Hope survives. maybe the tears help clean off the crap …

Comic courtesy of cartoonistsremember …

“and the winds are blowing, and the skies keep turning grey…”
how do you know it’s grey, if you can’t see the blue?
Watched Jon’s Sep 20 opening from ’01 – and now, your moment of zen – a puppy!
Browsing through the past, through time that doesn’t exist anymore – kinda a lot like this date – it doesn’t exist anymore. Because. Things have happened since, and pushed the memories off the long road of life …
On the road – Beauty at the twisty road sing – followed by Goldie at the twisty road sign – followed by Amigo at the twisty road sign – followed by Wolfie at the twisty road sign … see a pattern?
Pondering things I thought I knew, or suspected – seems the pentagon strike is more accepted as an airplane versus the concerns that there weren’t enough debris – was chatting with Boo and saying how our collective memory has the images that … well, don’t solidify xyz happened.
But I feel better, 10 years on, that the ‘truth’ is now supported. Debris found outside the Pentagon, eye witnesses who are USA Today and AP reporters. All good. Glad to know we now know … more?
Wow? Have I paused for 5 years? my site goes to 2006, then … nothing. Probably up as posts on LJ or blogger… time to check.
Cause, you see, if I’m not vomiting all over the intertubes, then I’m not alive!
I sit here, lovely day outside, my love in the other room, digging and diggin and digging thru the past – cool pics of Mickey matt’s collage days – why? What am i getting besides a sense of nostalgia?
Reading comics about the 10th anniversary – leads me to Ted Rall, who has a particular way.
Is the massiveness of the situation helpful in making sure you can see 100 different takes on it? 30 comics in, only one mentions flt 93. All the horrific-ness, and tragedy, but so much hope, so much humanness – 10 years in, the rebuild is going … well? We stick it to those who did what most of us wouldn’t have done – and we tell them we’re not going to take care of them. Is America the country we think it is, or is it just so much more mediocre, so much more mundane and pathetic?
Hats off to our heroes, and remember to volunteer. & please, give blood if you can.
heroes vs. professionals, eh? FDNY and NYPD are the pros – trained, practiced – competent. Perhaps the Iron workers, the complete strangers – Don – those are the ones we really really need to remember, to find hope and strength and hoptimism in their stories. because they along with those who knew what to do – hell, am I trying to describe actors/actions/action heroes?
We remember. we Recall. We recollect – repeat the stories, make sure we know the legend. a phone call, chaos, dads saying don’t go – stay home – be safe. the feelings that there’s too much distance, and even with loved ones too alone – the fear of the unknonw future grinding into the emotional sinkhole of knowing too much of the moment at the moment – they look – will they find and rescue? yes? great! wait – what ? no – crap …
never forget flipped to say forever remember – I really like that.
“time heals what reason can not” – seneca, roman philosopher …
ripping viloently flailing against the cottony embrace of the clouds of emotions and facts and songs and music and feelings and emotions and hope and love and blue lays on her new bed and paul sings a stirring version of sounds of silence and the sun pierces my revere, the sun with green, the multicolored rainbow below…
tears slip past my eyes, trickle down my cheeks and onto my shirt…
pressurized yet expanding into cottony billowy confusion and softness … do I go into the bedroom and close my eyes – unconscious against the pain?
As I have these last 10 years, I hope you and your loved ones are safe, and I believe we can be better  – this is our chance.


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