Beauty in nature…
Beauty man made…
Nature, or tasty treats – both quite enjoyable.
So, 10Q is a ‘new year’ thing (perhaps tribal?), and the concept is simple – 10 questions. 10 answers. public or private. see ya next year.
Which is awesome, but as with last year, this year the question “over the past 12 months, what has happened” left me with the freshest memories crowding out ones from 50 weeks ago.
Like going to the Skyline National Park (Thanks blood – didn’t pay a dime to visit!), being amazed by the butterflies and the black cherry ice cream!
So, perhaps in the next week I will pull a few pics (to make the new blogger layouts pop) and share the past year with you all.
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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

accidentally spending too much time on my blog!

So you take a minute or three to stop staring at database options, and peruse Lifehacker, say. Where you see a note about Blogger getting new dynamic designs.
Curious, you click one too many times, and you can’t get you blog back to what you thought you had.
So – welcome to Scott’s blog, version! or some such.
How about a picture?

How about a link?
Hope your day is going great.
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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Blessing & curse…

“the greatest gift of all …”
so mi amigas are running off to the Pinhook soon – that would be the cool bar in Durhamtown where Kym R. rocks the bar back from time to time. Something about a NC Pride afterparty – wonder how much fun that’s gonna be? 😉

Kym R. & Catherine E. are the Midtown Dickens.
They are singing ‘The Road, Pt. II’ from Lanterns as I type this.
That song sits in a playlist I’m able to enjoy ’cause I’m somewhat all together again, at least for the digital detrius of MY life – pics and tunes, all on one hardrive.

my blessings are so great, so grand and often overlooked by a brooding angry soul these past years (decades?) – but I have a hunch that it’s just me – not the world, so there’s hope. I see things I’m sure I’d have missed in my rush through my 20s, headlong into a 30s that led me about and around, if not astray.

back to those blessings, eh? Haven’t been alone in so many years it’s amazing. Lonely, sure. solo, often. As in this short weekend, where I relish the ‘fuck it – I’m gonna do this NOW’ attitude (take that, dishes. I’m looking at you, laundry!!) – and I’m lucky to have the wherewithal to choose.

But I still miss Boo, and hearing that family time isn’t necessarily Disney-esque (she hates that appelation!) makes me sad that I’m not there to at least offer a shoulder and/or comedic relief. Thankfully, “Cylee likes me” was a text I got earlier – look for the bright spot hon, plus she’ll keep you warm on those cool lake wobegone nights…  Ok – making a serious heart opening post while Steve Martins shares his 5 wishes for Christmas is kinda a challenge!

Been with boo for a long time now – probably for the best really.

Curses are easy to list – lack of focus, gumption, follow through, poor timing, cluelessness, impossible paths forward, distrust of yourself, greed, anger, pettiness. Little me stuff, not Big me stuff. But, have to say,  sometimes the consideration for those not directly in my life, probably need to let that shit go.

Ok. Started with the best of motivations, but now I’m off to investigate a rumor of weather (storms make great photos) and Mac & cheese. Can I possibly go wrong? no idea…


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

kinda late … or kinda early

3:47am, and all is a lovely stormy morning in Durham, north Carolina
boo sleeps to my left, i hear her breathing. I hope she’s sleeping soundly, with dreams of hope and sunshine
blue is tucked in on my right – I’m a lucky guy to have this much love around me.
“hope everyone has the same thoughts and problems, and hope no one has anything like this”
insomniacs motto?
the flashes of lighting have been peeking through our drapes in the living room – I’d see the flash, then hear the rumble in the distance. here in the bedroom I can hear the chirps of the night insects along with the rain that weeps through occasionally. the different heaviness of the rain you can tell . not sure if I’ve noticed that before.
makes the quiet seem alive, the blank becomes filled with so much we don’t know, don’t notice, sleep through.
I pick up the voices of the shows I watch – Michael from burn notice filling my head with ways to breach the wall adjoining a fortified door, or Mary from in plain sight engaging the basic sides in the ongoing struggle of man versus his own nature.
they occasionally are joined by my voice – hey dad, I love you’ ‘ hey pops, how’s things?
“hey, I made you this book so you can see what your son’s become – hope I’ve made you proud…”

the nights are sometimes filed with a cacophony of the universe screaming past my solitary outpost, leaving me wondered and diminished; sometimes I ride the dark winged beast away from the human tragedy, and into the fires that burn in the hearts and dreams of man. sometimes I get kicked in the kidney by blue as she has a puppy dream, chasing a ball with her puppy friends, maybe finally getting all the treats the deserves.

I hope you get all that you deserve, and that you know you are loved .. unconditionally, and with all the joy you so rightfully deserve.
what was it S.E. wrote – stay golden, ponyboy
or at least celebrate the international day of peace that I so sadly failed to do …


It is good to have great people around …

Typing away on my celly for this post. See how that goes.
Tonights sleepblogging will be matinee stlyle, but unsurprisingly blue will still be my copilot/idea checker.
How does she decide on which corner of the bed to flop? Is having a king size bed for us a trauna inducing matrix of too many choices for blue? Why oh why does her ass keep a poofing, even after we’ve changed he food? Good questions if you ask me.
How the hell did it become fall???!!! would be another.
Spoke briefly with blood tonight – apparently seattle area had a Jan-Aug without it hitting 80 degrees. Not sure how i feel about that.
I do know i’m happy to hear that a new Toy Van is entering their household – believe blood called it her metal tent. This one has 4 wheel drive! Can’t wait to see pics from their shake down run …
Well, typing isn’t too much of a problem; as always ideas & words tend to be the bigger issue.
How does one know the level of sanity in one’s own life? And is relevance an issue? How do the good days and the not so good days balance out? If you can ponder if there’s a concern, is that good or bad? All hypothetically speaking.
How do you make sure the very good people who keep you safe & sane know that you appreciate it.know that you love them even when expressing it is tough? Little birdies? Cookies & brownies? Heartfelt blog posts? Hmmm…

Avast! ye DADT parley demands arrak all around!*

*Stop and Pay Attention – the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell conversation between opposing sides to discuss a halt to the fighting deserves a strong drink made with fermented fruit or palm sap, rice, or molasses for everyone!

{so the combination of International Talk Like A Pirate Day with the announcement of the cessation of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy for the US Armed Forces leads me astray…}

In case you had any doubts, the security of the United States of America lays in the hands, hearts and minds of people who live homosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered, queer or “just curious” lifestyles.

I can attest to this statement as fact based on my interactions with some fine folks at the Defense Language Institute, Presideio of Monterey, Monterey, California; Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Anjelo, Texas; Hahn Air Base, West Germany.

Sadly, I suspect the peeps who read my chatter will not in the least be surprised.

So, share if you need to – Tim, Kelvin, & Bruce served the US Air Force proudly during the Cold War. We as a country were better off for having them on our side. What they choose to do on their own time had no impact on their ability to serve their country in the intelligence divisions – some might say they were better prepared for the challenges they faced.

It certainly couldn’t have been easy to live the life you wanted in a world that wasn’t prepared to let you be happy. I’m only saddened that here we are – 25 years later, still dealing with this bullshit. One battle at a time, I guess.

So find the Picaroons, share a plate of Salamgundi, and tell them not to have the Davies any longer – thar be swashbucklin scallwags of types aboard this here great bit ship called ‘Terra”, me lily-livered mateys!

We’re all in this together – each and every one of us doesn’t get out alive – we really should focus on happiness – for ourselves, and for everyone else.

Hope you’re doing good – miss chatting with you. You should send me a note, or give me a call.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”