How about this… I’ll keep trying the Livejournal thing…

Current Mood: amused

Current Music:still 91.6 hangover cafe
but also try to get facebook to play nice. Why? I have no idea…

here’s something pretty, though.

Shari & Dave, Justin & Nikki swung thru on their way to Wilmington, so Boo made the ‘outside the box’ suggestion to run to Thai Cafe for dinner. Our timing was awesome, and we got to see this lovely sunset as we pulled in… hopefully my hanging outside taking pics for 5 minutes didn’t ruin anyone’s meal!

Ok, let’s see how this works via facebook connect – cause I know boo’s headed out on her own blog – – and I’m sure she’s happier posting in one place, and having facebook suto-updated … all this tech- guess I should be thankful for the ability to express, eh?