Coniglio Coniglio, Bianco coniglio!!

and now it’s june.
pretty heavy month in ttocsland – lots happening, or happened.

so I will hope the luck will befall the little bunny who’s been chilling in our yard, eating the bird seed (and other stuff I suspect), and running it’s white little butt off to the safety of the tree line when Blue gets her walk on in the side yard.



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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Inspiration – comes in all sorts of packages

my wife’s laugh as she speaks with SMO re: “when else can you try human flesh without it being like murder?”. that was after the exclamation that “of course Johnny kept his leg!”

Or standing in the kitchen, looking at my calendar hanging on the fridge (thanks Ma!) Noting that apparently we’ve returned to the same place in the orbit about our sol, where two visits past we sadly said our goodbyes to our friend Alex.

I recall the times he was sooooo excited about the videoing of bands he loved, catching all the shows he was pursuing – all sorts of happy about that. His enthusiasm was contagious. Even when he allowed me to be close to the pain he was in, a visit to the 7th floor (?) of Duke, subdued and not at all comfy. But happy to see us, happy to be with his friends.
Boo told me that last year we made art. I vividly recall the craft event, with my hopes and joys as a graduate of The Little Red Schoolhouse (Maynard/Marcy, NY) art curriculum class of (damn I’m old) … the paste kept the pics on, my painting wasn’t too ‘outside of the box (and on the table)’ …

what am I doing this year to remember?

and so words crafted but unseen for 2 weeks, until another week passes by. In that time memories of JohnParker, the Bear; thoughts for Kimmy & Matt & Dani, for Tom & Linda’s continued happiness, of a birthday for dad, who I got to see just last week.

happy birthday dad!!

I sometimes wonder why I pause – it’s not like I’m empty of things to write down and share. heck – i suspect some of the things are even goodly written!

but pause I do. & sift. & listen to JohnD sing, with all his heart, about Going to Georgia… I hope I have and will express myself with as much heart.

how about a pic of blue to make it up to you??


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

36 hundred ounces of broccoli! – part 2

so, chatting with MickeyMatt today, and he shared that Jo-Anne had a mid slumber declaration regarding the above mentioned ingredient. She was unable to recall the recipe once she awoke.

So, I type this while listening to “‘Merikash Express” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Boo and I have discussed if Bieber will ever be able to match the harmonies. I say no way.

woke up this morning and felt quite a lot like crap. So I went back to sleep. Sorry Viv & Rachel – I’ll make ya pancakes soon, I promise!
I felt blech due to how awesome it was to catch the triumphant return of the Future Kings of Nowhere last night at Motorco here in Durhamtown!! woot woot!!

Ask yourself this – what would a mosh pit/crowd surfing scene look like in hipster dive? Oh yeah … it was unbelievably … er, … something!!

Short & sweet – cancer fought Shayne and Shayne won. Fuck yeah.
Longer more fucking heartbreaking version can be found over this way.
the show was awesome, and if YouTube gets me hooked up I’ll have some of my patented ‘scott wallace live concert cam’ footage to link to.

It was such an overwhelming roller coaster of emotions: the joy of his successful battle, his return to being a damn fine musician and artist, the Durham scene’s community showing the love and support, and the crowd’s ability to join in all of it. Really glad I sucked it up and headed out.

sucked it up from what you ask? well, you see… Boo & I had fun and adventures yesterday (Saturday) morn!
I got up decent hour, and made some tasty cakes –

and as I discussed the options to our Saturday morning argument of “why aren’t we doing something already?” I mentioned I have been wanting to go to a local junkyard to look for some bits and pieces for Ramona. Boo shocked the crap out of me by saying “that sounds cool – let’s go” (cue flashback to ‘hey, wanna go to Vegas tonight? circa 2000) – hell yes let’s go!
We ended up at the junkyard, where I found no parts for Ramona what so ever, and Boo pondering cool art materials and stubbing her toe 🙁

Afterwards, since adventures can’t live on sun stroke alone, we headed to get some nibbles in the new awesome “NoCo” area of Durhamtown. Which would have given us a wide choice of places to nibble at. I was shooting for Kings Sandwich Shop. Sadly, it turns out, lots of Durham was out at the area of happening!!

so we rolled through and to our back up plan – Nosh!

One thing I love about durham, and has happened a few times this weekend, is the serdipitous ‘hey – Iknow them!’ – so when we were driving behind Raymond & Christopher – happy, and slightly odd – but yay! Making it to Nosh, we put our order in and then – hey – Viv and cartel – how are you guys!! yay!

Lunch was tasty, and boo wanted to pick up some spray paint for some flower pots she wanted to colorify. Off we drove, in the general direction of ‘that way’ – it was a lovely day for a drive. We ended up not at the Goodwill Thrift store, on the way to Loewes, but actually at a store call Ganny’s Panties.
Oh such a store of special stuff and junk and cool things all over the place. Boo’s finest purchase – a stunning red and black purse. My best catch? Well, the coleman stove makes me think of glamping, but really – this –

Got home, unloaded the goods –

and started to feel not the best. Some inner ear dizzyness – kinda sucked. But Boo did good for me – nibbled a tasty tasty pizza, some chips, and an episode of Top Gear on Netflix. Or perhaps it was the hour nap I took – all in all, felt good enough to make it to the show.

Actually, our great weekend started out I guess Thursday night’sh – Boo and I made it to the Pinhook for a show by “girls in trouble” – Boo had see them when last they were in town and is kinda fond of them. So, I moaned and groaned about going out to a show I wasn’t already all crazy about, and once again Durhamtown delivers – wow. Totally awesome group out of NYC with an Alicia as the lead singer, who plays the violin. Nice indie melody girls rockin’ kinda group (we are horrible at the whole name the genre in thirteen words or less game)

Before we hit the show, though, it was the first of a few ‘hey – we know YOU!’ moments – we thought we’d check out the Beer Garden on Geer St. in ‘NoCo’, and lo and behold we ran into Brent there. had a tasty (if slowly delivered) meal, and jetted to the pinhook and loved the show.

Friday we noshed with Morgan @ Hong Kong Cafe post chatting with Carrie & Nate, then sat morn, and today.

tired I tell you!
just like blue –

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

36 hundred ounces of broccoli!

Sunday, late afternoon.
Mom’s day …
miss ya.

Miss helping you out with your Celiac group’s efforts – the website, the newsletter, the hopes & dreams of good design for totes and what not.
Miss walking from trinity ave to your apartment – how you loved that apartment.
Miss the phone calls – the checking in cause you heard there was weather (or earthquakes, or snow!). Letting me know it’s time to set my clocks ahead or back.
Miss being able to hopefully make you smile with an unexpected call, or a gift that struck me as just right. Or some crazy ass’d scheme to hide out in the trunk of your new Saturn. (and boy did you love that car)
Miss being able to sit with you and listen to you play the piano – you were really a very good pianist ma – hope I mentioned that to you.
Had a chat about “Music Box Dancer” – the tune I heard on ‘your’ radio station as it turns out back in ’79. I had the myth that the musician was an unknown, self-taught luckiest truck driver in the world!! Ha – well, the internet pegs Mr. Mills as a Canadian pianist. oh well – old times make better stories than modern truth.
Miss the smile in your voice when we connected … as I’m sure your friends also miss.
Love that blood’s given me a touchstone – hell, 2. One’s at work, eye level when I stand and do ‘work’.

Not to sure about the incredible marketing blitz to ‘don’t forget mom’ – yes, canvas people, I won’t. Nor will I paperless post. or ebags. Or staples (?!!) – I won’t forget my mom.

won’t stop missing her. won’t stop loving her. won’t stop quietly blaming her (at the same time thanking her) for the guy I turned out to be.

cause she’s my mom.

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

on a positive note, from the wikipedia place…

“1961 – Project Mercury: Aboard the American spacecraft Freedom 7, astronaut Alan Shepard made a sub-orbital flight, becoming the second person to travel into outer space after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.”

Tip o’ the hat, Mr. Shepard. Just maybe what America needs are more heroes that, you know, do heroic things? Not that an excellent catch with 3 seconds left on the clock in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl isn’t an enjoyable event, but you know it’s not really progressing the community of man in any measurable way.

And yes, I’m completely dismissing the global pissing contest that was the context in which great things were accomplished by great people for a variety of both great, good, and evil reasons.

hey – I could use this as an example of my ‘do better america’ campaign/attitude!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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Honorable Rabbit – Rabbit – RABBIT!!!

certainly something to ponder –
“When a radical marching band crashes a hoedown shit gets primal.”
The wisdom of Mrs. Dawson folks – you have to count yourself as lucky to have had this kind of knowledge shared with you. That’s all I am saying.
Also, at 9:27am Sunday morn, as quiet U2 plays in the kitchen (new kitchen radio – very excited!!) I notice to my right a flash of high-energy Jack Russell – oh, seems Jackson/edna is out. again.


hey – blue!!!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On”