2:37 am, Saturday, 1 Jan 2011

Hey there new year – how are you? glad you could make it – we certainly enjoyed celebrating your arrival. I think – especially if tonight was any measure – we’re gonna have a great time over ther next 52 weeks.

Boo’s excited about eating better. I’m excited about our new kitchen and getting to make delicious treats. While I was out and about today I was across from the Eno River park – I think we should spend some time there. Also hope to get a ‘TED Tuesday’ routine going – saw some great ones the other week, including one on Abraham walks. Oh and Beth mentioned getting out to catch more movies, especially at the Dollar Theater!

It was good to come home to our awesome pup who was all “hey, where were you guys? I have a squeak toy! how about dinner??” – she’s been totally awesome recently, so I think 2011 will continue on that path – who knows, she may even make more friends (mika – I’m looking at you!)

Well, let’s keep the fun (Wii dance party/2 @ RnC’s was a total blast – who knows, maybe I’ll even play a bit) and the happiness (boo was looking great and having lots of fun tonight, and has been crafting up a storm lately which makes everyone happy) and the joy of living rolling strong … or else Boo will curse you too!


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”