So nearly over… just one more day.

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Made it through last week pretty damn well.
Part of it was definitely the awesomeness of my ‘people’ – boo, my family and my friends.
friends and family … all in one shot.

It’s my first attempt at ‘still life’ photo for my fine art photo class morgan and I are attempting – missed the first class, so I went over to casa M&B and did a ‘photo shoot’ – with a backdrop and everything!!!! Tripod!!!!

I’m sure I’ll look back and be impressed by how far I’ve gone, but I do say (with thanks to Brendan for the cammy) – wow…
If you are allowed to have me point out, as Morgan did – the blue in the shadow of the vase…

How do I share and say “and the cool sphere thing is a rattle my sister had made by her awesome friend, into which some of my ma’s remains were added – Project Eleanor, or as I say – Mom’s Balls!” …
I guess I say it under a cut, so as not to offend … but is there really anything offensive when you cherish the memories and love that the rattle encapsulates?? I think not… just … shy??

with love you can make it pretty much anywhere …

with much love to my wife, my family and my friends – thank you.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

close to fear and fade away…

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once upon a time I could do no wrong // though the candle flickers, the flame is never gone…


wow … so much better than I expeced, though out of pure fear i thought of none of this week over the past year… why do that to myself?

and of course the universe runs on it’s own terms, eh?
thus BoingBoing shares with me this:
Breathe Deeply…

and so we continue our little group dance and jig, sloshing this way and that, looking up to see a blue heron swoop down and bestow upon us amazement, or a visit to family to make us smile and laugh, or none of the above, right Richit/Salby??

the friends I have, the famly I have … all so much love and support and hope and help … I doubt they’ll ever know what that means to me … but it’s a whole lot. Like the whole enchilada lot – all and so much more. allowing me to be around to be amazed. and sad, and sadder, and then angry and then nothing and then, just because it’s so that kind of day, a moment of oh so nice alivness … everything there and noticed, enjoyed and loved. that’s kinda damn good, really. even if tallahassee scares shari.

but I should nap now, think of the love in my life, the love of my life … I hope you do the same.


words – what’s so hard about words?

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“do they speak English in what? say what ONE MORE TIME…”

are they good enough? are they perfect? I feel lighter, even with my doubts, but I’m sure I’ll question my ability over this task and myriad others accomplished in my time…

Just in case, I like the saying “all who wander are not lost” … just saying.

Love is another really good word. Mom is another good word. sphygmomanometer is just a really hard word.


are you ready for this?

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really? REALLY?
how can you be ready …

let’s start with a softball underhand pitch …

two words – Palmer- tini!

oh yeah, anyone should be able to knock that out of the park, supporting the possible 14th newtonia rule of thermodynamics – vodka helps most anything be better.

sure you’re ready …


Good to be where I am …

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and tonight, I’m home. With Blue, but without Boo …
Can I just comment on our friends? Please? they rock – we’re some of the luckiest peeps on this planet. Blue was able to enjoy the weekend while I jetted down to Boo and Bubbie… I’m really truly thankful for the offers of stewardship for Blue by all of our friends, and I’m happy that Blue was able to spend time chilling and playing with her new friends … yay!

Can I also comment on Tampa’s airport? At least the C terminal where Southwest is – been there twice now – really have their act together and the openness and pleasantness is really great. Kudos Tampa … perhaps I’ll be back for a vacation!

Ah, vacation. Vacate. Vacaville.

So, a quick blast through this week with not enough time, then up to glorious Upstate – I’m expecting a full range of emotions and experiences, and to some extent I’m concerned, but I guess there’s a certain amount of … settling? solidifiying? “solid like jello”, eh Wendy?

updated in the AM – wow, chilly, with forecast of cold. huh – guess fall has come and winter is around the corner.

Pics up over at Flickr – like this one.

~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”