almost friday…

so I have to type fast!
was a fab day even though it had it’s challenges.
Like the dmv opening at 9, not 8 – doh!
sending a fedex package to australia with just a regular airbill (not gonna happen)
lots of rain = lots of traffic challenges (trees and power lines apparently do not mix)
If only Tom G.’s plan of moving peeps into the new building, and having our servers back up on line yesterday at 5 had worked…
I would have been busier when Jeff, Tom, Chad and Morgan came into my office, had a bit of a chat about filling it with lots of file cabinets, and then inquired if I could move to Lauren’s old office by tomorrow afternoon?

Oh yeah – that kind of day.
Here’s a link to an apropro cartoon I got emailed to me about an hour after I was asked to move –

It’s all good though – got to hang with Morgan and Leslie at Satisfactions and then James made it to the gathering, where we talked about the Dillerman Experience, and drank beer on the patio. yay!!!

Then home and getting blue’s toenails clipped so the trip to the ‘glamping’ trip will be less devastating. I hope.

Ah blue…

Hope your thursday into friday was as fun and exciting!!!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

bits and pieces from a random day…

Chilling on Monday night, crunching through my vast and yet impressive photo collection. From the magic of TiVo I listen to the voice over from mark rudd’s unpublished memoir – (paraphrased) re: no innocent Americans; all guilty – all Americans were legitimate targets of attack; dishing out to them what they had been dishing out to the Vietnamese and others…. played over the video images of Nixon at an ball game, maybe – some event with ‘god bless america’ being sung.

Helped me recall the words of Billy Bragg from the show I enjoyed so much the other week. He was commenting/railing on fighting for the end to cynicism; that cynicism allows for crazy things to happen allegedly in the name of a free people. He has a point.

“change the things that make your life unlivable” – oh – so the Mark Rudd fellow, and I believe this quote, were from the movie Weather Underground. I can probably search back to when I saw the screening of this at the Oscars – a moving tale of how people who got to the point of not believing in non-violent civil disobedience went through with what is truly terrorist actions. They blew the shit out of gov’t buildings, oil company buildings, all sorts of places to make a point – and I’ll hand it to them, they were making a point about an actual event/policy. Another cool thing I took away from the show last night was that they ran into problems with no one paying attention to them, and then after the end of the Vietnam War, that they were essentially without a major rallying call (there’s was ‘bring the war back home’) – thus they became fairly irrelevant. Sadly, as is shown in the movie – there was lots and lots for them to be the loud voice for, it just didn’t work out that way.

And now – I wouldn’t even dare think about making noise the old fashioned way. Guess the ‘radicals’ of the 60’s have all grown up and taken positions in the system that keeps valid grievances from being dealt with head on. How’s the ‘treating our veterans as the heroes they are’ worked out? Did bailing out the fat cats of Wall Street actually make our country better? Or did it just preserve the way of life that allowed them to become fat cats (and thus supporters of the politicians who rescued them) with no real change in the way they risk our well-being, but not theirs?

Ok – kinda harshing my buzz here – the movie is one to watch if you can find it. Highlights periods in our recent history that no one brings up nowadays. I can only hope that for the future rebels of the system, the ease in which they can find the story, and realize the good and bad sides of taking a path not chosen by many, will allow even better focus on what they want to change (free education for everyone paid for by increase in corporate taxes?)

Well, one thing I’m not planning on changing at all is how much I love Blue – cause she somehow manages to help me find my calm and collected soul when ever I need to.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

A bottle of blues…

from Mutations, by Beck, plays as I watch the greyness of a cool fall rain cross the windowscape of my office. I have to say I’m kinda very happy about the cool and the rain – note the fact it was 98 degrees this past Saturday – the first weekend of fall here in north america. whoa!

Had the very fun time of catching the Muppet Movie on the big screen as part of the Carolina Theater’s Escapism Festival. Ah Muppets – who doesn’t love them?

Choose the Muppets over the final class of photography – which was to be outdoors with a model(!) – but somehow we weren’t too impressed with Mike’s continuing inability to use the overhead projector to teach us things on the computer, and finally – the Muppets!!! wacka wacka wacka!

Boo’s been a blogging fool (yay!) I hope you’ll go read her good stuff – Protodoom is the name of her blog site.

So yeah, fall is hurtling down upon us like a god of dark coolness, setting out to fill in the lakes that are too dry, and return a measure of comfort to the too warm and humid fall. Leaves will change overnight, crickets will bounce around in glee, and there will be … MUD!!! oh yes there will be. Count on it!

October is right around the corner – the 4th quarter of 2010 – a month filled with good and bad memories, but mostly good hopes. We’ll start the month properly with a trip to a KOA near Asheville – woot! then it’ll be a few weeks until Boo celebrates a birthday, and I just found out last night about the Rally to Restore Sanity – that might become a thing to do in celebration of Boo’s bday – we’ll have to see.

I have a good number of pics I need to push – this past week was a bit of the walking zombie scott; so perhaps tonight I’ll curl up with blue on the sofa in front of the front window, feel the cool breeze over my shoulder as I push the ‘just right’ pics of blue in the morning to the web – cause, hey – she’s cute, damnit!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

wowsers – tuesday already!

well, I had a note saved from I guess sunday morning – I believe I had something wonderful written for the subject, and then this:
apt description for a 60’sh Brit rocker, or so I’ll say having absolutely loved catching Mr. Billy Bragg at the Cat’s Cradle last night. wow. The kind of guy you want to invite over for drinks, just to keep the conversation going. Oh yeah – he also rocked out quite nicely for a one guy with a guitar show.

Sunday morning and now I want to save the world – but am stuck pushing files around on my computer(s), and trying to fight back a headache that has kept reappearing for the last three days – allergies or an annoyance of tooth work? we’ll find out this week I’m sure!

“even under socialism, you have to make a living – and, you don’t have to abolish capitalism to have free health care – the trouble with you people is you think everything is black and white – it’s more complicated.”

So, yeah –

was kinda awesome all in all; plus you delve into someone you knew a little about, and find out even more, and that makes you dig them all the more. Kudos, Mr. Love & Justice, kudos.

Sunday involved cute puppies, a recovering meggie-moo, a Carrie who needed some TLC, a Morgan who needed to stop twisting the hem of the skirt she was knitting (though a mobeus strip skirt would be kinda cool), tasty pasta and generally good times and vibes for one and all.

it was a good weekend, and now we’ll just have to get through the week until the next one!

hey – wanna see a cute picture of a puppy? You’ll have to click on it – but it’s worth it!!

Blue would want you to –

don’t make her sad.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

11:09pm Tuesday night

reconnecting with long lost friends. Mazal tov, Snoozie. may you life be filled with joy. Of course, now I’m reading thru her blog, and I wonder – this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, right? I should take some time and figure out how to call and chat, or at least email numerous times. But this way I’m along for her ride – but as a member of the general public. Odd…

did I say Tuesday night? hah…
9:37p on Wednesday – moving right along. Chatted up Shari on the ride in and she sounds good – apparently lots of new gizmos to make her boys happy. Sure you’ll get there soon enough sis.

so, the blue is the cutest dog ever – cause she was all ‘hey you, at the computer – PLAY WITH ME!!!!’ and went and grabbed her toy – so I threw it into the dining room. She went and fetched it, but then just chilled there and woofed at me, then plopped down on the carpet runner there. now she’s licking her paws. Really – not sure what she wants.

but isn’t she cute?

well, off to find an external disc to center my music collection on – too many good tunes I can’t listen too cause I don’t know where they are.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Love without fear, regardless of cost.

I concur!

from a cartoon over at Gapingvoid, though you might want to sign up for the newsletter which sends you his cartoon each day. If you like his stuff.

I like old trucks

nice sunsets

new fun places to go and drink with amigos

and pretty unicorns at our local burrito joint

and fun with long exposure pictures at said cosmic burrito joint!

What do you like?

do you like my dog?

I hope so.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

A small cup of coffee. Three times …

got me to the afternoon. That’s a good thing.
Top Gear on the tellie – Jeremy Clarkson’s take on the Prius (from ’04) truly funny. Running a Mitsu EVO against a Lambo Murc – nice. Why can’t America have nice things, like a decent TopGear USA?

Why did only 2 of the 10 or so comics I read in the morning make note of the day, the date? I understand that as time passes, regular is good. God do I know that. Regular is what the current day is about.

hours later, after a nap, some pizza, a lot of NCIS, getting my pics under control (sort of), and starting my second shandy, I wonder – if you don’t feel the pain as deeply, if you only recognize you’ve survived it and that it changed you fundamentally, is that enough? is that ok?

a light rain settled in a bit ago – love hearing it off the awning, and smelling it in the air.

well, to Don – as Sars spoke, a personification of grace. That’s not too bad.

and we made it through the day – 12:52am sunday – blue running away in her dreams – she’s so cute

~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Ah friday … lovely weather, Blue let me know Jackson was outside…

Formula 1 practice from Italy on the tube. and yet…
a tad meloncholy. Being a Wallace, I have on my fridge a calendar. Two years ago my mom had her surgery. My memory is a bit toast, so I’m not sure if we’re talking about her todo in Utica, where we waited and I tripped going into the bagel place, or if we’re talking the first visit to Albany – a drive in the early morning to drop mom off. So early.
There was some sort of explosion in San Fran area last night – news says a 24 inch gas main was ruptured! But being nearly 9 years since a really crappy tuesday morning, my imagination adds ‘other’ to the list of stupid things that can cause something like that. such as deep frying a turkey to celebrate … er, new years? Piss poor professional work by construction peeps in/around the area that is now just a crater surrounded by ashes. Or was it a badly landed airplane from SFO just over the highway? Or was it ‘other’ – perhaps a prep for the idiot from Florida who wants to burn books. Just don’t know.
Do know I had a lot of fun making it through yet another stunning class with Mike ‘the man’ D. – got some nice sunset pics from downtown Durham – just a lovely evening, being ‘forced’ to be outside looking around, with a camera in my hand! 😉

Like this –

or this –

We even hung out late enough to take some pics of our Bull –

So we head into a weekend of fall like wonderfulness, and I hope this finds you well and happy. Smile and share your love, it’s all that I ask.

That, and agree that blue is kinda cute. all the time!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

A sunny morning but the tunes have stopped…

so sad. Normally I’m all about being UP and AT ‘EM!!! er, ok – normally I love rolling out of bed at 10:30 or so, but have been seeing more of 6:30 than 10:30 recently. All good, really – it’s quiet, cool and I can get the coffee going do some dishes, and if I’m feeling extra focused, blog!

So this morning the day begins, I rinse the coffee pot, and notice the radio in the kitchen is not playing the soothing tunes of Tortured Satana or My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – see, it’s spinning Boo’s iPod full of goodness. Or I should say it has been spinning for the past 3 weeks or so? Something crazy and cool and certainly more entertaining than the local rock station I tune in to.

Not so today. Ein iHome es Kaput, as a German wouldn’t say. Hmmm… so I disconnected the power, gonna let everything cool down a bit (hasn’t been exceptionally hot these last few days) and I’ll see what is what. Guess I’ll just have to hum a tune to keep me smilin’.

Ran into the twin not-so-much joys of a) having my archival DVD of pics from Shenandoah decide it didn’t want to be read in my laptop’s dvd drive, and then b) said Shenandoah albums up on PicasaWeb seem not to have been saved to my laptop. Hmmm… Luckily my work dvd drive was able to rescue the two folders from the DVD, and the pics ARE up on the web, just not in an album on my laptop. Very odd indeed.

How about … a picture of … oh, hell – let it be a surprise, ok??

my girl as red? told you it would be a surprise!

well, just something short before I roll … what’s that? how’s blue?

still damn cute!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”