It is good to have great people around …

Typing away on my celly for this post. See how that goes.
Tonights sleepblogging will be matinee stlyle, but unsurprisingly blue will still be my copilot/idea checker.
How does she decide on which corner of the bed to flop? Is having a king size bed for us a trauna inducing matrix of too many choices for blue? Why oh why does her ass keep a poofing, even after we’ve changed he food? Good questions if you ask me.
How the hell did it become fall???!!! would be another.
Spoke briefly with blood tonight – apparently seattle area had a Jan-Aug without it hitting 80 degrees. Not sure how i feel about that.
I do know i’m happy to hear that a new Toy Van is entering their household – believe blood called it her metal tent. This one has 4 wheel drive! Can’t wait to see pics from their shake down run …
Well, typing isn’t too much of a problem; as always ideas & words tend to be the bigger issue.
How does one know the level of sanity in one’s own life? And is relevance an issue? How do the good days and the not so good days balance out? If you can ponder if there’s a concern, is that good or bad? All hypothetically speaking.
How do you make sure the very good people who keep you safe & sane know that you appreciate it.know that you love them even when expressing it is tough? Little birdies? Cookies & brownies? Heartfelt blog posts? Hmmm…