rain rain, go away … or at least stop freezing, ok?

Guarding the hallway here at work from the shadow zombies, watching the rain fall at a quickening pace otuside – should I head out before it starts to freeze on the road? probably.
DC is prepping for ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’, according to the washington Post. Weeeee… though it busted a set of plans that included, but was not limited to – KarlHolly, PingDaveChris, LoggieLand, Paint-by-Numbers Torah, and a hit to the Levenger store, if we had time. Oh well – as much as I wanted to see DC under 20 inches of snow, Boo likes to point out we’ve already been there, done that.
Celebrated co-worker Deanna’s 24th birthday yesterday – Franklin Street in Chapel Hill doesn’t frighten me anymore! and – whoa – 24. Had to ponder that – as far as I can guess/recall – Tennesee? with Matt? hmmm

Somedays, you just want to stay under the covers – isn’t that right Blue?

Of course it is!