha ha

{kinda cool to be searching for pictures of numbers on flickr. see, I use numbers to help me sort my way too many sets into years – so I just found a treasure trove of pics for the number three – and I’ll push a single photo into a set, allow only me to see it, and then, when I find a disc of 2003 photos, I’ll be able to organize that set into the area of 2003 sets. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Additionally, it’s cool to see the images that so many people all tag with the same word. Plus, people are willing to share – yay!}

Think I need to cut back on the coffee?? hmmm…

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”